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Hello everybody and welcome to my first ever outfit of the day. Almost two years into blogging and can you believe I’ve never done one of these before? I’m excited and already looking forward to doing more, so keep your eyes peeled because I’m sure the next couple of weeks will feature quite a few.

Todays post features my look from Sunday, which was a day consisting of lots of walking as I went to feed the ducks in the morning with my parents, then later on my Mum and I went for a separate walk around Teardrop Lakes. We’d never walked round Teardrop Lakes before so it was nice to see somewhere new, the lakes were very pretty with lots of nature and cute lil’ ducks. Quack quack! The walk was very short, lasting just around half an hour although we did miss a part of the lake because we didn’t know where we were going. Next time, it might take a little while longer.

The weather for the day was nice and sunny but not too hot. I opted to wear shorts and a t-shirt and kept my accessories to a minimum.



Hoop Earrings – Accesorize

Choker – Boots


T-shirt – Kate Spade

Shorts – Sainsburys

Sliders – Primark

Handbag – Accesorize

Isn’t my t-shirt the cutest? From the moment I saw it I knew I had to have it as anyone who knows me knows that I simply love bananas. They are a superfood and I have to eat at least one every day, so anything with a banana themed design I just love. I’m not usually a t-shirt kinda gal but I really like this one, it looks great tucked into a pair of shorts or tied up at the waist and I love that its a fun and quirky design whilst still being understated.

I found the shorts when my mum and I stopped off at Sainsburys quickly to find her a bikini so she could come swimming with me that day. I wasn’t intending to buy anything but when I saw these I instantly loved them. I tried them on and voila! next thing I’d bought them. I definitely prefer a cotton or chiffon type of short to a denim short, as I know my blogging twin Jenny will agree, they are just so much more comfy but with these ones from Sainsburys you get the best of both worlds. They have all the fun Summery style of a denim short but because they are a stretchy material they’re still super comfy and light to wear. Sometimes supermarkets can be the best places to go for clothing, they’re full of hidden treasures and the win/win is that since they’re not the typical place to go for clothes, you don’t tend to see anyone else wearing the same as you.

What’s your favourite piece from this look? What’s been your best supermarket clothing find? Let me know in the comments below!

I hope everyone enjoyed my first ever outfit of the day, like I already said, I can’t wait to do more.

Thank you for reading,






  1. Yasss!!! Keep the OOTDs coming!! I’m trying to plan some more…BUT it’s just so hot right now! I haven’t even worn makeup in at least two weeks. The heat just makes me feel unmotivated and lazy and dehydrated LMAO


    1. Thank you hun. They’re so much fun to do right? Oh really? Gosh two weeks is a looong time but when its hot makeup can be so uncomfy!! Send the sun over to the UK please if you’ve had enough? We are in desperate need lol although the weathers okay today to be fair x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Outfit on pointttt!!! I’m also a banana lover and would totally rock this entire outfit as well. Matter of fact, send it on over to me girlfriend!!! I love those shorts, the denim with the tie scrunch around the waist- cute and flattering at the same time!!! #PrettyGirl ❤

    xo, JJ


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