Meet My Best Friend(s) – 52 Week Challenge.

“Dear best friend, please stay in my life forever because you’re one of the best things to ever happen to me, love me”


Hello everyone! Today I have finally decided to start on Jenny and Britts 52 Week Blog Challenge and I’m sat over here wondering why it’s taken me so long to join in but finally, here I am involving myself! I am so excited to participate in this challenge because all the prompts are fun / creative / interesting and I have to confess I do love a good ol’ ramble, so taking part in this challenge seems like the perfect opportunity for me to have a natter.


Today’s theme is ‘Meet My Best Friend’, which is a great one to start with because my besties are amazing and obviously any opportunity I have to rave about them I’ll grab with both hands.

My Squad. Chantal, Emily, Daisy, my main girls.

These three gals bring so much joy to my life and I love them so much, we always have the best times together from nights out to day trips to dinners to breakfasts and everything else in between.

I have been best friends with Emily for virtually my whole life, since I was 5 and she was 4 (aw, babies)! We met when my family and I moved to the area and I started at the same school as her. As I had moved a bit later on in the school year Emily already had a best friend, but I soon intervened when as Emily has told me, I drew her a picture of a Mr Men character and her bestie at the time a picture of a poo… I was such a lovely child!


My artistic ways clearly worked as Emily and I have been close ever since, having been best friends for 17 years now! Isn’t that so amazing? That’s a whole lifetime and I only hope that our friendship remains solid for the next 17 years and then the 17 after that.

Emily is so special to me and our friendship means so much to me, she has always been there for me through every situation good and bad, from cheering me up when I’ve been down about my ex, helping me out and modelling for me at my end of year college show to making sure I got my favourite limited edition YSL blusher brush in Paris (the sales lady tried telling me they didn’t have any in stock until Emily kindly pointed out a brand new one in the drawer).

I love Emily because she is kind, compassionate, thoughtful, considerate, funny, chatty and a brilliant person to be around. We have so many amazing memories together which are just the beginning – we have so much more to look forward to including our holiday to Disney World Florida. YAY!!!!!!

Then there’s Chantal, who although we went to school together, we didn’t become friends until a couple of years ago thanks to Emily! Emily & Chantal went to college together and we all ended up working together at Primark, so the friendship grew from there. I always think it’s so amazing that although I didn’t become friends with Chantal until about 4 years ago, it feels like we have been friends forever and I couldn’t imagine my life without her!


Chantal is one of the most laid back people I know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her angry and barely ever even annoyed. She’s fun, spontaneous, has the best stories and oh my goodness, her one liners just crack me up, she is so funny!!

Chantal is also one of the most generous, supportive and helpful people I know and in my opinion those are some of her best qualities.

Chantal is a great girl who I am so thankful to have as part of my amazing friendship group and I hope our friendship lasts forever.

Last but by no means least is Daisy. Daisy worked at Primark alongside myself, Emily and Chantal so I’ve known her for a few years now and in that time I feel like our friendship has grown from strength to strength! We have had a couple of ups and downs in the past but the important thing is we’ve gotten through them and now I feel like our friendship is so much stronger because of them.


Daisy’s one of the funniest people I know and it’s guaranteed that if she’s around there will be the best banter.

Daisy makes me laugh so much, she’s so much fun to be around and I love spending time with her! She’s positive, giggly and brings a good energy with her wherever she goes.

Daisy is also very loyal, trustworthy and understanding making her such a wonderful friend to have.

I absolutely love Daisy and I am so happy to have her as a friend.

Emily, Chantal and Daisy are the three best friends anyone could ask for and I am so thankful to have them as a part of my life, they fill my world with so much happiness and joy, thanks to them my life is so brilliant. I love my girls so much and I am so proud of all of them, I’m so excited to see what the future holds for us all as individuals and as a group!

We have so many things to look forward to together and I can’t wait to make more memories with the squad.

“Best friends are the people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little brighter and live a little better”

“A true friend is the greatest of all blessings”

“Nothing feels as good as being loved by my best friend”


  1. YAYAYAY I’m so glad you’re joining in on this! ❤ You have such an awesome and solid group of girl friends, it always looks like you guys are having a blast with everything you guys do together! I can't believe you're 17 years deep with Emily!!! That's more like a sister at this point but those are the best friendships!!!! But omg you guys are going to have an absolute BLAST at Disney World. I'm literally so excited for you guys to get down there!!! EEEK!!! Whats the countdown at??

    xo, JJ


    1. I’m so glad I’m finally joining in! So excited, I love reading your answers /responses. Ah thanks hun, I really do!! I’m so lucky to have the group of friends that I do! I know, it’s amazing and I am so thankful that our friendship is still going strong – definitely I agree, she is more like a sister and they are for sure! Ah I am just so excited, it’s going to be the best time ever and I’m glad I’m going to get to share my first ever DW experience with her! Aha okay I’ll rely on you to like all my insta posts then 😉 It’s about 6 months now!! So exciting. Thank you as always for your lovely comment hun X

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh girl, you know I’ll be on insta liking allllll of your pictures 😉 But ahhh, you’re making me want to plan another Disney trip so bad!!!


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