30 Days Of Gratitude | Day Two | Technology

Hello everyone and welcome to day 2 of the 30 day gratitude challenge, exciting!!!


Todays prompt is technology. What technology are you grateful for today?

Now, I have a love / hate relationship with technology. On the one hand I of course think it’s absolutely fantastic for the most part, however sometimes I do think it can dominate too much of our time and it’s important to ensure we are living our lives purely and honestly without the distractions of mobile phones and television. Living in the moment and all that, however that’s not what todays post is about. Today is all about discussing what technology I am grateful for, and why.

Well despite what I just said about the distractions of mobile phones, I am 100% very thankful for my mobile phone as it enables me to keep in contact with my friends and family. I am able to text my girls, have banter in the group chat, ring my grandparents and so much more. I use my phone to take photographs, share snapchats and Instagram’s, get involved in discussions on twitter, check my emails and watch YouTube videos, along with so much more so I am very thankful for my little phone which enables me to do so much, most importantly communicate with my loved ones. Oh, and how could I forget listening to music through my phone? That’s a massive thing to be grateful for as I sure do love my music.

Along with my phone I am also so grateful for my laptop which makes my life so much easier when it comes to blogging, applying for jobs, downloading music etc etc. I am so thankful to have my very own laptop and as you may know, blogging is one of my main passions in life so not only am I thankful for my laptop but I am thankful for computers / the internet in general to be honest because all of this technology enables me to follow my bliss by blogging.

Lastly I am super thankful for the television / DVD players etc, I absolutely love watching the TV and I enjoy a good movie on a regular basis. Right now I am watching the beautiful film The Greatest Showman, which thanks to technology and my lil’ DVD player and TV I am able to do.

I think technology really is such an amazing thing and with balance, enriches life greatly and I know for sure that for me, technology is a big part of my life so I am forever thankful for the fabulous technology that I have access to without which, I may not have half the joy that I do now! So thank you Universe for technology!!!

What technology are you thankful for today? What’s your favourite piece of technology? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,





  1. Technology is SO difficult! You explained it so perfectly. I love how it connects us to everyone but I hate how it also disconnects us in may ways. Like that is solely what we rely on to communicate. I have actually taken a step back from technology this summer in many ways it is freeing, though I do miss being in the know somewhat…Though I do NOT miss the drama! lol. ❀


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