Weekend Highlights | A Night Out In Northampton & All Of The Food

Hey everyone!!!

It’s Monday again which means two things, 1) it’s back to work for me tomorrow and 2) it’s weekend highlights time! This past weekend has been a busy one with lots of exercise, plenty of food, family time and a night out with my friends. Let’s recap…


Friday night was gym night for me and I always find it funny how lately most of my Friday nights have been spent at the gym, when everyone else is out partying thinking TGIF, I’m there slaving away on the treadmill. My gym is located right next to a ton of bars so it always feels odd to me on a Friday evening when I’m leaving in my leggings, trainers and baggy t-shirts, waiting for my taxi whilst I’m surrounded by all the glitz and glam of the guys ‘n’ dolls who are out to party! Still, this Friday I went to the gym with Felicia and it’s been a couple of weeks since we’d been together so it made sense to keep my evening free to work out with my gym buddy. We worked out on the treadmill and did weights together and hello, Felicia should be a Personal Trainer because my girl was not letting me give up so easily with those ab workouts. I’m thankful that she encouraged me to keep going because my abs were aching for the next couple of days and you know what they say, no pain no gain. Although Atlanta got picked up a little earlier than me, I stayed at the gym for around an hour and finished off my session with some cardio.

After a good lil’ gym sesh, I spent the evening with my parents watching TV and doing some of my Harry Potter puzzle. I only recently got into puzzling and I am loving it! I can’t wait to do more but first, we have to complete this one! It’s hard but easy at the same time and I love it so much because it’s Harry Potter.



On Saturday night it was finally time for my belated birthday celebration with the work wives and I finally got to tick ‘a night out in Northampton’ off my bucket list. I’ve always wanted to go out in Northampton because it’s one of the closest places to go for a night out that isn’t Milton Keynes (where I live). It’s always nice to go somewhere different and virtually everyone I know has been yet for some reason I’ve never gotten round to going, until this weekend that is. My friend Emma actually lives in Northampton so for my birthday she invited myself and Atlanta over to stay at her house, so we could go out out in North. We all had work on Saturday so once we had finished slaving we got the train to Emma’s house and started on some pre drinks. Of course we made sure to eat some dinner and Emma cooked us a delicious meal of pesto pasta with bacon and garlic bread. Gosh, it was so tasty I’m craving it again already. As we were hanging out at Emma’s house the girls presented me with an amazing birthday present which had me feeling overwhelmed as despite the fact they’d already given me a pressie on my actual birthday, they really got me another! I was gifted with a Prosecco Pong game which was not only super thoughtful of them because they knew I wanted this, but it was also so very generous of them because they really didn’t have to buy me another gift! I am truly thankful to the girls for their kindness. Naturally we had to put my present to good use so before going out we played a couple of games of Prosecco Pong. When I played against Atlanta I won but Emma completely thrashed me when it was our turn to ‘compete’. We also played a card game called ‘higher or lower’ which I thought was really fun and then after a few drinks it was time to hit the town. Amazingly I didn’t actually get any pictures when we were out but who needs photos when you’ve got memories right? Our first stop was Old Bank, a bar/ casual nightclub where we had a little dance and then Atlanta got picked up because she was feeling poorly (send her alllll the well wishes please guys). Emma and I stayed for a little while then continued on to a couple of other clubs including Retro, Fever and NB’s. NB’s is one of the clubs that people who go out in Northampton talk about so I’m happy I got to experience it, if only for a short amount of time because Emma got a little too drunk and ended up needing food way sooner than we were intending to call it a night but it’s fine, I’m always ready for a McDonalds. A night out isn’t a night out if you don’t end it with a good dose of food and I very much enjoyed my nuggets and double cheeseburger. I am so happy that I can finally say I’ve been out in Northampton and I had a lovely, fun evening with two of my favourites. Now when’s our next night out?


On Sunday I was thankful to wake up with no hangover! Although I didn’t really get drunk on Saturday I still had my fair share to drink so I was pleasantly surprised with how fresh I felt. Emma and I had a little chat about the night out before grabbing some breakfast and I had the pleasure of trying my first ever pop-tart which was so exciting. I had a Strawberry Sensation pop-tart and it’s safe to say that I was not disappointed. Oooh it was delicious and a real treat, I would definitely purchase these in the future and I would love to try the chocolate ones too.


