Weekly Fitness | Diet Goals & Daily Sit Ups

Hi guys.

How is everyone?

This week has been kind of yay, kind of nay fitness wise. Not my best week, but definitely not my worst.

I started off the week with a walk with the girls, more so a stroll than a walk so although we were active we didn’t do any hard core exercise. Still, a walk around the lake is more beneficial than sitting at home on the sofa all day right? Good as the walk was, the girls and I may have also ended up having a little picnic so I may have gone a bit wild with ice cream, scotch eggs and red velvet cake but hey, who can say no to all that tastiness?

Yesterday I went a little wild with the ice cream, as even though I was already full up from dinner I just had to get not one, but two scoops of Baskin Robbins chocolate ice cream to eat whilst at the cinema. I can’t resist, but I need to behave. Everything in moderation I say, but I feel sometimes I have more cheat days than clean days and I need to switch that around.

I’ve decided to set myself a goal of 1700 calories a day, except on cheat days twice a week where I will give myself an allowance of 2000 calories. This is really achievable as today I’ve still got 222 calories left of my allowance and it’s almost bed time so I’ve done really well. Plus I’ve enjoyed what I’ve eaten- with delicious chicken and cheese wraps for dinner and a yummy bag of quavers as a snack. I think I’m gonna have some Maltesers before bed too whilst I watch Britain’s Got Talent. It’s so important to still eat treats and not cut anything out, as depriving yourself of food can lead to serious binging which can be so unhealthy.

When it comes to exercise this week has been okay. I did a brilliant 20 minute home workout on Monday which left me feeling so good, as I focused on toning my arms and abs. I did four minutes worth of sit ups and just about managed three push ups- they are so hard, I’m thinking next time I’ll aim for four ha ha.

Thanks to my friend Charlotte, I found this amazing Instagram page ‘factsoftraining’ which has lots of brilliant home workout guides, and I’ve found this has helped me a lot when deciding what exercises to incorporate into my routines.


I only went to the gym once this week and I wasn’t so impressed with the session. Atlanta and I attended two classes, Aqua Fit and Pilates. Aqua Fit was tragic, as the water was too deep for me and I ended up embarrassing myself big time as I got cramp in my leg and couldn’t help crying out in panic. A lady had to swim over and drag me to the side of the pool so I could sort myself out, typical me. Pilates was okay and I’d definitely do it again, but only after a proper gym session (not after a failed Aqua Fit attempt). To be honest, I’m not so much a fan of classes as I feel they don’t really do a lot for me. I find I work a lot harder on my own in the gym doing what I wanna do, not following instructions and trying to grasp different routines. I do want to try Spin at some point though!

Along with my home workout and my one gym session, I squeezed in lots of sit ups this week. For the past three days I have done 3 minutes worth of sit ups each morning before work which is fab. I absolutely love sit ups, I find even after just a few days of doing them when I look in the mirror I already notice such a vast, positive difference to my waist area. Yes yes yes to sit ups.

Going forward for the coming week I’m really looking forward to at least two hard core gym sessions, at least two home workouts and as many sit ups each morning as possible. I’m also looking forward to lowering my calorie intake, drinking more water and consistently eating healthy, nutritional meals.

What are your health and fitness goals for this week? Let me know in the comments below.

I hope you all enjoyed this post,

thank you for reading,




  1. Omg I want those ice cream cones! I’ve been in the mood for ice cream so bad now that the sun is warm and bright out! I don’t think any work out is a bad workout, at least your doing something and like you said its better than just sitting on the couch! Oh gosh though the thought of leg cramps while in water, doesn’t sound like the best thing lol At least you know not to take that class again. I think solo workouts are way better too you can concentrate more on what you want to do and go at your own pace etc. Sit ups are so dreadful for me, idk why. I force myself to do them too and they do make a huge difference but its a literal force for me to do them. Squats I’ll do all day every day on the otherhand lol

    xo, JJ


    1. Go and get yourself an ice cream girl, treat yourself!! Yeah that’s true, anything is than nothing. Omg it was so embarrassing, when I went in the sauna afterwards a lady accused me saying she thought I was faking it I was like no way. I mean I can be a bit of a drama Queen but I was in full panic mode I didn’t know what to do ha ha. Oh no way I will not be doing aqua fit again. Yes 100% I agree, and you can push yourself as much or as little as you want to without feeling guilty for giving up. Omg here we must be the opposite, I’d rather do sit ups than squats. We should swap routines for a week, I’ll do your squats if you do my sit ups and see how we get on! xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. A lady accused you of faking it lolol thats funny but how rude- I wouldn’t been like mind your own business lady! Plus you were in water that is scary you can’t just like sit down in the middle of the waterso you have all the right to panic and be a drama queen 🙂 and yesss we really should swap routines, I think I really need to incorporate them more….I try to do at least 10 a night lol not sure if it does anything but like we said better than nothing 😉


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