How scary is it to realise that you’ve actually lost someone through no fault but your own. When you look back on how things could have been had you have done things differently but it’s too late now because you didn’t do things differently. We can’t dwell on the past because what’s meant to be will be, what’s meant to have been will have been. Everything happens for a reason and some things are nothing more than lessons learnt. Maybe if I’d have known then what I know now things would have worked out differently but that still doesn’t mean they’d have worked out for the best. I still could have lost that person even if I’d done everything perfectly. If someone’s meant to be in your life they will be, if not they won’t be. Simple as. So there’s no point dwelling on the what if’s and I shoulda done this because I truly believe that what’s meant to be will be and anyone who’s meant to be in my life, will always find their way back. The Universe knows what it’s doing and even though this ‘loss’ might hurt now, it won’t forever, there’s light at the end of the tunnel!


  1. So much yess to this post! I often find myself dwelling on all those “what if’s” but you’re completely right. Some people are simply not meant to stick around for the long haul even if everything goes right. I’ve lost a few friends along the way and have wondered if maybe I’ve made a mistake but this is a perfect reminder that I should trust the universe. If they are meant to be in my life, they’ll find a way. ❤️
    Anyway, I hope you are doing well girl! Keep your head up! ❤️❤️


    1. I think we are all so guilty of dwelling on things and letting it get to us but really what is the point!? It only makes us sad! Exactly!!! Yes 100%! People always find their way back to where they are meant to be 🙂 thanks lovely! It means a lot- the same to you xxx

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  2. Firstly huge hugs. Secondly, girl yes to everything especially the ending of this post. While yes we all make mistakes, I think, especially in relationships, the test of strength and love comes when that person overlooks or helps us through those mistakes, instead of just running away. None of us are perfect, we are imperfect humans and we need to find people in our lives who love us despite our flaws. I agree with you completely, we will find those people. You are so wise and strong, and incredibly beautiful inside and out and you deserve to have people in your life who recognize that. So much love to you beauty! ❤

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    1. Thank you hun!! That is so true, I like the way you have of looking at this. That nobody is perfect so even whilst we make mistakes, we need to be with someone who isn’t going to run every time we mess up because like you say, nobody is perfect. Thank you so much, your comment means the absolute world to me and just continuously inspires me to be a better me! lots of love thank youuu xx


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