May Reflections ’17

Compared to the excitement of April, May was a lot more relaxed and being completely honest with you, I simply couldn’t wait for the month to be over knowing Summer was just around the corner. Every day I was thinking hello?? Is it Summer yet?? And now finally it almost is, hurray!
 Regardless of how much I’ve been looking forward to the Summer, I made sure to make the most of last month and I spent plenty of quality time with my family and friends.
At the start of the month I went out with the work gals for Atlanta’s birthday. We went to a Turkish restaurant called Melis, a place none of us had been before but had been recommended, and virtually as soon as we arrived we were so impressed with everything about it! As I don’t like Turkish food I didn’t get anything to eat however I was over the moon as the waiters repeatedly brought us over an abundance of free bread which was delicious, it was so tasty and filling it really didn’t matter that I wasn’t eating anything else. The atmosphere of Melis was amazing, with an in house belly dancer and a Shisha area, it would be impossible to go there and not have fun. As we sat at the table munching on our bread, the belly dancer made her way through the restaurant and encouraged others to join her in dancing. She singled out Atlanta to dance with her first which was hilarious, but I couldn’t laugh for too long as she then made her way over to me and dragged me up to dance with her. Although it was slightly embarrassing, I embraced the moment and busted out my best moves for a good few minutes. All in the name of fun right? The girls and I ended the night at a local bar called Missoula, another place I’d never been to before and again I was so impressed!!! I’ll be honest and say when I’ve heard others talking about Missoula I’ve never thought myself ‘oh I must go’ but I absolutely loved it! The music was great and the drinks cheap, I really enjoyed the atmosphere there and I had so much fun dancing. It was great fun to celebrate Atlanta’s birthday with my best work girlies and I can’t wait for our next night out together. We always have so much fun.


Last month I spent a lot of time at the gym and really progressed with my exercises. I started using the treadmill for the first time ever and now one of my favourite things to do is set the gradient to the highest level and speed walk, I find this really gets my heart rate up and even after about just 10 minutes I seriously feel like I’ve done the most epic workout. I also enjoyed working on my abs more as I started doing more sit ups at home and doing Russian Twists with Medicine Balls at the gym.
Just to clarify the speed is 0 because I was too busy taking a photo to be able to move at this point but most of the time I was going above 100!
I had a really lovely evening with my parents last month, as the weather was beautiful so my Dad and I went for a drink at the pub and my Mum joined us after work. We had such a lovely time together and it was generally just one of those lovely nights which is simply happy and blissful. Perfect.
I ended the month how I started it, with a night out. This time I went out with my besties Emily, Chantal and Daisy and we started the night off at Emily’s house for pre drinks. Pre drinks was so much fun and we all had so many laughs and giggles together, we played a drinking game called Pass Out which is based around a mix between Monopoly and tongue twisters. So much fun. We danced, took selfies and had lots to drink. By the time we made it out to the club we’d definitely had plenty to drink and I almost got kicked out because I tried to pour my own drink… Oops hahaha. I’m such a rebel, but c’mon it’s funny to look back on.
The day after our night out I went for breakfast with Emily and Chantal which was delicious. I had a full fry up and omg it tasted so good. Then Daisy joined us for dessert at Kaspa’s and a browse around the shops. It was such a fun day and the perfect round up to a night out as we did the typical thing of reminiscing on the night before, we laughed and bantered and generally just had fun together. I love my besties!!! We always have the funniest chats after our nights out.
And that rounds up the month of May!
All in all it was a good month but oh my gosh am I happy June/Summer is here, roll on the next few months I have so much to look forward to.
I hope everyone had an amazing month last night and may June ’17 be your best one yet.
What was your May highlight? Let me know in the comments below.
Thank you all for reading,


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