My Favourite Healthy Snacks.

‘Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.’

Hey guys!!

Today I am going to be talking about my favourite healthy snacks as like many other people, one of my main aims in life is to simply be healthy. These past few months I have been working towards changing my lifestyle to that of more of a healthier one, from exercising regularly to choosing my food more wisely.

Like most people, I absolutely love food and enjoy snacking throughout the day.

As my lifestyle changes and I aim to be more healthy what I want is to be able to snack throughout the day but be smart about it. I don’t have to snack on chocolate everyday, nor do I always have to snack on crisps/biscuits or sweets between meals (although every now and then doesn’t hurt – no food is bad food in moderation)!

As I go about changing my diet for the better, I’ve found a few healthy snack options which work for me to curb any cravings I may have throughout the day and enable me to gain all the nutrients I need to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Everyone I work with can vouch for me on this one, I love raisins and more often than not you can find me on my lunch break with a box of ’em. For me, raisins are a filling, satisfying snack whilst still being nutritional. The chewy, solid texture of raisins is a real winner for me as I feel as though I’m really getting stuck into something but I’m not overloading on anything.

Grapes are quite possibly my favourite fruit, I simply love them. I don’t have a preference between red or green grapes as they are both delicious, either or works for me. I love the sweet taste of grapes the most and they are the perfect healthy snack for me because they are just so yummy! The amazing thing about grapes is that even though they are so tasty, they are also really good for you, from containing antioxidants which slow and/or prevent cancer, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, minimizing constipation plus many more health benefits – source.

Sliced Apple
Okay, let me get this straight, if the apple ain’t sliced I ain’t eating it but ooooh when it is sliced then yes, I’m in apple Heaven! Because of the crunchy texture of apples, I find them to be the perfect replacement for crisps and they are also very filling. Sometimes with fruit I find I still feel hungry after snacking, but with apples I don’t get that at all. Along with all other fruit, apples are very nutritious. To find out the top 15 benefits to eating apples click here.

Raw Carrot
Just like apples, raw carrots are a great substitute for crisps because they’re so crunchy plus they’re packed with juicy flavour, literally the perfect snack. One thing I love the most about carrots is how bright they are, as they say the more colourful the food the better it is for you.

I love to start my day with a banana, they’re healthy and filling and provide me with the right amount of energy to kick start my day. Banana’s are a brilliant snack because they’re tasty, can be combined with all sorts of other foods for dreamy combinations (Nutella and banana being the best) and they contain alllllll of the nutrients! Banana’s help overcome depression, aid weight loss, protect against heart attack, stroke and more. For the 25 powerful reasons you should eat bananas click here.

Rice Cakes
Whilst not as nutritional as all the fruit and veg I’ve listed above and perhaps not considered particularly healthy, I have to include rice cakes on this list because they are my go to for a low calorie snack. You know that time in between lunch and dinner when you’re a little bit peckish but don’t want to over indulge? That’s what rice cakes were made for. My personal favourite are Kallo rice cakes as they are fairly big in size and very crunchy, with just 29 calories per cake even eating four of these is enough to satisfy any cravings. I like to eat my rice cakes with a light spread of butter and marmite on top as marmite is super low in calories (and so delicious too, I’m one of those that can eat marmite straight off the knife).

I just love weetabix and it’s my go to breakfast cereal, I like to let it soak in the milk for a little while before eating so it’s super soggy and refreshing. I don’t ever have fruit with my weetabix as personally fruit mixed with milk just isn’t for me, but it’s great that the options there and you can mix berries and bananas with your weetabix if you wish for a really healthy breakfast. I will also have weetabix with milk as a snack in the evening sometimes if I’m craving something light but filling.

We all get peckish sometimes and it’s important to eat little and often, snacking can always be healthy and nutritional and I hope this post has inspired some ideas in you as to how you can eat healthier and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You don’t have to eat less, you just have to eat right.

Thank you for reading,




  1. Ohhh what is marimite! Is it like a nutella kind of thing?! I love raw carrots too the crunchiness of them is so refreshing. Although I hate and can’t do cooked carrots which is weird…what about you? Do you like them cooked as you like the raw? Grapes, apples, and banana….yes, yes, and yes please! Few of my favorite snacks. I love dipping my apples and having bananas with peanut butter too. So yummy!

    xo, JJ


    1. Ooh marmite is so hard to explain, have you heard of vegemite in Aus? I think its similar- you either love it or you hate it! It’s kind of a salty taste ?? I’m gonna have to google how to explain it buuut it’s nothing like nutella if that helps! Yes Carrots are the best, ah I don’t hate cooked carrots but I would never choose them! They’re just not as nice in anyway, they’ve got to be raw agreed. Omg bananas with PB? That sounds delicous. I love peanut butter too! So good, do you like yours crunchy or smooth? Thank you for your comment hun xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have heard of vegemite but I don’t really know what it is lol The container for marmite was dark brown so I was like hmm maybe nutella-ish haha but yess PB with bananas an absolute must. Like a peanut butter and banana sandwich (which I add fluff to mine too)! I like my peanut butter both ways. For the longest time I would only do smooth but I’ve grown to like crunchy a lot too. What about you haha


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