September In Instagrams

Hello everybody.

Today it’s time for my September in Instagram’s, where I will be sharing with you all of my favourite posts I shared last month over on my Insta.

My first Insta of September! I love this photo, I swear fairy lights can make every picture a 10/10. You could photograph a bin bag but put some fairy lights with it and it will look like a masterpiece. Anyway, I shared this photo 1) because I love it and 2) to promote my shopaholic Sunday blog post. In that post I said I liked the Daddy-O shampoo but didn’t think it was any more special than other purple shampoos however my mind has now changed and I actually love it. If you just leave it in a little longer, maybe for around 5 minutes, rather than washing it straight out then it makes the world of difference. I will definitely be buying this again!
I was feeling sassy, so I wanted to post a sassy selfie you know!? Sometimes it’s just gotta be done.
And so the Florida photos begin! Hello Hogwarts!
The standard Universal photo. I miss this globe sooo much, take me back!?
Disney ears! Although it isn’t obvious from this photo because its black and white, the lighting outside my hotel was insane so I just had to take as many selfies as I could!
Me, my bestie and Stitch! This was just before the Lilo and Stitch themed breakfast Emily and I went to. Obviously we met Stitch and we also met Lilo who I’m not gonna lie, was super creepy. I didn’t like her costume at all!
Ahaha, so this was at the Winnie the Pooh breakfast in Magic Kingdom. I got up to get my photo taken with Tiger and he decided to sit down in my place so naturally Emily took a photo and I just had to upload it with this hilarious caption. Proper banter going on over at Disney World.
Oh my gosh, I just look at this photo and wanna cry that I’m not still there. Sad times, Hogwarts I miss you so much. I love Harry Potter so much!
My last Instagram of September, hugs with Minnie Mouse. I love Minnie, she is such a little sasspot. I’m so happy I got to share this moment with her, also how cute does Emily look in the background? Happy times all round.

So that wraps up my September in Instagram’s. Can every month be filled with Disney World please? I miss it so much already. Fingers crossed I can at least go to Disney Land Paris next year! Yes please!

I hope everyone enjoyed this post,

thank you all for reading,



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11 replies on “September In Instagrams”

I’ve been dying to try the Daddy-O purple shampoo. I hear its one of the strongest (which I need) but at the same time I’ve also heard that the smell of it isn’t great or it really drys out the hair or that it’s too strong of a purple lol the reviews are so mixed and it doesn’t help with me deciding whether to get it or not. I use Bed Head’s Purple shampoo and loveeee it but I’m definitely willing to try others!

xo, JJ


I remember you mentioning it before! I actually really like the smell and take it from me, I can be quite fussy so I feel if I like the smell then you will too!? I could be wrong because we all have different senses but I didn’t think it was too bad. God knows the best thing I can describe it as is Earthy but I remember when I first bought it I was pleasantly surprised! I haven’t noticed whether my hairs dryed out because of it to be honest, it just feels the same as normal so that I can’t comment on! The sales lady told me not to leave it on for too long when I bought it because it can turn your hair purple, she said to wash it straight out but I found that didn’t help tone my hair at all so I started leaving it on for around just under five minutes and that’s when I started noticing a positive difference to my hair, not purple at all! Give it a try Hun, I would definitely buy it again! I know you’ve written about bed heads purple shampoo in your favourites before right? So I definitely want to try that one too. X

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Yeah a lot of the reviews were like “its so strong it turns hair purple” so naturally I get scared but at the same time, gosh darn, it must work if its that strong! I think I need it lol Next trip to lush I might try the smaller bottle so I can test it out. Thanks for your opinion ❤


Yes honestly, don’t be scared! I thought the same after what I was told so would wash it straight off thinking its useless like my hair did not look toned at all. So I just thought I’d take the risk and leave it in a while longer and it was amazing. Yes good idea, try out a smaller bottle and see how you get on!! You’re welcome x

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I love these posts so much!!! 😀 I would love to visit Disney & Universal in Orlando, so if I ever make it out that way, I’ll definitely have to go there. I loveed the Harry Potter photos!! Some of my fave! And the photo with stitch! I love him! LOL


Thank you Hun! I really hope you get the opportunity to go! It’s amazing there so I would definitely recommend. Harry Potter World was just amazing, whenever I look at the photos I just wish I was still there! Haha Stitch is too cute 😍😍

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