Italy 2018 | Road Trippin’ To France

Ciao darlings! Is it just me or is anybody else obsessed with the word darling at the minute? I don’t know what it is but I just can’t stop saying it! I love it, darlings! Ha ha.

Right, so it’s finally time for my Italy roundup. I thought I’d never see the day, I’ve been back over a week now, whaaa? I’m so sad, I miss it so much already. More and more so each day. I loved exploring Italy with my parents so much. It was the experience of a lifetime. Although I hope it wasn’t once in a lifetime, because I need to go back.

As some of you may know, instead of flying to Italia my family and I opted to drive there, making the trip more of a road trip and therefore seeing many more places than we would have done had we have flown. Being that there is so much ground to cover (no pun intended, considering how much ground we literally covered on our trip, ha ha) I’m just going to dive right in and start at the beginning.

Our journey began late evening on Saturday the 4th of August, after a long drive to Dover, where we saw a little of the White Cliffs, we drove onto the ferry to take us over to France. Woweee, I managed to stay awake for most of the boat trip which took around two hours, but after a super late night the previous evening having practically got 0 sleep, I was a tired girl and as soon as we were off that boat and back in the car I was straight off to the land of nod.

I slept for virtually the whole journey. I missed our drive through Belgium however managed to stay awake briefly throughout our drive through Luxembourg where we stopped at a service station, then it was back to sleep in the car until we arrived in Strasbourg, France where we had booked a hotel for the night, giving my Dad a break from all the driving.

Strasbourg is an interesting place. Beautiful and fairytale-esque however not somewhere I’m keen to return too purely because of the delicacy. Guys, I know it doesn’t help that I am the worlds fussiest eater, but the tragedy is we were walking round for a strong two hours before we finally settled on a spot to grab some food. And would you believe where we decided to eat? Wait for it… McDonalds. When in France eh? Oh dear. But seriously. Nowhere else was suitable, I mean it! We found one Italian restaurant which would have been perfect, pizza? Yes please. However unfortunately the staff were so unbelievably rude we decided we didn’t want to give them our custom, so after sitting down for about 15 minutes waiting to be given a menu (please bare in mind this was a table service restaurant and we were the only customers in there) we decided to leave. No way was I about to support their rudeness. They didn’t deserve our custom.

Anyway, complaints aside and putting negative Nancy to bed, the rest of my experience in Strasbourg really was delightful. We stayed there for one night and in the evening we watched a fantastic light display on one of the buildings over the river and that was really special and enjoyable. We wouldn’t have known about the event either had our hotel receptionist not have informed us, so I am thankful to her for telling us about it.



After the light display, we headed back to our hotel to get some rest as we were all pretty tired from the travelling. The following morning we awoke and grabbed some breakfast at the hotel (which thankfully was edible, actually, more than edible, they had my favourite cereals) then we were straight on the road ready to begin the next part of our trip. Italy, here we come!

Have you ever been to Strasbourg? What’s your favourite food? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. Ohhhh my goodness I am so excited for this post, darling ❤ I love it too!!!!

    Hahhaa- I love that unintended pun about covering ground- but iff you did intend it, fine by me! Lol. But seriously- driving is the way to do it!! You get to just see sooo much more.

    Such a bummer about the lack of good restaurants in that area- but sometimes it’s fun to go to chains and see what it’s like in other countries. The McDonald’s in India had an entirely different menu and it was actually so good!

    That light display is beautiful, how sweet of the receptionist to let you know!

    OOoo my favorite food… gosh that is maybe one of the hardest questions! I do love some really great pizza with wine. Hard to beat. But one of the greatest things I have ever tried is probably a soufflé made by a French chef. How about you?!!?


    1. Omg yay for the use of darling! I love it!
      Haha well when i was writing it I didn’t intend the pun like i said but then i was like that definitely needs to stay in there 😏 haha! Absolutely! It makes it so much more of an adventure and gives you so many opportunities to do more things!
      I know! Thats very true! Omg you’ve been to india!? So cool! There were different things at the McDonalds in France so it is interesting! I think France has more variety compared to the UK!
      Thanks hun! I know, I’m so glad she told us!
      Omg yes! You can’t go wrong with pizza can you? Omg no! That sounds amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever even tried soufflé! It sounds good though 😍 my favourite food is for sure pasta or pizza! And yorkshire puddings!
      Thanks so much for your comment! ❤️

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      1. Always ownnn those puns, girl! Hahah. Yes- I went to India for nursing!

        I actually just posted our souffles in my latest if you want to see pictures . They were HEAVEN on earth.

        Ooo I have never had yorkshire puddings- but need to find one STAT

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes!
        That’s so amazing! Did you nurse over there? How incredible!!! You are literally amazing!
        Yesss I need to check it out! I finally caught up with your Bay adventures so now time to check out the souffle!
        Omg you neeeeed to try 😭 they’re a dream!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I did!! Just for a few weeks. Aww, I don’t know about that- but thanks chica ❤

        They even sound good. I love anything pudding- so I'm gonna keep my eye out! To google we go to find yorkshire pudding in SF haha.


  2. Oh my word I am SO flipping excited about this! I have seen all your pictures and drooled over them excessively! I have never been to Strasbourg but it is on my list. That stinks about the people being rude. I hate that! Especially when as you said you er giving them your custom (love that phrase!:) Love these pictures! ❤

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    1. Thanks so much hun! Strasbourg is absolutely gorgeous, like I said just like a fairy tale 😍 I would go back there but I’d have to take my own food 😂 I know! It was very dissapointing and frustrating but never mind!!! Thanks so much hun! X


  3. Ooh yay, I’ve been so excited to hear about your road trip! It sounds like you all got off to a good start! I completely agree that the restaurant didn’t deserve your money when they were so rude! There’s no reason to put up with that. 😉 It already looks like such a great time!

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    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment doll! We had a great start to our trip! Omg I know! And we waited twenty minutes beforehand too because they weren’t open till 6 so we waited for them to open which they knew because they were the ones who said they weren’t open till 6! Then at 6 we were there till like 6.15 till we thought no way they’re so rude! Thanks so much hun! Xx

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  4. I know you’ve been waiting for this trip for such a long time, and if I remember correctly it almost didn’t happen? So fun you went with your parents. Road trips are tiring but still the best when you get to do them with family.
    And that sucks that they were incredibly rude, good for you for not staying there.

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    1. Yes!! We were supposed to go last year but then it got cancelled, so we finally made it this year! It’s so sweet of you to remember Rossy, you’re the best!
      Yes, they are tiring especially I’d imagine for my dad who did the driving, bless him, but it was so worth it to see all the amazing sights!
      I know! So dissapointing! They let themselves down LOL i was ready to spend spend spend on all the food I was so hungry! Never mind!
      Thanks for your comment lovely! X

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