April In Instagrams

Well if this post isn’t slightly overdue…

Today it’s finally time for my April in Instagrams, YAY!

Last month was an adventurous one and I posted a lot of fun pictures on the gram, so I’m really looking forward to todays post.

First selfie of the month.


Just me and my besties at Stonehenge, such a lovely day with my fam.


LUSH Golden Egg bath bomb, I have to be honest once in the bath this product was not half as glittery as I thought it would be. But you can’t deny how pretty it looks here.


Hill Sprints. Uhh, I can’t believe I actually did this. I managed 5 and the rest of the crew managed 6, so not toooo bad. We’ve not been back since but I can’t deny it was a good workout and I would like to have a go again just not every week hill sprints.


Easter. What a cute day with my family!!! Mini Eggs are the best thing about Easter… plus family time of course.


Me & my gals. These two are like sisters, love them!


It’s selfie time!!!


Festival Field at Madame Tussauds in Blackpool. Best Madame Tussauds ever!!!


Meet my boyfriend (I wish). I can’t believe Madame Tussauds actually have a Joe Hart waxwork, almost as good as the real thing! LOVE Joe.


Aw I love my mummy. She is the best mum ever and I just had to share the love over on insta. She’s a special lady.


Last selfie of the month. I just had to quote Nicki’s new song No Frauds, her sassy lyrics give me life. Also pls who loves my banana playsuit? So cute.

So there’s my favourite insta photos I posted last month, if you’d like to follow me on the gram then please click here.

Thank you all for reading,



By 50shad3s0fjay

Hello everyone my name is JENNIE! Follow me on my journey of happiness and love ❤️❤️

9 replies on “April In Instagrams”

I love following you on insta and through all your adventures! Your selfies are so so gorggg!!!!! And holy moly all that gold from the lush bomb *heart eyes*

xo, JJ


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