Hello October

Hello October, and hello Blogosphere!

Since I returned from Florida over a week ago now, I have seriously been slacking with the blog. I’m not sure what’s been the problem but I’ve had a serious lack of motivation to do anything. I think knowing that I had so much to do with regards Florida blog posts including about 1000 different hauls I just thought woah, this is too much and decided to do nothing instead. Sometimes the more you have to do, the less you want to do anything.

I’ve also been feeling a little under the weather and a little stressed, so that’s another reason why I haven’t been blogging. You know when your thoughts just seem to cloud over everything and your heads like ah, I need a break! Well, that’s basically how I’ve been feeling.

On top of this I’ve been so busy since being home. Pretty much as soon as I landed I was all go. I landed on the Friday, went out with the girls on Saturday, then Monday I had to go to London for a work conference. I had the day off on Thursday which I intended to spend blogging however like I previously said, I felt so ill I didn’t want to do anything.

Having said this I’m feeling so much better now in terms of everything, I’m feeling more relaxed and happy, I’m healthy and I’m motivated to get back into blogging. I can’t wait to get writing but first, it’s time to catch up on what I’ve missed from everyone else’s blogs.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. You’re not alone on this I can tell you this because I’ve not posted in ages but I have a loads of ideas 😞,I seriously hope October will be better


  2. Jennie, I totally get you. When I came back from Italy, I had so much inspiration but so less motivation. I still haven’t done my Italy/Sephora haul and I think I’m not going to do that at all! Sad to hear that you weren’t feeling so well about blogging. Hope the motivation will come back soon in October. xoxo


    1. It must be the holiday blues!! Ohh I know, I need to do a Sephora haul but I haven’t got round to taking the photos yet and I’ve already started using the makeup. I’ll just have to see. Sometimes we have those down days! Thank you lovely x

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