A Weekend In Blackpool.

‘Hello Blackpool’

This weekend has been one of the most fun I’ve had with my besties this year so far.

As I woke up at 6am on Saturday morning, I was tired but excited as it was finally time for girls weekend in Blackpool, something we’ve had planned for months now.

Morning selfie, why not?


Daisy picked me up at 7:30am and from there we picked Chantal up and drove to Emily’s, as Emily was driving us to Blackpool in her new car.

With a four hour journey ahead of us, we were set for the ultimate road trip.

Arriving in Blackpool around midday, we headed straight to the Lynmoore Guest House where we were staying for the weekend. The four of us shared a room with two single beds and a double plus an en suite bathroom. For the price of £60 (£15pp) the guest house was everything we could need, clean, spacious and close to the main strip. I would definitely stay there again when visiting Blackpool.

Once we had dropped our suitcases off in the guest house we headed straight out for our first activity of the day – Madame Tussauds!!! Eeeek, I love Madame Tussauds (although I’ve only been once before in Amsterdam) and this one exceeded my expectations by miles. Daisy even said it was better than the one in London!

There was so much cool stuff to see and do whilst at Madame Tussauds. We got a photograph with Jeremy Kyle and Emily and I posed as if we were arguing which was absolutely hilarious, we posed with Keith Lemon and even saw Peter Andre.

We got to have a drink in the Rovers Return, the pub which features in one of my favourite soap operas ‘Coronation Street’. This was super cool and I enjoyed my coke so much, although the only Corrie waxwork I recognised was Deirdre Barlow, everyone else was too old for me to remember.

The highlight of Madame Tussauds was obviously ‘meeting’ my bae, Joe Hart. I have been looking forward to getting a photo with his waxwork for so long now and I am sooooo buzzing I got a good few. I hope one day I get to meet the real Joe Hart but for now, I’m content with seeing his waxwork.

And the second best thing about Madame Tussauds Blackpool was the Festival Fields area which was so cool, we posed in giant wellies and saw Ed Sheeran, who I had to get a photo with because duh, Ed Sheeran. Love him!!!

Once we had seen all the waxworks it was time to purchase the professional photos we had taken throughout the day which were all so funny and cute. I think it’s great they had so many photo ops at Madame Tussauds because the printed photographs are such great keepsakes.


Madame Tussauds in Blackpool is so much fun and I would highly recommend a visit there if you’re ever in the area. There’s so much to do there and its such a fun experience, I’d definitely go again.

Blackpool’s Sea Life Centre was our next stop of the day and I really couldn’t wait to see the animals. I didn’t get any pictures from the day but we saw pregnant seahorses (so cool), clown fish Nemo’s and Dory’s (soooo cute) and jellyfish!

Not to mention the huge tank which had stingrays, rays and sharks which were so amazing. As I watched them I was in awe, literally I just thought it was so fascinating to see these amazing creatures up close. It made me so excited to go scuba diving at Discovery Cove in Florida!!!

After we left the Sea Life centre we had a wander along the sea front and played the penny machines at the amusements. I love the penny machines, always have always will. The 2p ones are so much better than the 10p ones as your playing time lasts longer with them (unless you spend a small fortune using so many 10p coins).

Somehow, I won so many tokens on the 2p machine I was able to choose a free minion bubble blower, a Nicki Minaj keyring, a fake tattoo and some sweets for my prize. How exciting, I love winning things!

By the early evening we had completed all of our activities for the day so we headed back to the guest house to relax. We chilled in bed and watched some TV. It was really relaxing and fun to just chat and giggle with the girls. Sometimes that’s my favourite way to spend time.

We intended to go out that evening for some drinks but we were all just too sleepy, so instead we grabbed some fast food and headed back to the hotel to sleep, such wild gals we are.

Day two of Blackpool was spent at the Pleasure Beach, but before heading there our first stop of the day was obviously Spoons for breakfast. The Weatherspoons we went to was called The Velvet Coaster and I have to say it’s quite possibly one of the nicest Spoons I’ve ever been to. I had fried egg on toast for breakfast and it was delicious plus the whole layout of the place was gorgeous and modern. I definitely enjoyed my experience there and my chats with the girls.

Breakfast finished it was finally time to head to the Pleasure Beach, the sole reason we wanted to visit Blackpool in the first place and can I just say, if you’ve never been to Blackpool Pleasure Beach before then you need to. This was my first time visiting and I bloody loved it!

