Weekend Highlights | Girlie Nights And Sister Time

This past weekend has been filled with all the girlie time, and it’s for sure been one to remember. With a girls night out, a girls night in and sister time, it really has been a weekend filled with all the friendship and happy times and I’m excited to share with you my tales from the past few days, because they will for sure make me smile as I reminisce.


The weekend started off in the perfect way, with a girls night in at Daisy’s house. The little cutie cooked us fajitas and as I am dedicated to becoming a full vegetarian I filled my wraps out with potato wedges, cheese and sweetcorn. I tried a pepper for the first time and it was okay, but I know in future I would prefer if mine were fully chopped up rather than sliced, I think I would prefer the pepper to be cut into smaller chunks. I would have popped some vegetable fingers in my fajitas but Daisy didn’t have any, so I got creative with the wedges instead and they worked out perfectly fine. I’ve not eaten meat in a whole week now so I’m very excited to continue with this journey. Tonight I am trying Quorn mince for the first time ever, I really hope I like it. Anyway, the girls and I ate together round the table and then got cosy in Daisy’s summerhouse where she and Holly told us all about their recent girls trip to Kavos. It sounded like so much fun! We had a real giggle as they told us all about what they got up to and the people they met, they really had a fantastic time and I’m happy for them. Roll on next years girls trip!


The girls and I chilled in the Summer house for most of the evening and although we intended to watch the lunar eclipse the sky was far too cloudy for us to be able to see anything, so we stayed inside and talked instead. It was a lovely, cosy evening filled with lots of giggles and smiles, and we talked a lot about how excited we were for our night out the following day! Which leads me to…


On Saturday I really didn’t do a lot. I chilled out at home and watched The Vampire Diaries (my current obsession) and then I took a spontaneous trip to the pub with my family where we had a couple of ‘drinks’. ‘Drinks’ in inverted commas because I only had a coke but you know what I mean. We hung out for around an hour and had some great little chats and lots of laughter, and it was precious to spend happy, quality time with my family.

After drinks at the pub with my fam I went home and got ready to go out out with my girls. Chantal picked us all up at around 8ish and we went back to hers for pre drinks. We spent a few hours at Chantal’s house drinking, listening to music and playing games before heading to the club at around 11.

Our club of choice for the night was Popworld, and I say choice very loosely because to be honest where we live, we don’t have too much choice. Bare in mind when I turned 18 there were 6 clubs to choose from, now we only have 3. That’s shocking, in the past 5 years we have lost half our clubs over here. What the fudge, LOL. Oh well, Popworld is fun and definitely my type of club because it plays all the cheesy pop music. I was absolutely buzzing on Saturday night because they finally played a Rak Su song, – Dimelo. Yes, I’ve been waiting months to hear their songs in the club and it finally happened, I danced my little heart out.


Not only did I dance, but I had a giggle as the girls and I embraced our silly side and maybe played a few pranks on people, hehehe. So basically, Emily bought these ‘watermelon’ lollies back from her holiday to Mexico which she made us all try on Friday night and lets get one thing straight, those watermelon lollies were not watermelon okay. They were chilli lollies, the little trickster. And considering Emily bought so many back from her holiday, we thought it would be a hilarious idea for us to give them out to people in the club. Oh my goodness, it was so amusing! Completely gross though. Our friend Will who we occasionally see on nights out actually ate one for a good couple of minutes. I thought, what is wrong with him? I feel sick just at the thought of the taste. Oh, me and my girls do know how to amuse ourselves, ha ha.


On Saturday night a miracle happened. It’s safe to say I’m finally over a certain someone who I thought I was in love with for the past few months. LOL, what a waste of time those feelings were. Safe to say I am not in love with that boy, not even close. Isn’t it weird how one morning you can wake up feeling one thing then something changes and the next day, you feel completely different. Well, I met another boy who I actually fancy which is amazing!!! Because helloo, for ages I really couldn’t imagine meeting anyone else I liked quite so much as ‘certain someone’ but voila, I did. I maybe even fancied him more than I fancied CS, and after spending weeks wishing CS would pop up I now really couldn’t care less if I hear from him ever again or not. Mad. Anyway, it was nice hanging out with this new boy for a little while and it felt good to actually meet someone I had an attraction too, so I’m happy. All in all I would say I had a fantastic night. I had a laugh with my friends, had a dance to Rak Su and Abba and I met a boy! #winning

Girls girls girls ❤️


On Sunday I was hungover for most of the day, but I was really in the mood to go and see the new Mamma Mia film which I already saw last week anyway, but I wanted to see it again. I text my sister asking if she wanted to come see it with me and she said yes, so we booked for the 6pm showing which meant I had plenty of time to recover after the previous nights antics before I had to get up and gooo.

Mamma Mia Here We Go Again is such a fab movie and I adore everything about it from the setting, the casting, the fashion and the music. Not to mention the fact my favourite actress Lily James stars in it. She is such a delight! I had such a lovely evening with my sister seeing Mamma Mia, I am so happy she came to see it with me. It was the perfect way to end a hungover Sunday.


