Harry Potter Studios Tour In Photos

Hi everyone!

Last Christmas, my best friend and I took a daytrip to the Harry Potter / Warner Bros Studio Tour in London where we experienced Hogwarts in the snow and enjoyed all things witchcraft and wizardry.

Naturally I wrote a blog post all about this day, but for some reason unbenknown I never actually published it. I really couldn’t tell you why but by now, halfway into 2018 it seems a little late to be sharing a blog post I wrote about a day trip I took last December.

As I got some great pictures from this day and because I’ve been to the studios tour twice now, I have a ton of pictures from both trips, so I thought why not share with you some photographs from my experience at the Harry Potter Studio tour, because who doesn’t love all things Harry Potter?

This photo was taken on my first visit to the Studios Tour, way back in 2015. There’s a green screen experience at the Studios where you can sit on a broomstick and record a video as if you’re flying through Hogwarts. There is the option for you to buy the video but I just opted to take a photo of the photo.
Another broomstick photo two years later!! From 2015-2017. This photo is not showcasing my hair in the best light, oops, look at those roots. If only there was a magic spell I could cast to do my hair for me!
Behind the scenes. On my first trip to the Studios Tour, I was lucky enough to go behind the scenes as I went with college, so we had a bit of a learning experience, learning about set design, props and more.

More from the behind the scenes experience!

Number four Privet Drive. On my first visit to the studios tour you couldn’t actually enter the house, but by my second trip last year, we were able to walk through.
Ollivanders. There’s a whole Diagon Alley section towards the end of the tour, although you can’t step inside the shops like you can in Florida it’s still very effective and gives you all the magical Harry Potter vibes.
Enemies of the heir beware. The Chamber Of Secrets has been opened!
A Gryffindor and a Slytherin. My bestie and I.
Making my way to the Hogwarts Express. This is such a cool photo op. I wish we really could run through walls and make our way to more magical places.
The Dementors are coming! We made it onto the Hogwarts Express, with some seriously scary consequences, ha ha ha.
More photo fun. I love this poster effect, it just adds a little something to the photo op.
Yule ball vibes. How beautiful is this Goblet Of Fire scene!? Harry Potter really is the gift that keeps on giving, blessing us all with such magical experiences.

Have you been to the Warner Bros Studio tour? What’s your favourite Harry Potter film? If you had a magic wand and could cast any spell, what would it be? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,



*For more things Harry Potter, please click here and here.*


  1. Omg that’s so freaking coooool!!!!!!!!!!! I love the photos of you on a broom so cute! I wonder if we have something similar here in the states and where haha


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