30 Days Of Gratitude | Day 10 | Taste

Hello everybody!


Today it’s time for day 10 of the 30 days of gratitude challenge and todays prompt is taste. Which makes me feel as though I’m repeating myself because I’ve already done food, and isn’t that basically the same thing?

Today the taste I am going to give thanks for is water, so okay, technically not the same thing as food LOL.

Today I am thankful for water because it really is the greatest. I’m always drinking water, you’ll very rarely see me drinking anything else (except juice). Water is soo good for us, and I feel thankful to have an unlimited supply thanks to my kitchen sink. Tap water is free and healthy, and makes me feel so good when I’m drinking it!

There’s also a lot to be said about the power of water, and how if we speak positive words to our water before drinking it, it energises the water so that what we are drinking is more pure, positive and generally just better for us all round. I’m not an expert on this topic but I will leave a link to a really interesting video I found based on Dr Emoto’s water blessing theory, so if you would like to gain some more insight into water blessing then definitely click here to find out more. Nowadays I never fill my flask with water without blessing the water first, and if I have a glass of water I will cup it with both hands before drinking and give thanks to the water and speak positive words to it (either out loud or in my head depending) such as love, wealth, good health etc etc. Whatever I’m hoping to manifest or whatever I wish to give thanks for. Water can also be used for the two cup method, which again I will leave a link to Leeor Alexandra’s video on this which will explain more on the subject. *Click here to learn more on the two cup method.*

Before I ramble on for too long about my gratitude for water, I shall leave you with a screenshot which sums up everything there is to say, water really isss that bish.


What taste are you grateful for today? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,





  1. I’m grateful for chocolate and any sweet food ,I have a sweet tooth and also water so refreshing
    Great post Jenni πŸ™Œ

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  2. Dying at that Tweet. But I also agree and love this SO much! I love water (yes even more then coffee…BUT water does make coffee soooo there yeah go…Okay stopping my ramble) it has so many benefits and I love Dr Emoto’s Water theory. I remember learning about that in yoga teacher training. Such a greta post beauty! Now I am going to drink some water! ;p ❀

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    1. Haha it’s the funniest tweet I just had to include it, it sums it up. You love water more than coffee? Wow, but I guess that’s the mermaid in you speaking out! Because water and mermaids go hand in hand. Or tail in tail, LOL. Yass so glad you enjoy his theory (I think Dr Emoto is a he anyway). So cool, so are you a yoga teacher? This I did not no! Thanks so much gorgeous, lots of love to you x


  3. Yes!! I love the taste of water, too. I cannot understand those people who say that they don’t like the taste of it?! When I lived in Minnesota, I was fine drinking the tap water but unfortunately, the sink water here in Vegas is inedible… totally polluted. Also, I’ve never heard of blessing my water! You teach me so many new & different spiritual things on your blog, Jennie! β™‘

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    1. I know. Water is so refreshing! I couldn’t imagine not drinking or liking water. How do these people live? Oh no that’s such a shame. Do you have to drink bottled then? How inconvenient. Ooh it’s so good! I always bless my water, let me know if you try it. Aw thank you so much hun, that comment really means the world to me and is so lovely x

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  4. i love water, it’s done amazing things for my health and skin though my skin still has its issues lmao
    but yeah, i heard about the water blessing before too, i think it’s nice but i’ve never tried it. i also know that some stones and crystals can be used in your water, you leave them in the water overnight by the moonlight and drink it the next morning to sort of take in the stones/crystal’s energy. but you can’t do it with any stone, some of them are toxic so be careful and do your research if you ever want to try it

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    1. Water is so good for health! Yes I’ve heard about the stones but it’s not something I’ve ever tried, omg yeah it’s something I would definitely try but I’ll be sure to do my research before hand. Thanks so much hun!

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