30 Days Of Gratitude | Day One | Scent

Hey huns!

How is everybody?

Recently, I found a 30 days of gratitude challenge on one of the Law Of Attraction facebook pages I follow and I thought it would be really fun to take part in this, but share the challenge with you here on the blog, so we can all participate. Whether that be through the comments, or you do separate posts yourselves, however we are embracing the gratitude, as long as we are being thankful then that’s the goal achieved, hey!?


Todays prompt is scent. What smell are you grateful for today? Well, this is fitting as today I spent a couple of hours walking outside in nature, so I would say one scent I am definitely thankful for is the smell of the outdoors, whether that be flowers, trees, mud, whatever, if it’s an outdoorsy type of smell then I’m happy, because I love being outside.


I also love the scent of Burberry’s Body Tender fragrance, the Roberto Cavalli fragrance, any food that smells delicious, hm, what else!? There are lots of delicious scents out there. But since those are what I can think of from the top of my head, I guess they must be my favourites. Oh, and I love the smell of petrol too. Delicious!!!!!!

What are your favourite scents? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,





  1. Smell is one of those things that i am super picky about. I love hone something smells good but hate when something smells bad. For me one of my favorite smells is the beach, and sunscreen. It takes me back to my favorite place and to childhood memories! ❤


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