Today I have just been relaxing. I didn’t’ set an alarm for this morning so I woke up naturally at around half 10am. My sister had to come over to pick up her suitcase so we decided to go to Costa to grab some lunch and I had a delicious mozzarella, tomato and basil panini. It was so yummy! I also stopped off in the travel agents after to pick up a travel brochure, as I am planning to go to Iceland for my birthday so all in all it’s been a productive afternoon.


Now I am just getting ready to make some dinner, and then sit down to watch the Love Island final later on! I’m super excited, I’m really hoping Jack and Dani will win although lets face it, we know they probably will. I’ll be really surprised if they don’t!

What’s been the highlight of your weekend? Do you prefer nights out or nights in? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. My weekend was awesome! I went out for dinner and a festival on Friday night with old friends that I hadn’t seen in the longest time. It was so good! On Saturday we went sight seeing either the same group of friends, went to the festival again and had vegan ice cream. At least I did. The best! On Sunday I started getting rid off stuff I don’t want to move to our new apartment which was great too cause I’m so looking forward to moving!


    1. Sounds exciting! It’s great reuniting with friends you haven’t seen in a while. You can have a great catch up. Ooh vegan ice cream sounds delicious! Eek exciting! When do you move? A good clearout is so therepeautic! Thanks for your comment x


  2. Looks like you guys had a blast! 😁. This weekend I spent Friday night in Manhattan with some friends, ran errands on Saturday, and Sunday had a family BBQ at a huge state park in upper NY. It was a good weekend! I normally prefer nights in, I’m such a homebody lol. But if there are fun activities planned, I don’t mind going out too! 😊


    1. Thanks hun! Oh wow that sounds amazing! I love New York so thats like the dream weekend for me 😍 I do enjoy a night in too to be fair, I think it’s all about the balance right? Thanks for your comment doll x

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  3. That’s amazing that you’re working towards becoming a vegetarian & have already gone a whole week! I honestly feel weak & sick if I don’t eat meat. Even if I fill myself with the fake stuff. Quorn’s Chick’n patties are seriously so good though, you should try ’em! I hope you enjoyed the mince by them!

    I can’t believe there are only 3 clubs where you can go to. I’m guessing there are no strip clubs near you at all?!? At least there is Popworld that sounds like so much fun! I love cheesy pop music, too! & I also really love those Mexican chili watermelon lollies lol. I woulda ate them all. 😂

    I don’t think I’ve read much about CS so I can’t say “so glad you’ve moved on” hahaha but I am glad you met a new boy that you’re attracted to! So exciting!!

    Thanks for sharing your weekend with us, Jennie! I had so much fun reading all about it! 😄

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    1. Thanks so much hun! It’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages but now I feel even more strongly about. Really? That’s horrible! You obviously need it then! I’ve not experienced anything like that thankfully! Ooh I’m going to try those, thanks so much hun! The mince was okay! Not the best but it wasn’t like I couldn’t eat it if that makes sense.
      I know it’s shocking 😦 I think there’s a strip club at the train station and one near where my old gym is, two really out of the way locations! I’ve never been to either of them, they’re nowhere near the main centre if that makes sense, so you couldn’t ‘club hop’ from one to the other. Popworld is brilliant! Omg yay do you? That music is so feel good! Omg you’re lying? They are horrible!😂😂 my friends dad likes them too!
      Hehe thanks hun! I don’t think I really wrote too much about it him but I did mention him briefly here and there. I’m excited, we are going on a date on friday 😀
      You’re welcome Hunida and thank you so much for reading and commenting! So much love to you ❤️

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      1. Oh do let me know how if you like the Quorn chicken patties, they really are fantastic. 😀
        YES YES, pop music is my jam haha & I’m not lying! I love Mexican candies so much! I’ve been eating mango chili lollies since I was a kiddo lol.
        I’m sooo excited for you!! A date?!? 😀 😀 Hope it goes super well & that I get to hear all about it! 😉


      2. I will do! Hopefully try them asap! I hope I love them! It’s mine too! Omg really? Thats mad haha maybe if I’d grown up with them I would like them too! Thats the only Mexican candy I tried. Thanks hun! Yes tomorrow night! I’m excited too, thank you so much hun! I will give you all the deets x

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    1. It was okay! Not my favourite- I felt like I was trying to disguise the taste with sauces etc. I had it as a bolognaise I think in future I would just have spaghetti with tomato sauce and loads of veg / onions etc! I wouldn’t not have it again but I’d choose something else instead! They were! Yes so did I! Cutest couple, so sweet and genuine x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooh that sounds nice! It was okay, I think it would just take getting used to! I still need to try mushrooms 😂😂 but thats a good idea and I want to try your vegan bolognaise recipe too! Thanks hun! Xx

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