Weekend Highlights | Christmas Night Out, London Day Trippin’ & Bicester Village

Hello everyone!

Phew, what a weekend. Well, I say weekend, but it’s now Tuesday evening so we’ve kind of passed the weekend, but I’ve just been having so much festive fun these past few days I want to write about it all.

My weekend started at 6pm on Saturday when I finally finished work after a long, exhausting day of just wanting to go home. Last week I was really poorly with an ear infection and I was still feeling pretty rough come the weekend, but as the works Christmas do was Saturday night I couldn’t exactly phone in sick!

Once I arrived home from work I was adamant I wasn’t going out and absolutely devastated because I’d been looking forward to this night for so long, but I was in such excruciating pain. It’s actually mad how an ear infection sounds so trivial but is actually unbelievably painful, I’ve never known anything like it. Anyway, after an hour or two I’d settled down a little and the painkillers had started to kick in so I decided I would attempt going out, after all if I felt unwell I could always come home. Thankfully however, I lasted the whole evening virtually pain free (I think the alcohol may have helped to numb the pain) and really enjoyed my night. It was great to get together with all of the work gang and spend time with people I don’t always socialise with outside of work.



Despite a slight hangover, the following day Sunday Funday was well underway as myself, Atlanta, Emma & Bradley ventured down to London for a day of shopping, sightseeing and general activity. We visited Camden first, where I got my favourite ever street food, salt and pepper chicken. Guys seriously this is my favourite food in the world, it’s too delicious and I’ve been craving it for the past 48 hours. Hellllp.


I can’t stop thinking about that chicken. All the heart eyes.

After eating we headed over to Covent Garden where Bradley bought some makeup in the amazing Kryolan store. Being in this shop made me fall in love with makeup all over again as everything they sell is amazing, from the glitters to the prosthetics, it made me want to relive my college days!

We then moved onto Oxford Street, one of my favourite places in the world because the shopping is just a dream. From Burberry to LUSH to Primark to Bershka to Inglot, Oxford Street has every shop you could wish for. Love that. Not to mention the amazing Topshop which has a little Prosecco bar set up inside! What? How cool! With so much shopping going on, a glass of bubbly is exactly what a gal needs to relax mid-spree.

To finish the day, Emma and I really wanted to go to Winter Wonderland so whilst Brad & Atlanta headed back home we decided to stay on for a little while in the hopes of fulfilling our Christmassy dreams. Well, we got totally lost didn’t we?! Somehow instead of finding ourselves at Winter Wonderland our little feet had taken us all the way to Buckingham Palace instead. I was so excited because Buckingham Palace is one of my favourite places in the world. I love the Royal family and find everything about the monarchy so fascinating, and what with the big news about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle getting engaged, I’ve had full on royal fever for the past week.


Following the excitement of a day in London, Monday was a lot more chilled with the highlight being a relaxing bath using LUSH’s Plum Snow bubble bar.

Although it was back to work today, the fun still continued as afterwards Emily, Chantal, Daisy and I headed to the beautiful Bicester Village for a cute little Christmassy evening. I treated myself to a gorgeous new scarf from Jack Wills, Emily bought some new Timberland shoes, Daisy bought a little headwarmer and Chantal bought a Pandora charm, so I’d say we were all pretty successful. We finished off the evening with hot chocolates at Pret and a lot of singing to Christmas music on the car journey home.

Now I’m home, in bed and soooo ready to sleep! I am so tired. It’s been a busy few days, but I’ve had so much fun and made lots of fantastic memories, I can’t wait for more to come!

What did you get up to at the weekend? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. I love how you went out to different spots in London. It’s actually one of the places I’d love to visit in the future if possible. This isn’t the first time I hear about Oxford Street and I’d love to go there too even if I don’t shop at all haha


    1. I love London!!! I hope you get the chance to visit, it’s an amazing lively city with so much to see and do! Haha even if you don’t spend any money you can window shop! And there’s so much to look at / do like the prosecco in topshop! X

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aaw are you feeling better? I had the worst ear infection a few years back. It spread to the back of my skull and jaw, so I ended up in hospital😩 It was awful. I love Camden’s food markets. I go for noodles or falafel wraps there. I need to go Bicester Village😊 x


    1. I am thank you! Finally feeling myself again! Oh no how awful, what was wrong? 😫 I was in so much pain so god knows how bad yours just have been! Yes the food markets are the best! Ahh love noodles! Have you tried the halloumi fries? You do, I’m surprised you haven’t been already. It’s so good there 🙂 X


      1. Aaw good. I can’t remember but the infection from my ear just started to spread. They was worried as the back of my skull was infected. I was off work for like 5 weeks! Noooo! Still not tried halloumi fries. There’s a few food places we want to visit there. I know! My partner has suggested it before but we’ve still not been. We have to at some point x


      2. Oh no, bless you! Imagine, how awful 😦 Oh my gosh- 5 weeks!? Wtf! Were you in pain for the whole five weeks too? Ohh I have to say I’m not the biggest fan of Halloumi fries but I tried my friends in Camden and they were actually pretty tasty! Yes theres so many places in Camden to eat, where do you want to try? You do for sure, its so nice at Christmas time if you can squeeze in a visit x


      3. I was😔 I lost my hearing in both ears so it was just 5 weeks of hell. I want to try the cheese wheel, halloumi fries and I think there was a few other places but I can’t remember what🙈😂 Yes hopefully I can! I’m away part of Dec but if I can fit in a visit this month I will😊 x


      4. Oh gosh how awful, you must have been so unhappy 😦 haha definitly try the halloumi fries! There’s so many places to try! Away again!!? Where are you off to next!? 😀 Hopefully you can, if not there’s always next year! X


      5. I was! It was a relief to hear again and feel better. Definitely. Me and my bf will have to pop there when we can. I want to try all the food😊 haha just UK breaks. We go away next weekend and then for a week at Xmas. True! January is usually quieter for me, I could go then😊 x


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