June Reflections ’17

I wave goodbye to June with a happy heart as for me it was an amazing month and my favourite of the year so far. I spent an abundance of quality time with all of my favourite people from family to friends and I experienced so many new things. What more could a gal want?
The month started off perfectly as I had a cinema and drinks night with the girls, I think the movie we went to see was Baywatch however I can’t remember for certain because we go so often. Regardless, I had such a fab night with the girls and going out for drinks after the cinema was so much fun, we tried new cocktails which were delicious, had a dance, had a chat and made new memories together. It was one of those nights which was just super sweet and happy, I enjoyed it very much with my friends.
The following day was so wonderful as my parents, sister and I took a day trip down to Surrey to see my lovely Grandparents. This was the most perfect day as the sun was shining and my Gran cooked us the most delicious lunch of chicken, potatoes, peas and sausages. It was so good!!! Gran always makes the best food. Together with my family I had the nicest day and my grandparents make me laugh so much, they both come out with the best one liners and funny comments which just make me love them even more. They are so kind and caring and would do anything for our family, they are the most loving people and I am so thankful that we all got to spend such lovely quality time together! It was a perfect day which meant the world to me.
I also got to see a lot more of my Nan last month too as she came over for Fathers Day and we all had fun basking outside in the sunshine chatting and BBQ’ing. I had some interesting conversations with my Nan as I asked her about her experiences of growing up during the war. I’m reading Anne Frank’s diary at the moment so I wanted to learn more about what happened and what life was like growing up during that time. My Nan said that she never really thought about what was going on as the war, it was just her life if that makes sense? Like she never felt scared, she just took it as that’s how it was. I guess because she was only quite young maybe she never really understood the deeper rooted issues caused by war, God bless her.
I met up with my Nan again a couple of weeks later as along with my mother we went to see a show at the theatre. The show was a variety performance of singing, dancing and acting put on by the students of a local theatre school. We went to see this as my sister Zoë teaches at the school and it’s also somewhere we both attended growing up so it’s always nice to go and show support. I actually had such a fun evening at the theatre and it was so nice to spend some quality girl time with my Mum and Nan, we had such a lovely, giggly, chatty time together and the show was brilliant!
One of the nicest evenings of the month was the Monday after Father’s Day as I took my Dad out for a drink rather than buying him a present. Mum came and joined us after she finished work and it was generally just a lovely evening. I had quite a few nice pub garden evenings with my family last month as I also spent a lush Sunday evening at the local with my Dad playing on the fruit machine and a couple of games of pool. We had so much fun together reminiscing on our travel memories and our time living abroad, we talked about music and holidays and so much more!
Nearer the end of the month Zoë came over for dinner and together with our parents we all had a lovely evening. We watched Ed Sheeran’s Glastonbury performance (Zoë loves him) and ate the most delicious lasagne that my Dad cooked. It was another one of those sweet and lovely evenings with my loved ones!
I spent so much lovely time with my family last month, and the balance was perfect as I also spent wonderful time with my friends. Along with our cinema and drinks night the girls and I did so much.
We took a day trip to Thorpe Park and had so much fun, going on rides we don’t usually and generally just having a great time together, ending the evening in Bicester Village. Bicester Village is a designer shopping outlet and I’ve never been there before so it was exciting to go somewhere new, I had so much fun with the girls browsing through Burberry, Jack Wills and Pandora and it was the perfect way to end the perfect day! I always have the happiest of times with the girls, when I’m with them I feel like I’m with family because I’m always able to be myself around them.
June is Daisy’s birthday month so we of course went on a Leighton night out to celebrate. We had a fun night together with the highlight being the walk home and the pizza… Oh my God, the pizza! Don’t even get me started on the pizza, it was incredible. The following morning was super cute as Emily, Daisy, Chantal and I chilled outside in the garden at Daisy’s house playing SpongeBob SquarePants UNO. We all had so much fun playing this and it was so nice to just chill outside in the garden with my best gals playing a card game. Ain’t we cute?
Spending more time in the sun Emily, Chantal and I had a little picnic day one Sunday which was just lovely, although very very windy! We sat outside on a picnic bench and ate our food, I had a delicious crisp sandwich which tasted so good and of course some fruit to go with it. After we ate the girls and I randomly decided to go to Primark for a little massive shopping spree and I bought loads of clothes for Florida. I then went back to Chantal’s house to pick up her spare phone which she so kindly lent me because that morning I’d broken mine! This was such a lovely day with my best friends and as I was grumpy I had broken my phone, I felt so grateful to them for cheering me up and putting me in the happiest of moods. These girls are amazing! Also massive thank you to Chantal for lending me her spare phone, what a hun!
To end the month on a high Emily, Chantal and I went out for a delicious pub dinner with fun conversations and giggles. We had such a great evening made even better as we decided to spontaneously go for a shop at Bicester Village, we had so many giggles and such a good time together, plus we all treated ourselves to some bits too. I’ll be sure to show you all what I got in my next Shopaholic Sunday.
All in all June was such an amazing month for me and I loved everything about it, I felt I had the perfect balance of spending quality time with my friends and family and I was happy throughout. I can’t wait to see what this month brings!
What was your June highlight? What are you hopes for July? Let me know in the comments below.
Thank you all for reading,


  1. Girl you’ve been doing so much this summer! I love how much time you spend with your family, I think its so sweet- and I love how highly you speak of Nan, it melts my heart ❤ Thorpe Park looked so fun, I'm eagerly wanting to hit up the amusement park here, I need speed and roller coasters in my life. I haven't gone since Universal Studios back in Dec so it's about that time again 🙂 I cant wait to see the goodies you bought, you always buy the best things!!!! I'm still dreaming of those Burberry boots 🙂

    xo, JJ


    1. Thank you beaut! Ah I love family time, it means the world to me, aw thank you hun!!Ah amusement parks are just so fun aren’t they??? There’s nothing quite like a rollercoaster, they’re so exciting. Are there a lot of amusement parks in America? Like is there one in every state? I was thinking about this the other day, like is there one in Texas because I just can’t imagine it lol? Oh yeah it’s definitely time for you to go to one, that’s like half a year without one omg! Aw thank you hun, ahhh I still love them and try to wear them as much as I can even thought its Summer now, still gotta wear the boots xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. HAHA thats a good question I can’t envision one being in Texas either. Maybe they have water parks though with the heat they get down there….I would think/hope that most states have at least one somewhere that would be so sad to be deprived of an amusement park lol


      2. I was just thinking it the other day, ah maybe!!! I just think of horses and fields when I think of texas, I can’t imagine there being a big theme park or water park! It would be wouldn’t it!? Is there an amusement park in Boston?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Not right in Boston but like an 1.5 hours away we have Six Flags! And then there are a few smaller amusement parks also about an hour or so away. Theyre more in the suburbs, for space reasons I assume. I’m trying to plan a park day with Andrew and his nieces, I figured that’d be a good way to get Andrew to go haha


    1. Thank you hun! & so do you, you’re always traveling or doing something cool!! We both have busy lives 😀 Oh you do, have you never been before? It’s near Oxford I believe, the outlets are so good. I got a Jack Wills dress for £18 supposed to be £70! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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