Magaluf Memories | Part Two

Night two of Magaluf was a lot more calmer than the first. If I’m honest I think we were all still in the process of recovering from our adventurous night the night before.

We did our usual of pre drinking on the balcony and of course played a couple of drinking games, then it was time to head on out down to the bars. As on the previous night we thought we went out too early, we decided to leave it a little later this time and headed out around 12ish. If I’m honest, by the time we actually left the hotel room, I was ready for bed, I was feeling so tired and seriously felt so poorly having developed a severe case of the Rushkinoff cough (the cough you experience when you’ve drunk too much of the rough Rushkinoff vodka) and all I was thinking about was bed. Whilst I was having fun, I really just couldn’t wait to go home so Emily and I left a little earlier than the others and grabbed some pizza and burgers and headed back to the hotel where we quickly fell fast asleep.

The next day I stayed in bed a little longer than usual to allow myself to recover from the Rushkinoff cough, and this did me the world of good as for the rest of the day I felt so much better. Daisy, Emily and I spent a few hours down by the pool where we had so much fun splashing around. I attempted a backwards Roly Poly in the pool twice and completely failed but hey, at least I tried. Plus it was pretty hilarious, the girls were howling at my attempts.

After spending the day by the pool, it was time for night three, and the girls and I headed out to check out the main clubs. We went to Bananas and Boomerang, two clubs we remembered well from our trip before. It was crazy to be back there if I’m honest, kind of surreal really. It sounds weird but I never really go out clubbing anywhere not in the UK, so it was groovy to be revisiting a club I’d previously been abroad.

Night three was a fun one, however I was left absolutely fuming as the girls and I wanted to check out the strip club, just to say we’d been. I’ve never been to a strip club before so I thought when in Maga, it would be an experience. Well, as we headed inside we were promptly stopped by the bouncers asking us for ID. Sorry, what? Everyone knows that ID is not a requirement in Magaluf, please. Obviously none of us had our ID on us so we weren’t allowed in, meaning I still have yet to experience a strip club. I mean, it’s not the end of the world, it’s hardly top of my bucket list priorities but I reckon it would have been a laugh. All’s well that ends well though as we decided after our rejection to grab some Chinese food to takeaway and eat on the beach, which was super cute. Then we headed back to the hotel where we chilled out for a little while, before going to sleep resting up ready for our final day in Magaluf.


  1. You are just so cute & I love all of your outfits! I’m glad that cough went away & that you took the extra rest you needed. ♡ What a bummer they didn’t let you into the strip club! That’s crazy that nowhere else in Magaluf IDs!

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    1. Aw you are too sweet doll, thank you! Oh gosh me too, it was so horrible at first I felt so ill! I know, never mind! It just wasn’t meant to be 😂 honestly I know, I think its because it is a party town like everybody just goes there to party but still, it is mad like nobody gets ID’d! Not even at the supermarket when buying alcohol!

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    1. Haha I haven’t been in a club since the holiday now 😂 hopefully soon though because I just love dancing so much! Aw thanks hun and oh it was so worth resting to get rid of it! I was so thankful it went away pretty quickly! X

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  2. Oh my gosh I am so sorry but I am dying at your rushinkoff cough. So funny. BUT I am glad you started to feel better soon! And ahh that sucks. I hate when places change rules all of the sudden. If I ever go to Spain I am tasking you with me! ❤

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