LUSH Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb Review

Lord Of Misrule, what a bath bomb! I’m well aware I’m a little late to the party here since Lord Of Misrule has been a popular LUSH Halloween product for quite a long time, however until now I had actually never tried it before. I know, I’ve been missing out.

I have to admit upon purchasing this bath bomb I really wasn’t sure what to expect, I just knew I was buying a well loved product but whatever my expectations were, they were exceeded by miles.

A gorgeous green sphere of a bath bomb, Lord of Misrule stands out amongst other LUSH products because of its unique and bold colour. It’s instantly eye catching and very Halloween, the green shade immediately makes me think of monsters!

The scent of this bath bomb is deliciously perfect, a spicy, musky smell which once placed in the water remained and lasted the duration of my bath without being overpowering.

I found Lord of Misrule took quite a while to dissolve whilst in the water, like a masterpiece taking its time to release all of its beautiful colours and shades. As the gorgeous green shade of the bomb dissolved into the water, creating an effect like Halloween slime soon followed by a vibrant hot pink, which for me was the highlight of the bath bomb. Anyone who knows me will know my favourite colour is pink, so it’s no wonder I simply love this bath bomb.

The gorgeous green and vibrant pink colours mix together beautifully as the bath bomb dissolves eventually coming together to create the most gorgeous deep burgundy shade, similar to a deep wine colour which is just perfect for Halloween season and an absolute dream to bathe in.

Overall I am so impressed with Lord Of Misrule and totally jumping on board the hype. With its cool name, musky scent and the exciting release of beautiful colours this is the most perfect bath bomb for Halloween.

I would definitely recommend Lord Of Misrule to anyone looking for a vibrant and beautiful Halloween bath bomb. It’s definitely one of my favourite LUSH Halloween products I’ve used this year and I will 100% be buying it again before the seasons out (roll on payday).

Have you used Lord Of Misrule before? Would you like to try it? Let me know in the comments below!

You can purchase Lord Of Misrule in any LUSH store or online for Β£3.95.

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    1. Oh no! That sucks I would struggle because I love LUSH so much! Yes totally, ordering online isn’t the same as going in store and seeing everything for real! πŸ˜’ Maybe order a few bits and just try your luck! X


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