Top 5 Places I’d Like To Visit | 52 Week Blog Challenge

Hey guys.
Today its time for another of Jenny and Britts 52 Week Blog Challenge and this weeks prompt is The Top 5 Places I’d Like To Visit.
As a keen traveller I’m sure it comes as no surprise when I say I’ve already done a couple of posts similar to this which you can read here and here. Since writing these posts I’ve been lucky enough to tick Amsterdam off the bucket list and by the end of this year I’ll be able to cross off Italy and Florida too. How amazing!!! Seriously, I can’t wait to go to Italy with my family, it’s going to be the most perfect holiday with my favourites and of course I am seriously excited for Florida with my bestie. Every time I watch Lucy and Lydia’s Disney vlogs I almost cry with excitement.
I am so blessed that I have so many exciting adventures planned for this year (including a little trip to Disneyland early Summer- eeek) but having said that, there are still so many more places in this world I would love to visit.
Here’s my TOP 5.
1. NEW YORK. I was lucky enough to go to New York for my 10th birthday which was so amazing, and I feel so blessed that I can say I have already visited the city that never sleeps, however for the past couple of years all I’ve wanted is to go back. New York is such a vibrant city, full of life and excitement and I just long to feel that sense of being alive I know I’d feel when I’m there. I so want to go back to Times Square, to see School Of Rock on Broadway, to stand in awe as I gaze upon the incredible skyscrapers in front of me. If I could get on a plane to New York right now I would. I would love to own an apartment there one day, that would be a dream come true.
Now you’re in New York, these streets will make you feel brand new big lights will inspire you…
I love you NYC!
2. Iceland. Iceland has been on my bucket list for a good couple of years now, the Blue Lagoon looks absolutely breath taking – even just looking at photographs of it or seeing it on TV has me thinking wow. Not to mention all the incredible natural Icelandic scenery from the volcanos to the glaciers. Seeing and experiencing Iceland would be such an incredible experience, I long to go as soon as I can.
3. Dubai. Dubai looks like the dream paradise destination with the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. Of course if I visit Dubai I’d make the most of relaxing by the pool and enjoying the glorious beaches but I’d also make the most out of my trip with hot air balloon rides, dune buggying and shopping, shopping, shopping. I think I’d find myself in awe quite a few times too admiring the incredible buildings such as the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab.
 4. Cancún. So I have actually been to Mexico before but only for about 20 minutes and I didn’t even step foot out of the car. My family and I crossed the border from the States and the town we found ourselves in wasn’t the friendliest, but in contrast Cancún looks the complete opposite- tourist friendly and gorgeous. With wonderful nightlife, I think this would be the perfect place to go with the girls as we could go out and party when we liked but then enjoy other activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming with dolphins if we pleased (I would definitely want to do all those things and more).
5. Istanbul. Turkey has never been on my radar, I’ve never been too interested in visiting the country until my Dad showed me an Istanbul travel brochure which completely changed my mind. Istanbul? Yes please. With so much to see and do, this city seems like the perfect destination for a real sightseeing holiday. The main thing on my list if I visited Istanbul would be to cross the Bosphorus Bridge, a suspension bridge which connects Europe and Asia- how cool.
I am so excited to one day visit all of these amazing places. How lucky are we to live in such a vast, incredible world?
Have you ever been to any of the places on my list? Where would you most like to travel to?
Let me know in the comments below.
Thank you for reading,

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21 replies on “Top 5 Places I’d Like To Visit | 52 Week Blog Challenge”

I loveee your list!!! Iceland and the blue lagoon is wayyyy up there on my list too, it just looks so wonderful!!! NYC is so captivating and stimulating…. you definitely need to go back now that you’re older, so much to see and do. You and you’re girlfriends would have an absolute blast I’m sure! Maybe you can get them to do a girls trip there! I’m surprised I don’t go as often as I do with it not being that far from me! Also, I really want to go to Cancun or Punta Cana. Andrew used to go to Cancun every year when he was younger (spoiled) his grandparents had a time share there and when I see all their past photo albums most of the photos are taken from there. *sigh* I’m totally jealous about your Italy trip that is going to be amazing! Have you guys planned out places to see or things to do while out there yet?

