Weekend Highlights | Bieber Fever


Today it’s been back to work for me after the weekend, as my days off are usually a Sunday and Monday so I consider my weekend to start on a Saturday! Although I’m often lucky enough to get a full Saturday – Monday off, this weekend it was just my usual two days.

My weekend started off really well as I went into work on Saturday and my manager Vikki surprised me with a card and chocolates, just to say thank you for everything I’ve done since she joined the team! She also wrote how I’ve become such a great friend to her which made me so happy because I feel the same, Vikki is an amazing friend and I am so thankful to work with her. She is so sweet and thoughtful and to bring me in a card and chocolates was such a lovely gesture and it made my day!

After work I just spent the evening at home with my family, relaxing watching TV and eating dinner. It was a calm evening as I was making sure to save my energy for the following days antics which were…


On Sunday Emily and I headed up to London to see Justin Bieber at BST Hyde Park. The journey up was pretty hectic as I swear I’ve never seen the tubes so busy, there were literally people everywhere. Euston was crazy packed so we thought it would be better to walk to Camden and get the tube from there, which turned out to be a bit of a ‘mare because after about twenty minutes we realised we were walking in the wrong direction. Oops. When we did eventually make it to Camden after hopping on a bus, we then found out that Camden tube station was closed for the afternoon. Unbelievable. It turned out okay though as we made sure to grab some street food, getting our favourite chicken and rice which we get every time we go to Camden. Usually I just get a standard size portion but this time I went in and opted for a large which I did not regret at all because it tasted so yummy plus I got noodles with it too!!!

After we ate we got the tube from Chalk Farm station straight to Marble Arch which is just a short walk away from Hyde Park. We weren’t exactly sure which way to go but we figured following the crowd of flower headbands and glitter faces would do the trick and before we knew it, we were there. We embarked on our journey at 11am and by 3pm, we had eventually made it to Hyde Park!!! Some would say finally.

That’s my best friend

This was my first time at Hyde Park and I have to say it’s a beautiful location, perfect for a Summers day. Emily and I spent a lot of lovely time chilling out on the grass, sunbathing, chatting and eating ice cream. The setting was a lot smaller than your typical festival location but it was very well laid out and a lot cleaner and more presentable than most. We were even impressed with the toilets which were clean, fully stocked with toilet roll and soap plus they weren’t portaloos! They were actually proper toilets, how amazing!

As Emily is a Barclaycard member we had access to the Barclaycard playground, a little area with games, swings, seesaws, balloons, trampolines and more. As per usual I got in trouble whilst I was swinging on the swing, as a lady came over and told me they were for ‘delicate’ and ‘gentle’ swinging only. Clearly I was getting a bit too excited. I swear wherever I go someone finds an excuse to tell me off, I guess I better get used to it!

One of the highlights of the day was the Chair Swings! And they were actually the fun, fast version that don’t go too high but go super speedy. I’d not been on them in forever because I never see them anywhere, but they really need to bring this ride back and make it more of a thing. I had so much fun and the ride was made even more jokes as whilst we were rising into the air, the ride attendant came over and started spinning Emily’s chair around so when she wasn’t going twisting and turning, she was left stuck facing backwards for the duration of the ride. I couldn’t stop laughing, it was just too giggly. Bless her!


As Justin Bieber was the headliner for BST Hyde Park he wasn’t due on until later in the evening so of course there were other acts on throughout the day. We saw Anne Marie, best known for her hit song Rockabye, and she was really good. I don’t know too many of her songs but I love Alarm & Ciao Adios, and I think as she releases more songs in the future I could become a big fan. She has a great voice live and seems like a genuinely lovely girl, it was so sweet as she told the crowd her parents and sister were watching in the audience. I bet they felt so proud.

Tove Lo also performed but we didn’t watch her set, and Martin Garrix DJ’d just before it was time for Bieber.


