LUSH Golden Slumbers Bath Bomb Review.

‘All that glitters is gold’

LUSH’s Golden Slumbers bath bomb is a glitter lovers dream and whilst the exterior of the product isn’t overloaded in glitter ‘Sunnyside’ or ‘Golden Egg’ style, at first glance you can undoubtedly spot the sparkle.

Golden Slumbers is an Oxford Street exclusive product I purchased on a recent day trip to London. I wasn’t too sure what to expect from this bath bomb as when I first picked it up it didn’t overly excite me, I almost didn’t even buy one! In the end however I realised it was my only chance for a while to pick one of these up and how could I resist all that glitter and sparkle? So I popped one in my basket and eek, I’m so happy I did.

Golden Slumbers is enchanting, fizzing away with a crackle once placed in the bath, dissolving slowly to create the appearance of what looks to me like buried treasure.

A jewel in a pirate’s treasure chest, I love how Golden Slumbers glistens as it dissolves.

The scent of this product wasn’t anything major – a typical LUSH bathy scent (sorry, I’m still learning when it comes to scent descriptions), once in the bath I couldn’t smell anything. I wasn’t too fussed about this as sometimes it’s nice to have a bath without feeling overpowered by scents.

Once the bath bomb had dissolved completely I was left to bathe in a glitter paradise, the water turned shades of red, orange and yellow until finally settling into a beautiful gold hue (not surprising I guess, when you consider the products name) and the stunning sparkles glistened here, there and everywhere.

Golden Slumbers is the perfect name for this bath bomb. My bath water was so shimmery and glittery, I could see the sparkles deep in the water and not just on the surface.

Some reviews I’ve read previously about Golden Slumbers have had people complaining that it stains their bathtub yellow once the water is drained, however I didn’t find this to be too much of an issue for me. After using this bath bomb there was a slight yellow tint to my bathtub for about one night, until I showered the next day and it had washed away without even needing to be scrubbed. It definitely didn’t stain my bath!!

I will definitely be purchasing Golden Slumbers again, the colours and the shimmers are so beautiful and enchanting there’s no way I could resist buying another.

If you love glitter and all things sparkly, you will love Golden Slumbers.

Golden Slumbers retails at £4.25 and can be purchased from the LUSH Oxford Street store or online.

Have you used LUSH’s Golden Slumbers bath bomb? What’s your favourite Oxford Street exclusive? Let me know in the comments below!

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