May Reflections ’18

Heya babes!

Wow. What a month May was. I’ve said it before but although this year is flying by and I just can’t believe we’re in June already, May did seem to last a while. As in, when I look back to the start of the month, it seems like such a long time ago when in reality it’s only been a few weeks. So the month didn’t seem to pass too rapidly. But in general the year is flying.

May was a super fun month. May always tends to be a good month for me each year. I think it’s because the sun finally starts to make a proper appearance, I know Summer is just around the corner and I begin to get excited for all the good times ahead. May just generally seems to be a fun month for me.

The month started with a couple of really fun nights out, plus a little friendship reunion with my girl Hannah. I’m so happy because now Hannah is officially back from Uni Emily and I have been seeing her more and more and it’s just so great to have my girl back. I’ve been friends with Hannah since school, she’s loyal, funny and caring and I’m so thankful to have her friendship. Last month I was blessed to see Hannah a couple of times which was just lovely, and I look forward to seeing her more this month.


As I said, I started the month with a couple of fab nights out. One with Emily and her work friends which was honestly so much fun and another with my work princesses. Both nights were so enjoyable, fun and exciting and I had a fab time with my friends. I am blessed to have such incredible people in my life.

Other than the two clubbing nights at the beginning of the month the rest of May was spent a little more calmly, with family time and quality friend time. I spent some delicious time with my family, as my brother, sister in law and nephew came to visit and we had the dreamiest day, with a BBQ outside in the gorgeous sunshine. Seeing my little nephew was such a joy, he brings so much happiness to my life and I am so thankful that we have such a great bond. I am thankful for the memories I made with him and my family that day. Family is so precious. Along with making precious memories with my nephew I spent time with my Nan, had great chats with my brother and generally just had a delightful day.

Family time continued as I took a day trip to London with my parents for a day exploring Madame Tussauds and Camden. This was another lovely sunny day and I valued spending quality time with my parents and seeing smiles on their faces. My parents happiness is of such great importance to me and all I want from life is to see them smile. I love them. It was also a pleasure to take a stroll through the beautiful Regents Park on this day, I do love London.

I la la love London like I said, so along with a day trip to LDN with my fam, I also had a lovely day in London with my best friend Emily. It was another deliciously sunny day, we went to the zoo, to Camden and to Buckingham Palace where of course I had to recreate the famous Meghan Markle picture, as it was the day after the wedding after all. I had a lovely day in London with Emily and it made me so excited for more adventures together.

Last month, just like April, I felt was another month of personal growth. In fact, I think this whole year is one of personal growth. I am learning new life lessons every week, growing stronger mentally, facing challenges and rising through them, feeling inspired, working on bettering myself as a person and aiming to spread as much love and light as possible. I’m thinking about my decisions and actions more and I feel as though I’m maturing in the best way possible. I hope I continue to grow as a person this year and continue to better myself everyday.


For ages I’ve wanted to become a vegetarian and I even experimented with it last year when I was in Florida (the worst time for me to give it a go, I lived off mac ‘n’ cheese and pizza for days). Well, in May I began thinking about my eating choices even more and I started trying more vegetarian and vegan options when going out for dinner. So although I am nowhere near the point of turning full time veggie (guys I’m such a fussy eater so it’s going to be a long process) I have been making a start. I tried vegan cheese for the first time, as I went to Bella Italia and had a full vegan meal of Pasta Pomodoro! The vegan cheese was actually alright, I have to be honest. Just a little rubbery but still with a similar cheesy taste. I’d definitely have it again. I also tried one of the vegetarian options at Nandos, where I had the beanie burger. This I wasn’t as keen on, but at least I tried it hey? Next time I will try one of their other veggie options for sure!

All in all May was a fantastic month with lots of happiness and smiles all round. There was lots of sunshine and happy days with my friends and family which I really appreciate and I’m excited to see what this month brings! I am thankful for another lovely month.

What was the highlight of your month last month? What’s your favourite vegetarian meal? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. I swear May lasted 5 minutes and it’s now a week into June! Crazy! You had such a busy month. I love all your London days out. We’re going London Zoo and Camden the weekend😊 x


  2. You certainly had an amazing month. I’m so glad that this year is treating you well and that you’re growing 😊 I hope I can look back and say the same when the year is over lol.
    And I’ve been eating less red meat, and start eating more “vegetarian” meals. Most of the time I succeed and I actually don’t think it’s extremely hard, just more like getting used to eating less meat and dairy or whatever. Cheese is really hard to give up though lol. Anyway, at restaurants I tend to go for the veggie dishes and I’ve also had a full vegan pizza once with the Daiya cheese and it was really freaking delicious. 😊

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    1. Thanks gorgeous!I’m sure you will be able to, every day is a new lesson! But you’re perfect as you are 💖 yes! I think I find it hard because my family eat a lot of meat, when I live on my own and cook for myself I will be able to experiment more for sure. Dairy will be the hardest to give up! Cheese is so delicious! Yes thats what i’m trying to do! Experiment when Im out for dinner! Omgosh that sounds amazing! 😍😍 I would love to try a vegan pizza

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