As the audience awaited the arrival of the Biebs, everyone started chanting ‘Bieber, Bieber, Bieber’ which was so funny and created such a wonderful, exciting atmosphere. As you can imagine, when Justin came out on stage the crowd went crazy. To be honest, I didn’t actually see that much of him as most of the show I was stuck behind a girl who seemed to think it was her concert, as she spent the whole time on her boyfriends shoulders throwing rock on signs to the crowd but regardless, he was still amazing and his voice was beaut. At one point it was pretty amusing because he started moaning about his voice being a bit nasal due to a blocked nose, and he informed us he’d been applying Vic and Olbas Oil all day. Thanks for that Justin, good to know.

The highlights of Justin’s set were definitely when he sang Boyfriend and Baby. I just could not believe that he performed them and I was so thrilled that he did. They are such old school classics I’d never have expected him to do them live! When he sang Baby it was just amazing and a real throwback, Emily and I have loved Bieber pretty much from the beginning so of course we knew all the words and we were both saying how weird it is we’ve never seen him live before. We’ve always been fans so at least now we can say we’ve seen him in concert and I would for sure go see him again, he put on a great show.

Justin closed his set with one of my favourite songs Sorry. I love this song so much and was looking forward to hearing it all night, I think it was the perfect song to end with.

Leaving Hyde Park we made our way to Euston Station and got Ice Creams as we walked and once again we encountered some slight travel difficulties, this time being there was a delay for our train home due to an ‘incident’ the police had to deal with. I don’t know what had happened but in this moment I felt grateful towards our police force for working hard to keep our environment safe. Thank you!

On the way home Emily and I spent our time talking and playing games on her phone. We played Dumb Ways To Die and Flappy Birds. My highest score on Flappy Birds was 1, how embarrassing. I can see why that game got banned because it does drive you crazy!

We arrived back home just before 1am feeling absolutely exhausted but it was lovely as Emily’s Dad so kindly gave me a lift home!

Yesterday I was so tired but up early for a hair appointment at 10am. Why I booked it for so early I don’t know but what can I say!? Not got a brain cell have I?

I decided to go a lot blonder with my hair for the Summer and I also got a couple of inches cut off so I can start afresh with nice, healthy hair. I’m so happy with how it’s turned out and I can’t wait to show it off!


I had a lovely weekend with the highlight of course being spending the day with my best friend at BST Hyde Park! I can’t believe we’ve seen the Biebs live!

Now I’m back to work and enjoying my week but I can’t help but count down the days as I’m off to Paris on Saturday!!! Ahh I’m so excited!

How did you spend your weekend? Have you ever seen Justin Bieber live? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. I don’t care for Justin Bieber so I rather not comment on that. However, it was nice that everything worked out well for you and your friend despite the station being closed and the venue being smaller than you expected. At least you had fun! And the chair swings are super fun! Lol.
    How sweet of your manager to give you chocolates!! More employers should really treat their employees as such.


    1. Aha fair enough. Yes it was, we did have fun together for definite! Oh they are great aren’t they? Yes I have a lovely manager, I agree, they really should! Some managers need to give there staff more credit, luckily mines amazing x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my gosh when I was looking through you insta, insta story (maybe on snap too) and saw that you were going to see Biebs, I told Andrew who is secretly A HUGE Beibs fan- he was totally envious hahah Not gonna lie, I was too. His songs are just so darn catchy!!! The concert sounded like it was an absolute blast, I love that he played some of his oldies but as he should those are the songs that got him famous!!! ❤ Also, I'm melting at how pretty you are in your more blonde selfie!!!! I need to see more, the blonde tone is absolutely perfect and it suits you so well!!!!! My blonde beauty ❤

    xo, JJ


    1. Ahaha I love it!!! A fellow Belieber 😉 I know right, I feel like his songs have just gotten better over the years, like you cant beat the classics but his new ones are fab. Yeah that’s very true, I thought he’d think he was too cool now to sing Baby and Boyfriend but you’re right, that’s what made him famous so he should love them songs! Awww thank you so much hun, that’s so sweet. Thanks for all your lovely comments as always ❤ xxxx

      Liked by 1 person

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