A Weekend In Oulton Broad

Hello everybody!

As some of you may know, I was unable to go on my planned family holiday to Italy this month due to my Dad needing an operation and the fact he could have been called into hospital at any moment meant we just couldn’t take the chance to head abroad only to have to come back one day later. We’ve decided to postpone our trip until this time next year (which we’ve already started planning) but for now we’ve decided to make the best of our time off work and do stuff here at home in the UK.

Knowing for definite that my Dad wouldn’t get called into the hospital on a Saturday or Sunday, this past weekend we decided to venture up to Lowestoft, Suffolk for a weekend of exploring and quality time together.

A journey which should only take around 2.5 hours ended up taking almost 4, because somehow we got lost along the way although it didn’t actually feel like it took that long, so all’s well that ends well.

Our first port of call when we arrived was the beach. We weren’t due to check into our hotel until later on in the evening, so we grabbed some chips from a little café on the pier named SCOTTS. The chips here were absolutely scrumptious, perfectly soft and not too greasy. YUM.

We then headed into the amusements to play some arcade basketball. We used to play this all the time in Menorca and I forgot how good my Dad is. He obviously won, I came second and Mum came third.

After some fun and games it was time to head to our accomodation and check in. We stayed in a chalet which wasn’t the best, we were very surprised to arrive and discover there was no bedding considering we weren’t alerted beforehand that it was bring your own – seriously, is that even a thing??? I mean, I’ve stayed in hotels way cheaper which also happen to be way, way nicer. Safe to say we won’t be staying there again.

As quick as we’d checked in, we’d left the chalet to head out for dinner. We ventured over to Oulton Broad, a beautiful town in Lowestoft situated right by the lake, also known as the Oulton Broad. We discovered an absolutely gorgeous restaurant named The Wherry which is also a hotel, where we will definitely be staying next time we visit.

To start off the evening we sat and had some drinks on the terraced/ outside area of the restaurant. From here we had beautiful views of the water and boats, and it felt like true paradise enjoying the beautiful sunny eve with my parents. I enjoyed a starter of mozzarella dippers before it was time for our main meal. The Wherry has a variety of different meals on its menu, all of which sound absolutely delicious. I was in the mood for something hot, so I decided to go for the tasty carvery option. My Mum joined me with this and Dad decided to go for the roast chicken meal. So basically, we all pretty much had a roast dinner.


I have to say, this is probably the best carvery I have ever experienced. All of the food was fresh and appetising, and I was pleasantly surprised to see they had broccoli with the veg. I’ve never been to a carvery which has broccoli before. They also had mini sausages available at no extra cost which was another thing which really impressed me. Normally if you want sausages at a carvery you have to upgrade your plate! The food tasted delicious and I really enjoyed my meal. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

The beautiful views of Oulton Broad from The Wherry. A beautiful setting for food, drink and quality time with your loved ones.

Seeing all the beautiful boats really reminded me just how much I love them. When I was younger I used to have a little savings pot which I would call ‘the boat fund’. I probably ended up spending all the money on sweets since I was just a kid, but gosh I would still love to own a boat one day.

Which one should I buy?

To round up the evening my family and I headed back to our hotel resort, where we headed to the bar for some live entertainment. We watched a performance by Amethyst, a magic act which was truly incredible. I was genuinely in awe at some of their tricks and every time I tried to think of a solution as to how they performed something, I was proven wrong and truly stumped for an answer. Their tricks were some next level sorcery, I swear.

The next day, my parents and I headed back to Oulton Broad because we wanted to hire out a lil’ day boat. We grabbed some breakfast at a café by the lake then headed to our boat. Isn’t it funny how pretty much everywhere in the UK is obsessed with Only Fools and Horses? I’m sure wherever I go, there’s always something OFAH related and it was no different in the Oulton Broads, as the day boats were named after characters from the show.

The boat we hired was named after Uncle Albert.


When we first got on the boat I can’t lie, I was nervous. Since it’s a self drive boat we would be venturing out into the waters all by ourselves. I was panicking having visions of all sorts – breaking down, crashing the boat, becoming stranded etc. My Dad has driven a boat before but even so, I couldn’t help but freak out a little.

Turns out though I had nothing to worry about. The boat was super easy to drive and the waters were busy-ish, so had anything have gone wrong we wouldn’t be completely alone. I even had a go at driving the boat myself which was so much fun. I never knew I would enjoy it so much but I felt so cool! I actually drove for most of the journey, although I made sure Mum had a chance to have a go too.

Mum was a natural at the driving however I may or may not have got a little too complacent with mine, since I actually got beeped by a fellow boat! I didn’t realise that whilst I was busy steering and drifting off over to the other side of the lake, another boat (much larger than our day one) was coming right up behind us! Oops. Funny though, Mum said they probably call us day boat w*nkers. Like when they say bus w*nkers in The Inbetweeners. She’s funny.

My parents and I had so much fun on our little boat trip and I really enjoyed doing something different with them, admiring the views of Oulton Broad and driving the boat around the pretty waters.

For the rest of the day we headed back to SCOTTS café on the pier for some more chips, we took a stroll around the shops where I treated myself to this amazing passport holder and this super cute ornament which says ‘Be the reason someone smiles today’.

We finished off the day at The Commodore, another restaurant situated by the water with more beautiful views. We grabbed a margarita pizza to share which was actually one of the nicest pizzas I’ve ever had, I’d go back just for that. We had a couple of drinks before it was time to say goodbye to Oulton Broad and set off on the journey back home.

I had the loveliest weekend away with my parents, it was so amazing to spend some special, quality time with them in the gorgeous Oulton Broad, a beautiful place with stunning views, delicious restaurants, cute and quirky shops and not to forget all the fun water activities.

I will definitely be back!

Have you ever been to Oulton Broad? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. This sounds like an amazing trip – but what chalet doesn’t have bedding?? How is that even a thing? And why wouldn’t they warn you in advance?! That carvery looks delicious! I hope your dad’s operation goes well lovely x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was so lovely! Omg I know, literally so weird! It had duvets and stuff but no sheets, so gross. We weren’t impressed! I know, I went back through to check my emails to see if I’d missed something but nope, there was no warning in advance 😂 Luckily we were only there one night. It was yummy! Thank you Hun 💕 Xx


  2. I love that you do so many activities with your parents! 😀
    And at least you still got to have a little bit of fun even if it wasn’t italy 🙂 it’s the little moments that count! 😉


  3. I love that you’re such a well rounded family girl!!! I think it’s so sweet how much time you spend with them ❤ I loveee your BAE WATCH bathingsuit….or is it just a top? Either way I love it and want it!! Your roasted chicken meal omgggg gimme that. The gravy, I seriously will drown all my food in gravy whenever available lol

    xo, JJ


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