LUSH Grass Bubble Bar Review.

Hurray, Spring is finally here which means that the time has finally arrived to put to use LUSH’s Oxford Street exclusive Grass bubble bar.

When I first saw Grass in LUSH’s Oxford street store I knew I had to have it, a product which combines my love for LUSH and all things nature in a way as if this bubble bar was made for me.

‘Grass’ is a gorgeous bubble bar perfect for Spring/ Summer time. Decorated with little daisies on the exterior, which in my opinion just add that extra special touch making the product ever more cheery and Summery.

Naturally this bubble bar comes with an aroma of well… Grass (No surprise there then)! A delicious and fresh scent, if you love being outside, exploring and experiencing nature and breathing in the fresh scents of the outdoors then you will be in Heaven with this. The scent does wear off after a little while but as it smells so good to begin with, I can’t complain.

When it comes to bubbles, Grass creates the perfect amount for this product, it doesn’t overload the water with bubbles but there are enough to layer the bath nicely plus they feel soft and foamy! What more could you want?


Naturally Grass turns the bath water a gorgeous green shade and this along with the bubbles makes it feel as though you are bathing in a lovely Summery meadow.

I absolutely love the Grass bubble bar and will definitely be purchasing it again. It’s one of my favourite LUSH Oxford Street products (second only to Roller). This bubble bar makes me feel so happy as it’s so Summery and reminds me of being outdoors exploring and adventuring.

Grass can be purchased for £3.95 (bargain) from LUSH’s Oxford Street store or online.

Have you ever used the Grass bubble bar? What’s your favourite LUSH bubble bar? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading,



P.S I popped into LUSH’s Oxford Street store yesterday and guess what?! I bought another Grass bubble bar! Along with 8 other products… Stay tuned for a haul. 😉


  1. Idk what it is, but I have such a strong liking towards things that are green! When I was reading your description of it I was literally daydreaming of myself running through a field of freshly cut grass lol Do the flowers inside have anything special in them or is it there merely for the spring feel?

    xo, JJ


    1. Green is a gorgeous colour! Nice & bright. Haha that’s what it feels like when you use it, it smells so good too. No they don’t do anything special, yes I think they’re just there to look pretty! Thanks hun xx

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  2. I’ve heard so many great things about lush bubble bars!! People are so enthusiastic about it! I have never tried any of them out, I haven’t even tried a lot of lush products out yet. Everytime I see a store, I don’t go in because I think it’s a waste of money? But since everybody is so in love with lush, I should go in the store sometime. Oh, and is it true that Lush Oxford Street have products they only sell overthere and nowhere else? I’ve heard about it but I didn’t know it was true!!


    1. Ah they are amazing. Ooh I totally get you, my friend says its like paying money to go down a drain but they are just lovely and make bathing so exciting. I’d probably onlh ever shower if it wasn’t for LUSH! You should definitely try at least one product out from there, I would reccommend a bath bomb to start with!! Yes thats true! I always stock up when I go to Oxford Street because of this reason! X

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