Major Spring LUSH Haul & Oxford Street Exclusives.

Hello everyone and welcome back to another LUSH haul here on my blog.
This could quite possibly be my biggest LUSH haul yet as I have recently treated myself to a grand total of 17 Lush products… including products from the Easter collection and a few Oxford Street exclusives, hehehe I think I can officially call myself a true LUSHIE now.
We have a lot to get through, so let’s first start with the products I bought from the Easter range…
Firstly I bought the Chick ‘n’ Mix bath bomb which I have already used and although I liked it, I didn’t love it. With this bath bomb, you can split the product into three parts to get more use out of it, or you can use it all together for a really epic bath. I decided to use it all up in one go and I’m glad I did, as separately I wasn’t too keen on the colours each piece turned my bath water but all together it mixed to create a nice blend of colours.
Next up I obviously had to buy the amazing Golden Egg bath bomb which smells deliciously sweet like toffee and is a glitter overload. Like for real this is the most glittery bath bomb I’ve ever come across, I’m definitely saving this one to use before a special occasion so I can sparkle like a superstar ha ha. You can see from my pictures how much glitter I got over my hands just from holding it.

I of course had to buy the Bunch Of Carrots, which is a set of three gorgeous carrot shaped bubble bars in the prettiest Spring colours. I’ve already used up one of my carrots and I have to say, if you are a bubble lover like me then you will love this trio. Just one carrot filled my bath with SO many bubbles, I was really impressed.

Finally from the Easter range I bought the Which Came First? bath bomb, which although at the time I wasn’t overly fussed about purchasing, it’s now one of the products I’m most looking forward to using. Judging by the brief reviews I’ve read, it’s gonna be an egg-citing one (hehe forgive the pun)!!

Easter products all done with, it’s now time for the Oxford Street exclusives part of my haul.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me post about the Roller bath bomb before, which is a gorgeous white / purple bath bomb with a delicious sweet scent that when placed in the bath, turns the water beautiful shades of blues and purples. From my first use of this bath bomb I fell in love and it’s up there on my list as one of my favourite Lush products ever, so obviously when in London I had to stock up. I bought three and I’ve already used one of them, so I’m gonna have to be really careful and savour my other two.

One Oxford Street exclusive I’ve never used before is the Guardian Of The Forest bath bomb and as soon as I saw it I instantly fell in love with its gorgeous green shade. I love the colour and the name of this product, it looks and sounds so lovely so I’m really looking forward to using it.

Adding more products I’ve never used before to my basket, I also bought two of the Metamorphosis bath bombs. I’d never even heard of Metamorphosis before my recent trip to London and I was absolutely buzzing when I first saw it in store. The edgy dark grey shade of this bath bomb is so cool and with a hint of silver sparkle to go with it, I have a feeling this bath bomb is gonna be a good’un which is why I bought two.
As it’s spring now, I of course had to pick up another delicious Grass bubble bar which I’ve used already. Grass is such a lovely, cheerful little product there’s no way I could have left the store without one.
To add to the Spring theme, I just had to pick up the Sacred Lotus bath bomb which is a beautiful, floral product perfect for the spring/ Summer months. I’m looking forward to using this one and I may combine it with one of my carrot bubble bars for the ultimate bath cocktail.

Whilst in Oxford Street I also managed to get my hands on the limited edition Buy One Set One Free bath bomb, which although isn’t an Oxford Street exclusive is a product I couldn’t not buy. This bath bomb was created to support the release Andy Tsege, a man who is currently being held on death row after being kidnapped in June 2014. For more information and to sign for Andy’s release, please click here.

For the third and final part of my haul, we have all the bath bombs I bought which are the ones you can get all year round, most of them being ones I’ve never used before.

For the first time ever, I decided to pick up a Dragons Egg bath bomb. I decided to go for this one as because it was in store right next to Golden Egg some glitter had fallen onto it making it look even more pretty. I’m really excited to use this bath bomb as I love the look of it, very simple but very cute. I also love the name of it!
The Blackberry bath bomb is another product I’ve never used before, so I decided to buy that one too as surely you can’t go wrong with a blackberry themed product?? I’m looking forward to using this!
Yoga bath bomb is another product I picked up which I’ve never tried before, and I’m really glad I decided to treat myself to one as I heard somewhere that it’s being discontinued?? I’ve seen on Instagram loads of #Saveyogabomb tags, so I guess we’ll see what happens, but I’m really pleased I picked one up so if it does go at least I’ve got the chance to try it.
Finally I couldn’t resist picking up one of my all time favourite bath bombs, the Intergalactic bath bomb. I just love how Intergalactic creates the most amazing designs in the bath water and I will never get over how magical it is. I originally bought Intergalactic to use alongside my Unicorn Horn bubble bar however after browsing through Instagram for some ultimate Lush inspo, I saw someone use it with the Golden Egg bath bomb and it looked insane so I might have to do that instead. I can always get another Intergalactic in the coming weeks to use with my Unicorn Horn as thankfully it’s available all year round.
So that wraps up my very long, very awesome LUSH haul, I hope you enjoyed this post!
Have you ever used any of these LUSH products? Which product is your favourite from the Easter range? Let me know in the comments below.
Thank you for reading,


  1. You got so many I want to try lol. Intergalactic! Roller looks amazing! And I can’t believe the yoga bath bomb is being discontinued! That was on my list!


    1. Haha literallly I’m stocked for life 😂 If you haven’t tried intergalactic before you neeeeed too! And Roller is actually gorgeous! The purple around the side you see is actually bath melt so makes the water super soft! I know right… Fingers crossed the save yoga hash tag will work. Thank you for your comment hun 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Okay so I’ve only actually ever been inside of a Lush store maybe like a handful of times- but I’ve more recently been going EVERY SINGLE TIME I see one which is surprisingly quite often! I’m always want to snap you but then I realize that I don’t have your snapchat name?!?!?! We need to fix that! But anyways, I literally want to go and buy ALLLLL of these but it’s so sad because my tub is seriously not big enough for me to take an actual bath in it. But I did buy a cute giraffe one for Andrew’s niece bc her and I are randomly obsessed with giraffs lol I keep telling Andrew that our next place HAS to have a good tub so that I can finally buy some of these and use them!

    xo, JJ


    1. Haha yes Jenny! Getting into Lush now 😄 Omg hold up let me dm you my snap name on insta!! Oh no 😭 Thats the worst my sister had the same problem before she moved, if she wanted a bath she had to have one at mine lol. Oh I’ve seen the giraffe one that one is so cute! Haha Giraffes are the best animal though, there’s this video of a baby giraffe taking its first steps I die everytime 😭 Yes yes thats deffo a requirement! Thanks for your comment Jj 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve never really entered into a Lush store because it’s always crowded, but if I do, I’ll definitely stock up for life just like you did! Everything looks amazing xx


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