March Reflections 2017 πŸ’•

March was a crazy busy month for me, with lots of travelling around England, visiting family members and generally having lots of fun and adventure.

The month started on a high with a fun evening out with my Dad playing Rock & Roll bingo where we had great chats and I won Β£30, followed by a spontaneous night out with my besties which happened to be one of my favourite nights out of the year so far.

My first family visit of the month was with my parents and we took a day trip down to Surrey to see my Grandparents. We had a lovely day together and the best part of it all was that we ordered in pizza, I just thought this was so cute and my Gran was so adorable when she insisted the pizzas were better thick crust, she’s totally on my wavelength as I 100% agree. It was so nice to spend some quality time with my parents and grandparents, I love them all so much.


The following weekend was a perfect family weekend, as we celebrated my Nan’s birthday and then my parents, sister and I went to Wiltshire to see my brother, his wife and their little one Tommy. This was such a lovely weekend and one of my favourites of the month, we all had a lovely time together and I enjoyed stopping over, going out for food and spending quality time with my family.

And the next weekend was again spent with my lovely family, celebrating my Mum’s birthday and going to see School Of Rock in the West End. I had high hopes for our day out in London, going to the theatre and seeing a show I’ve wanted to see for months but unfortunately I was a little dissapointed as my Dad was poorly and not in the best mood, so I felt really upset feeling as though the day was filled with negative, stressful vibes however that doesn’t in any way take away from the fact that the show itself was completely amazing and I love love loved it. David Fynn as Dewey was absolutely incredible, I could not imagine a School Of Rock without him. To me he is Dewey more than the original Jack Black is! I just have to give a major shoutout to the kids too, all so talented and amazing. Every one of the kids played their own instruments live and gave a great performance. I seriously have to go and see this show again as soon as I can.

Obviously Mothers Day was last month too and to celebrate my sister, parents and I went for a cute little walk around Howe Park before coming home to play a couple of games of the hilarious Rapidough. This was such a fun and lovely day with my family and I am thankful we had such a good time together with lots and lots of laughs!

I spent so much quality time with my family last month which I am so thankful for and I am looking forward to making more memories with them this month.


Last month as well as spending lot’s of great time with my family, I also spent loads of quality time with my friends!

Emily, Chantal and I went to the cinema three times, first to see a film called ‘Personal Shopper’ which was awful, by far the worst film I’ve seen all year. To make up for it though we went to see ‘Get Out’ which is by far one of the best films I’ve seen this year, it had me on the edge of my seat throughout and at one point I even let out an accidental clap! I was talking about it for days afterwards because I was in such awe of how good it was, if you haven’t seen Get Out yet I would highly recommend you do and if you have seen it, what did you think!?? Finally the third film we saw last month was of course Beauty and The Beast, which was soooo good! Beauty and the Beast, Get Out and Fifty Shades Darker are my three favourite films of this year so far.

The three of us also went out for some munch at Kaspa’s, a dessert restaurant which I’ve been wanting to visit for months and now we finally have one in MK! YAY! I had the nicest nutella waffle with strawberries and although the ice cream wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, I’m looking forward to going back.


On International Womens Day, Emily, Chantal, Daisy and I went to the Carvery for dinner. We didn’t actually intend to go specifically for International Womens Day but it seemed fitting that we were together and it was an unintentional celebration with my favourite girls.

To end the month on a high, Emily and I took a day trip to London and shopped till we dropped. On this day the weather was perfect, with the sun shining down on us throughout the day. We had a great time exploring Camden, enjoying some ice cream and spending all our money in Oxford Street. I love visiting London with my best friend and I am thankful that we had such a fun day together.

All in all March was a great month and I am thankful and appreciative of all the positive memories I made, from a lovely weekend in Wiltshire, to a gorgeous and funny Mothers Day to fun cinema trips with my besties and a great day in London with Em.

I’m looking forward to seeing now what April has to bring, I have a good feeling about this month and I am going to continue being positive and optimistic and I am sure this attitude will enable me to have the best month ever!

I hope everyone had a brilliant month last month and may April be the best one yet!

Thank you all for reading,




  1. How lucky of you your grandparents are a drive away! Family time is always so precious especially as we get older. Happy to hear you had a great month! Cheers to a memorable April!


  2. Aw you had the perfect mix of family and friend time. I think its so sweet that you visit your grandparents, I’m sure it means the world to them esp since as we get older and busier its much harder to do so, but we don’t want them to think we’ve forgotten about them. Your grandma does have great taste….I love a good thick crust pizza too. Also I’m DYING to see Get Out esp with their 100% rotten tomato score! I gotta see what the hype is all about!! Is there a crazy ending or something?! I guess I should watch to find out lol

    xo, JJ


    1. I did, thank you hun! Aw I love visiting them, they mean the world to me. It really is, finding the time to visit can be hard especially when they live far but making the effort is so important, but even just a card in the post goes such a long way too! Grandparents are the cutest, I always find it funny to think they were our age once lol. Yes thick crust is the only way!!! Omg you have to see it Jenny!!!!!! Its insanely good, hm its not a crazy ending its just quite unexpected and brilliant haha thats the only way I can describe it. Pleaseee let me know when you’ve watched it and what your thoughts are! Thanks for the comment hun xx

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