After breakfast Emma and her Dad drove me to the train station where I got the bus back into Milton Keynes and from there I managed to drag myself to the gym. As much as I was tempted to go straight home from the station I knew I’d feel so good about myself if I went and worked out. I had a good hour long session doing cardio and then my Mum came to pick me up.


Once home I had a shower and then my Mum and I decided to take a walk down to the pub to meet my Dad and sister. Although the day had started off really sunny whilst we were walking it actually started snowing… say what? I was so cold but it was worth freezing my butt off because my step count for the day finished on 9,133, not too bad. At the pub I demolished all the treats, I ordered a luxury hot chocolate with delicious whipped cream and then I couldn’t resist the temptation of a side portion of Mac and Cheese. Oh my it was so amazing!!!! I am glad I treated myself.

After a couple of hours it was time to head home to relax. I chilled with my Mum and Dad watching Dancing On Ice and of course had a little cry at Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy / birth announcement video. Wasn’t it just the cutest?!?! I am so happy for Kylie!


Today has been pretty chilled out really, I’ve read some of my book, wrote in my gratitude journal, taken a bath and worked on my blog. This evening will be spent at home with my parents and I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with them.

I have had such a lovely weekend and I am so thankful to my work wives for being such amazing friends and coming out to celebrate my birthday with me! I’m also thankful for food, because the Mac and Cheese, McDonalds and Pop-tarts I treated myself to were all so glorious!

How did you spend your weekend?? What’s your favourite pop-tart flavour? Let me know in the comments below!

I hope everyone has an amazing week, thank you all for reading,





  1. You really had a fun weekend,couldn’t stop drooling over the ice cream ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜,now I want one…loved reading posts about your weekend ,might consider doing one myself


  2. I haven’t partied in years though I think I’d love to spend my friday night at a gym instead haha
    I’ve always loved puzzles, I have three I think but they’re all over 500 pieces, one is 1000 and the other 3000? I think, I have to double check. I can’t build my puzzles since Ciel will just lose the pieces lol ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but anyway, how big is yours?? I love that it’s HP, I can’t wait to see it finished ๐Ÿ˜€
    Pesto pasta with bacon and garlic bread, omg yum! sounds delicious. though I don’t believe I’ve ever had pesto…?
    omg the mac n cheese and hot chocolate!! whaaaa?! that looks so delicious!!!
    i haven’t had pop-tarts in a while though, so idk what my favorite flavor is LMAO
    anyway, i’m so glad that you had a wonderful weekend and that you treated yourself!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ that sounded like so much fun just hanging with the girls (I don’t have friends so your night out sounds fab, lol)
    have a great week love!!!


    1. Girl do it! Friday nights the best time to gym because it’s normally so quiet, there’s a chance to get on all the machines & weights then. Wow a puzzle with 3000 pieces? That’s a looooot. You’ll have to get a really high table which Ciel can’t reach, then you can do your puzzles ๐Ÿ™‚ My puzzle has 1000 pieces so a good amount, enough for a challenge but not too hard. I honestly think I’d struggle with a 3000 piece puzzle… I need to get some practice in first before I even attempt that. Oh my gosh- you’ve never had pesto?? It’s delicious, I have it virtually every day. Let me send you a photo of it over insta then you can see what it looks like, maybe in the US it’s called something different! Yes, the mac and cheese was amazing!! Thank you so much hun!! It was wonderful to spend time with my friends. & you have your beautiful family and neighbours to spend your weekends with. I hope you’ve had an amazing weekend lovely, thank you so much for your comment xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The gym is so expensive but I do have a few weights at home ๐Ÿ™‚ I really want to get back into the groove of things cause lately I haven’t been doing so well :/
        Yeah, I’ve heard of pesto and have seen it in a few menus, but I’ve never had it. I may have to try it someday even at home ๐Ÿ™‚
        I may end up making broccoli mac and cheese today, I’m excited! LOL

        Have a great week love!


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