xo, JJ


Thank you hun!! It does doesn’t it? Like the most relaxing, wonderful, incredible place ever, the Blue Lagoon would be an absolute dream come true. Ahh I so want to go back, there’s still so much to do there I didn’t before eg Coney Island, the Yankee Stadium, Liberty Island… Why is New York so amazing? Ahh I would love a girls holiday to New York, I’ll have to drop some hints. Jenny if I was you I’d be there every weekend, how far NY from you? Could you drive there relatively quickly!? Please go again soon so I can live my dreams through your Instagram’s ha ha. I don’t know much about Punta Cana, I’ll need to google it but wow how lucky for Andrew!! Did he love it?? You guys will have to go! I am so excited. We haven’t got anything solidly planned- I want to do Rome, Pompeii and Ischia which are all do-able. Apparently Ischia has thermal spa’s so thats an absolute must! Thanks for your comment JJ xx

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I definitely think Andrew and I will do like 1 weekend trip there this summer! It’s about a 4 hour drive depending on where in the city and traffic which isnt that bad but definitely worth staying overnight before driving back home. And yess he loved Cancun, his whole family always talks about it and I’m just like…..can’t you guys go one last time so that I can go too hahah and omg you must takes SO MANY pictures of Rome. That is my number 1 travel destination! We’ll do a trade off- Rome pictures for NYC pictures haha I’ve heard of those thermal spas in Ischia and their thermal beaches….I’m practically day dreaming over there at how lovely that will be! I hope you guys get to all of it!!! ❤ ❤


heyyyy !!! I have had a massive break off blogging (like a year ahahah !!) and i have just started my new blog, and yours was the only blog that I remembered really liking and wanting to read again, im so happy you still blog !! anyway, i hope you remember me, i used to be chocolatedrops ??? xxxxx


Hey of course I remember you, I thought you’d fallen off the radar haha. Thank you so much- that’s so sweet you came back to my blog. I’ll deffo follow your new blog now, I can’t wait to see your posts 🙂 xxxxxx


This is a nice list of places and it’s very refreshing to see different places than other ones I’ve seen (like people want to go to the same places, lol).
Blue Lagoon looks gorgeous! And I lived in Mexico for some years but never been to cancun. Lol. It is gorgeous though. And I think I’m the only person who would skip going to NYC lol. Not a fan of huge buildings and artificial lights. I prefer nature. Haha.


Aha what places do you normally see on peoples lists? I’m glad you enjoyed my list. Blue Lagoon is so dreamy. How amazing that you lived in Mexico, where abouts? How come you never ventured to Cancun? Ah I can imagine, I’d love to go. Omg no way!!! New York is a mustttt, I adore nature too but New York is something else!! xx

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Paris, Ireland (Although it’s very beautiful and would actually love to see it too, lol). Turks & caícos, beautiful too but, I see it so often lol.
And I lived in southern Mexico, it was a small town away from the city. And when I moved we came straight over here lol.

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I live in the Pacific Northwest of the states lol. Finally were settled down. When I was little we used to move a lot. Lol.
I’m not sure why my parents decided to move to Mexico (could have been the riots in the 90s in LA) but I’m glad we did. I learned a lot about them and the heritage and learned some life skills from my auntie


New York seems like such a dream OMG, and adding that quote of Alicia Keys’ song, girl, you touched me! I really hope I get to go there too some day and living there would be a dream too! I have to say that I haven’t been to any of the destinations on your list, which is sad because you tell these cool things about them that I really want to visit all of the places! Cancun also seems a really great place to visit once! By the way, you also wrote that you went to Amsterdam. What did you think of the city? xo


Aha I had to add that song quote, how could I not? I really hope you get the chance to visit NYC some day, you would love it!!! Aw but I’m sure you’ve been to so many other amazing places and these ones you have to look forward to visiting in the future. Yes, oh my goodness I loved Amsterdam, literally one of my favourite places ever, I can’t wait to go back. Xx

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