300 Layers Of Mascara | A Look

Hello fellow bloggers!

Unless you’ve been shying away from the internet these past few months, you will have seen the craziest of crazy trends that’s been taking over Youtube and the world wide web. The 100 layers of makeup challenges.

First it was 100 layers of nail polish, then it was 100 layers of foundation, mascara, liquid lipstick… Grim.

In my opinion, the grossest of them all had to be the beautiful Jeely’s 100 layers of foundation challenge. The final result… Oh my goodness. She looked like a really greasy wax model!


The thing is, 100 layers of product is one thing, but long long long ago before this craze was even I thing, little 16 year old me was committing the ultimate sin.

I refused to leave my house without my trusted 300 layers of mascara. Yes, you read that right. 300 layers. I’m not even lying.

I was 16 years old, living in Menorca with no job, no school, nothing to be ready for. Therefore I could spend as long as I wanted each morning ‘beautifying’ myself. Looking back, I would have looked way more beautiful if I’d spent less time on my makeup. But I digged my look at the time.

I was the proud owner of 3 Miss Sporty mascaras. One Waterproof Black, one Intense Black and one Curvy Black. I’d start with the Waterproof and apply 100 layers, move onto 100 layers of the intense black to really intensify the lashes, as if the waterproof wasn’t enough, then move onto 100 layers of my favourite curvy lifting mascara to really ‘open’ my eyes and unbelievably, some days I wouldn’t stop there, I’d repeat my routine in reverse until I had 600 layers of mascara on, as if 300 wasn’t enough!!!

What on Earth was I thinking? I can’t get over how ridiculous this whole scenario was, it’s laughable. 300 hundred layers of mascara, really? There was just no need. I really spent my mornings doing that. Wow.

To make matters worse my obsession with having the perfect lashes actually caused me to have a row with my Nan. Imagine. One time she came to visit and we were out for lunch when she had the audacity to insult my eyelashes, saying they looked awful and ridiculous. You can imagine how offended I was, especially considering how long I’d spent on them! In hindsight she was 100% right, I looked utterly stupid but what can I say? I was not impressed with her remarks.

I’m sure you’re now thinking c’mon! I wanna see a picture of these lashes, how bad could they be?? Oh believe me, they were bad. Get prepared for a giggle!

300 layers of mascara, a look by me





Can ya’ll believe I’m a qualified make-up artist now? Who’d have thought it ey? But hey, in my defence I was only 16.

Here’s a photo of me and my lashes now



Much better hey?

What’s your biggest makeup mishap? Let me know in the comments below!

I hope everyone enjoyed this post, thank you all for reading.





  1. Holy crap, I did the same thing, but with eyeliner! I seriously thought a bold winged eyeliner look was the best look for school. *shivers* I thought I was slaying it! Now I just want to give my younger self a bottle of makeup remover LOL ❀


  2. 300 layers? I thought I was bad going over my lashes a few timesπŸ˜‚ Funnily enough for so many layers it’s not that bad! Normally the 100 layers of makeup videos are so gross, but this just looks a bit clumpy. Still prettyπŸ˜™ x


  3. LOL OMG!!! This post, you are too funny girlfriend!!! I’ve done my fair share of embarrassing things when I was younger too, 300 layers of mascara not being one of them hahah but still. At least you learned and don’t do that anymore. Also ew with the 100 layers of foundation. I would be so annoyed washing it all off lol Also what a complete waste of foundation.

    xo, JJ


    1. Aha thanks Hun! Lool I really don’t know what I was thinking πŸ™„ Yes thank god, it’s one or two layers these days, a massive difference! I know it’s gross isn’t it??? Omg imagine that would be like a whole bottle at least 😳 Xx

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