April Reflections 2017

Okay so this post is slightly overdue… In fact it’s majorly overdue! We are halfway through May already, say what?!? Where does the time go? It’s really crazy how we are almost half way through 2017 already! I swear these days I don’t even stress about having to wait a week to watch the next episode of a TV show because I’m like oh, the weeks gonna go so quick anyway!
Ramble aside, today it’s finally time for my April reflections.
April was definitely my favourite month of the year so far, I made tons of fab memories with my loved ones, visited new places and adventured pretty much every weekend.
The first weekend of the month was all about friendship as I spent Saturday evening with the work gals for Jemma’s cheese night and Sunday was spent with Emily and Chantal exploring the beautiful Willen Lake.
The second weekend of the month was definitely my favourite as it was my long weekend off work and I had so much fun with my friends and family. I had a movie night with Emily and Chantal followed by a night out in the Buzzard with the girls and a few of Daisy’s friends. This was such a fun night out as it was a little spontaneous and everyone knows the unplanned nights out are always the best ones.
Then on the Sunday I got to sunbathe and read my book all day as the weather was so glorious. I love sunbathing and I was proper buzzing as this one day sesh actually left me with tan lines hallelujah! I also had a little BBQ at home with my fam that day so it was the perfect Summery day!
On the Monday, my parents, sister and I took a trip to Stonehenge, as I had bought my Mum tickets for her birthday. I’d never been to Stonehenge before but its always been on my bucket list and I’m so thankful I finally got the opportunity to go, its such an interesting and fascinating place and the day was made even more special as it was spent with my wonderful family. I would safely say that my day with my family visiting Stonehenge was my favourite of the year so far.
Other highlights of last month include a second night out in the Buzzard with my pals, rock and roll bingo with the fam, spending Easter Sunday with my family playing pin the tail on the rabbit and of course my weekend trip to Blackpool with my best friends – Emily, Chantal and Daisy.
Blackpool with the girls was so much fun! Blackpool is another place I’d never visited before last month and the city did not disappoint, so vibrant and fun with that typical seaside holiday atmosphere, I loved everything about it, from the exciting and interactive Madame Tussauds to the fun filled Pleasure Beach, up there in my opinion with Thorpe Park as one of the most fun amusement parks in the UK.
April was also the month I started my fitness journey starting with hill sprints inspired by Vikki followed by joining the gym inspired by Atlanta. Yasss I am so happy I have joined a gym, honestly I never thought there’d come a day I became a gym goer but now I am and I am loving it. Seriously everyday I’m like oh I can’t wait till my next gym sesh. I try to go as much as possible but its been averaging about twice a week. I do weights, cardio, swim and obviously I also make full use of the steam room and sauna whilst I’m there too, well it would be rude not to right?
All in all April was a brilliant month full of excitement, adventure, new experiences and happy times with both my family and friends. I did struggle with a few personal issues throughout last month but I’m finally starting to feel like myself again and hey, all flowers grow through dirt so here’s to me being better, brighter and the best me I can be!
So far May is going alright, its definitely more of a chilled month but I’ve definitely needed some time to relax after the activities of April and I have so much coming up this Summer its nice I’ve got a chance to chill.
I hope everyone had an amazing April and here’s to the happiest of Mays.
Thank you all for reading,


  1. Your April was WAYYYY more eventful than mine. Sunbathing and reading is absolutely top 3 favorite things to do in the summer, it honestly might be #1 because I mean who doesn’t love having a nice tan! Followed by a bbq, second favorite thing 😉 Is the weather still staying consistently warm over there? I’m still so amazed at the Stonehenge that’s such a cool sight to see. You have such a great group of friends, I swear my friend group consists of like 3 of us but even so I don’t see them as often since I’ve moved *cries* I miss girl trips and adventures….the good ol days. Now I just have Andrew lol Fabulous round up!

    xo, JJ


    1. Yes! it was a very busy month! 100%, life is so much better with a tan and the fact you can read whilst sunbathing… what better way to spend your time? Who doesn’t love a BBQ!? So delicious. Aha I wish, since the day I wrote about in this post the weather has not been so fab, today especially was crazy rainy. The weather over here is rarely consistent lol. Stonehenge is amazing, I had such a lovely day with my family. 🙂 I am so lucky with my friendship group, they all mean the world to me. Awwww, it must be hard having moved, I bet you really miss your friends but the fact you’ve maintained contact with them and still see each other when you can shows how strong your friendship is. But hey at least you have Andrew!! Thank you hun Xx

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