Movies To Watch | Disney Land Paris

The countdown to Paris is officially on. One week today I’ll be adventuring around Disney Land, crying tears of joy on my favourite ride It’s a small world and loving life with my best friend. To say I’m excited would be an understament.
Before any big occasion, for example Christmas, I love to watch movies based around the event to up my excitement levels and fully get me in the spirit of things.
As Disney Land Paris is fast approaching I’ve compiled a list of all the Paris themed Disney films I need to watch before I go!
First on the list is Ratatouille. Hello?? This film just screams Disney Land Paris. Set in said location, the Disney Studios park literally has a ride based on this film. I’ve only seen Ratatouille once before and I absolutely adored it. This movie has such a fun plot with tons of comical value and I simply love the wonderful character of Remy, who follows his dream of being a chef regardless of the obvious setbacks he faces being that he is a rat. I can’t wait to watch this film again and I’m so looking forward to going on the ride now I’ve seen the film, the previous time I had no idea what Ratatouille was about.
Passport to Paris is another film I am so looking forward to watching before Disney Land next weekend. Although Emily and I won’t actually be spending any time in the city of Paris this film is still a must for me because its so French! I used to love Mary Kate and Ashley back in the day and now they’re not making movies anymore I genuinely miss them so perhaps this is just an excuse for me to watch one of their films! But it makes sense to watch it right? It is set in Paris and that is where I’m going.
Beauty and the Beast is 100% on my to watch list before heading to Disney Land, being that its set in France and is one of my favourite Disney films. I’ll be watching the original version of the film as the 2017 version hasn’t been released on DVD yet, but that’s okay because I love both versions. I’m very excited to watch Beauty and the Beast because its such a classic Disney film, I know its going to give me all the Disney vibes before I go.
I’ve never seen The Hunchback Of Notre Dame before but seeing that its set in France it seems fitting to watch before next weekend. I’ve not a clue what this film is about, only that its quite a classic so I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy it very much. I’m looking forward to seeing it for the first time!
Last but certainly not least I need to watch Sleeping Beauty. This is another film I have never seen before but considering its an absolute Disney classic this is an absolute must watch, not to mention the fact the Disney Land Paris castle is based on Sleeping Beauty’s. This film is really going to put me in the Disney mood and I’ll be so excited watching it knowing I’ll be standing in front of that beautiful pink castle next weekend.
I am just so excited to watch all of these films and head to Disney Land Paris next weekend. I can’t believe how quick its come around but I’m not complaining because its going to be amazing.
What’s your favourite film set in France? Have you ever been to Disney Land Paris before? Let me know in the comments below.
Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post.


      1. I have been to Disney land in LA, but it sucked because they didn’t let me get on the rides because I’d be going alone and they didn’t want that. So it was lameeee! Lol. I’m hoping next time I go I can take my kiddo so he can have fun.
        And that movie is so cute!! I love it!!


  1. Oh my gosh I wish I could join you on these Disney movie watching binges. Not only am I obsessed with Disney movies (and old Mary Kate and Ashley films) but these are all definitely a must see lol I’m so darn excited for you to go to Disney Land Paris, I would just die of happiness to go to Disney in Paris, or just be in Paris in general lol I’m super late in commenting so this means you’ll be going….tomorrow?!?!!? EEEK YAYAY have so much fun!!!! ❤

    xo, JJ


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