Christmas DVD Haul 2017

Hello everyone!

With the festive season in full swing and Christmas Day fast approaching I’m sure one thing we can all agree on is that you just can’t beat a Christmas film at this time of year. With a good festive film on the go, I really feel like I’m embracing the spirit of the season as I lounge in my festive jumper, drink hot chocolate and munch on chocolate coins.

As a Christmas movie lover I’ve gone all out this year and treated myself to not one, not two, not three but ten Christmas DVD’s.

To start off my Christmas movie haul, I purchased the Home Alone box set which features all four of the movies. This boxset was on offer for £4.99 with any other purchase from HMV so as I was buying anyway, I thought I may as well add this collection to the pile. The Home Alone films are definitely some of the best Christmas films out there, and I’m looking forward to watching closer to December 25th.

The first Christmas film I watched this year is The Holiday which is one of my all time favourite Christmas films. I did previously own this on DVD but I had to repurchase as I lost my original copy, oops. I love this film because it’s so romantic and heart-warming and for sure one of the best Christmas movies.

imageIt’s A Wonderful Life is a Christmas film I’ve never seen before but I’ve heard that it’s an amazing, meaningful film with an important message behind it, that all of us play a role in other peoples lives, we all make a difference. I’m really looking forward to watching this.

imageMy friend Emily recommended the film Christmas Vacation to me when we were out shopping so I thought okay, I’ll give it a go. After we saw Daddy’s Home 2, Emily told me this film was of a similar humour so I’m really happy I bought it. I think this will be a great film to watch with all the family before Christmas day.

imageJack Frost is one of those Christmas movies that I’ve seen parts of, but never the whole thing so this year I decided to buy it so I could watch in full. I really don’t know too much about this film other than that it’s about a snowman which comes to life, so I’m interested to see what the story entails.

imageI’ve not seen Miracle On 34th Street in years but it’s a film I used to love back in the day, so of course I had to buy it on DVD. I’m so looking forward to watching it!

imageThe last Christmas movie I treated myself to is the hilarious A Christmas Story, which unfortunately I don’t have a photo of because I’ve managed to misplace my copy, it’s somewhere in my room but I’m not sure where exactly, oops! Anyway, I hope I find it soon because this film is one of the funniest Christmas movies I’ve seen and I reallllly want to watch it before Christmas.

Photo credit goes to Google.

I’m so looking forward to watching these films so I can really get into the Christmas spirit. I’m looking forward to watching Home Alone and Miracle On 34th Street the most. What’s your favourite Christmas movie? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,





  1. I’ve only seen the first two Home Alone, then I got kind of bored with the rest because I felt like they were a little redundant? LOL
    Lots of people talk about Christmas Vacation being a really good movie but I’ve never seen or heard of it until this month hahaha


    1. I must admit, I’ve only seen the first two Home Alones! I couldn’t get used to the character change, its not the same without Kevin! I think I’ll give them a watch but I won’t hold my expectations too high now! Yeah I’d never heard of it before either, I’ll watch it soon and let you know what I think!

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  2. Home alone is a family favorite, every Christmas we all gather and binge watch all of them ,another of my personal fave is Jack Frost ,The Christmas Carol ,I’ll definitely give the others a trial ,as I am a sucker for a good Christmas movie😄

    Liked by 1 person

  3. They are classic Christmas films! I’m looking forward to watching Jack Fros. I’ve not seen the Christmas carol! Do it! You can’t beat a Christmas film. Have u seen A Christmas prince on Netflix?


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