With so many rides ranging from tame to thrilling, I would actually put Blackpool Pleasure Beach on a par with Thorpe Park and I would say I much prefer it to Alton Towers. I feel like this amusement park is so underrated and everyone needs to go now to appreciate its brilliance!

My favourite rides of the day were The Steeplechase, The Big One and The Grand National. We went on The Steeplechase three times, it’s such a silly and funny ride where you sit on model horses and ‘race’ each other round the track. I would genuinely go back to Blackpool for this ride its that amusing.

The Big One, also known as the Pepsi Max is huge and terrifying. Although it doesn’t go upside down, it goes so high you can virtually see the whole of Blackpool and it drops almost vertically. It’s amazing. I knew sh*t was about to go down when I read the sign ‘Do not take your hands off the bars’, like I wanted to wave my hands in the air but after reading that I was not risking it. I loved this ride so much, definitely a solid 9/10 for the thrill factor.

The Grand National was just so funny, another silly but brilliant ride, this is a wooden rollercoaster which could quite possibly win the award for ricketiest of all time. There are two tracks on this rollercoaster so you’re opposite another group of people for the whole ride which is highly amusing, I believe its designed this way as the grand national is a horse race, so the two coasters were racing each other.

Overall we went on three horse themed rides so I feel like the people who designed the rides for Blackpool Pleasure Beach were kind of obsessed with horses! But hey the best rides of the day were the horsey ones (bar The Big One) so clearly having an obsession with horses works when developing rides.

The Pleasure Beach was open from 11-5pm and in that time we fit so much in, we went on almost every ride. The only ride we didn’t do which I would have liked to was Infusion, a rollercoaster which goes upside down but I’m not overly bothered about that. We did the main ones!!! All the queue times were so short, the longest we waited was probably about 20 minutes. I’m sure in the busier Summer times they would be longer than that but still, I was really impressed and it was also a huge plus that the rides were all so close to each other so we didn’t have to walk too much for too long.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is so amazing and I am so happy I got to visit, the park exceeded my expectations by miles and I would 100% go back and 100% recommend it to anyone and everyone! Its such a fun day out.

And before I go I just have to mention something funny that happened whilst at the amusement park, a seagull stole my burger!!! Hahaha I never thought something so silly would happen to me but I left it on the table as I went to grab a chair and next thing I know this seagulls grabbed the bun and is pecking away at it. Ever so kindly the seagull left the beef and the other side of the bun, so gross as it may be I went ahead and ate what had survived, sorry but I wasn’t about to spend another fiver on a burger.

Overall the word I would use to describe my time with my friends in Blackpool is FUN. Emily, Chantal, Daisy and I had a lush time together and I enjoyed being with them so much.

Here’s to more adventures!

Have you ever been to Blackpool? Would you like to go? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading,




  1. Madame Tussauds! Looks like you had a riot.
    Seahorses are so interesting! I love visiting aquariums.
    I love riding roller coasters, especially the ones where there’s a big drop and then you go upside down and around the loops – love them! Oooh those seagulls are such opportunists – well, I guess you were left with an open faced burger! XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This trip you got to go on with your friends looks like so much fun. Especially now that I can follow it via snapchat too 😉 Side note and super random but that photo of you girls against the Blackpools Most Wanted back drop just gave me a flash back to that movie Spring Breakers with Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Benson- have you seen it before? lol But I’ve always wanted to go to a Madame Tussauds’s wax museum! I can’t believe how realistic those wax figures look! And LOLOL I love how you just automatically crossed out ‘clown fish’ to replace with nemos and dorys because realistically most people will be able to better visualize what kind of fish just by naming those two 🙂 I haven’t done Discovery Cove either times I’ve been to Orlando but OMG I’m so jelly that you’re doing that, that’s going to be so cool! I never doubt that you and your girl friends always have a blast wherever you go!!! ❤

    xo, JJ


    1. It was such a fun weekend! Haha yay I’m so happy we have each other on snap now. Omg yes Spring Breakers was such a funny film, so random but I totally get that photo reminds you of it lol spring break ya’llll. Omg you need to go to one JJ they’re so much fun. Haha for real they are just Dory’s and Nemo’s now!! Omg for me it was a must to swim with dolphins!!! Next time you should go! Thanks so much Jenny you’re comments always make my day 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Omg that sounds like a lot of fun! And Madame Tussauds looks like such a cool place! I don’t think I’ve ever seen life size wax figures.
    And pregnant seahorses? What was that like! Lol


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