30 Days Of Gratitude | Day Four | Food

Oh hey huns. It’s day 4 of the 30 days of gratitude challenge today and todays prompt is food, so prepare to get hungry because even the thought of talking about food is making me so excited and I can definitely hear my stomach grumbling right now. Ah food, we all love it.


Uh well, let me start by saying I am so grateful for Fox’s chunky chocolate chip cookies because they are just so delicious. The thought of them right now is making my mouth water. I had four yesterday fresh out the fridge and they tasted so good, I am honestly so thankful I discovered these gems. In fact, I’m thankful for all chocolate biscuits really, or anything chocolatey. Chocolate is the greatest. It’s funny because I never would have thought of myself as a massive chocaholic but actually, I bloody love it. Ooh and chocolate ice cream too, waffles with ice cream and Nutella, warm chocolate fudge cake with oozing chocolate sauce. Oh man, any chocolatey dessert is an absolute winner. Dang, now I’m hungry for chocolate cake. L’Oréal have just released these new liquid lipsticks too which smell just like chocolate cake, so I have been craving it a lot recently! Gimme now please!

Warning! This lipstick will make you hungryyy for chocolate cake.

Of course I have to mention my gratitude for fruits and vegetables too, something a little healthier, because honestly I am so thankful to have access to fruit and vegetables considering they are so packed with nutrients and so good for us, I feel blessed to have such foods which help to keep my body healthy. And there’s nothing better than combining fruits and chocolate right, ahem, melted chocolate and strawberries? Oh yeah, that’s the dream. I’ve got some strawberries downstairs actually… I’m definitely tempted to have this treat now!

What food are you most grateful for today? What’s your favourite dessert? What’s your favourite fruit? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you all for reading,




  1. Mmm it all looks so yummy! I wanna sniff that lipstick so bad haha. When I was younger I didn’t like chocolate that much & never thought I’d be a chocaholic like I am now either. 😉 I am grateful for sushi!! My favorite fruits are watermelon, yellow mangoes, strawberries & lychee! ♡♡♡


  2. Sitting here at work reading this like freaking out!!! I’m so hungry now lol!!! I would say I’m pretty damn grateful for chocolate chip cookies and cookie dough ice cream!!! Exactly what I need to help beat this California heat wave!

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    1. Haha I hope you got some food soon after this comment! Chocolate chip cookies are the greatest! Ah cookie dough ice cream 😍 now I’m hungry lol! Yes, ice cream is definitely a must for a heatwave!

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