Italy 2018 | Settling In Sorrento & Foodie Heaven

For Italy Part One and Two, please click here and here.

After settling into our hotel in Sorrento, we spent our first night grabbing a drink and then you guessed it, sleeping. Because we’d arrived relatively late we were again so tired after a long day of travelling, but I was eager to awake the next day to see what Sorrento had to offer.

We were located at a hotel named ‘Villa Sorrento’, a cute, personal hotel which was obviously a villa where rooms had been separated to house guests. I think in total there must have been about 8 rooms, and a shared kitchen where guests could keep stuff in the fridge if they desired. Being that the hotel is so small, it was very private and intimate and for the most part, it felt as if we had the pool to ourselves.

The pool set up was beautiful, with incredible mountain views, a glorious garden round the back and the coolest thing of all, a hammock. I loved the hammock and spent some quality time relaxing and reading in the comfy little setting.

On our first full day in Sorrento, we kind of just chilled out by the pool for the most part, ventured down to see one of the beaches and then before we knew it, it was time for dinner. We ate at a local bar which I think judging by the menu is called Pizzeria All Angelo, you can see from this picture! So even if that’s not the actual name, if you ever want to visit, look out for this menu.


This bar / restaurant is super cute and authentic, and for sure somewhere where the locals would hang out. It was always busy in here which shows how popular of a place it is, and we ate there very often throughout our trip.

For dinner that evening, I had a ravioli dish with a tomato sauce. Oh my goodness. I’m gonna have to stop recapping this trip because all it’s doing is making me hungry and drooool over all the yummy food pictures. I need that ravioli again. It was even better with pesto which I had one other night, but uh, the tomato was so good too.


Afterwards I went all out and even treated myself to a dessert because when in Italy right!? My dad even tried some too, the cutie. I love him so much. Also can I just take a moment to say how friendly the staff in All Angelo’s are? They were a delight, and would definitely make me want to return based on their custom alone!


Day two was again spent chilling out by the pool because it was time to make the most of our relaxation period after so much travelling.

We ventured a little further out to a bar on the cliff top which had the most gorgeous views of the beach down below. Uh, dreamy dreamy. Check out those boats. We watched the sunset here a few times and had drinks there virtually every day because the views were so gorgeous!

As well as chilling by the pool, I got my ice cream fix at another local café my dad had found and this time not only did I have a chocolate ice cream, but I actually tried something new and had a white chocolate ice cream too. It was gross LOL. Maybe I felt sick because I had it so soon after my first ice cream, but I could not finish it. It had these weird bits in it that just didn’t make it very appetising, so I had to bin it. I didn’t get ice cream from there again. LOL.

In the evening dad drove us to a local town called Positano. Guys, I’m not even exaggerating when I said I thought I was going to have a heart attack. This is one of the scariest roads I’ve ventured down and on the drive on the way back, I could feel some kind of pain in my chest which normally I’d put down to indigestion or something but I hadn’t eaten, so I could only assume it was due to stress and fear. Positano is literally like a cliff top town, it’s all cliffs. I don’t understand it. There is no flat ground, just pure cliff. It was so scary and we didn’t even stop to get out, we just drove straight back to Sorrento. I’m not going to lie when I say I’d be gutted if I’d booked to stay there, it was too scary for me! The only way I’d go there in the future would be if I had a boat, and we got off down by the seafront then walked up to the shops or whatever. I will not be driving there again. It was for sure interesting to see though. Also I can’t believe how dangerous people drive there considering how dangerous the roads are. WHAT? These people are mad. My dad is brave enough just for driving there but at least he drove safely LOL. Some people were driving like they were in the grand prix or something. Madness.

After driving back from Positano, it was once again time for dinner and this time we ate at a really cool restaurant called Covent Garden. I was in foodie heaven! My eyes were lighting up at everything on the menu, once again, my mouth is watering. I ordered everything. Ok, not everything, but I didn’t hold back.


For starters we ordered fried rice balls and mozzarella balls, which both did not disappoint. I’d never had rice balls before so this was exciting for me to try something new and oooh they were dreamy. They had a little onion in too and they kind of tasted like mini jacket potatoes. So good. The mozzarella balls were yummy too of course, and I’d happily eat both dishes again pronto.

For my main, I tried Gnocchi, another new dish for me and another that I enjoyed. The gnocchi came with a tomato sauce and was pretty yummy, of course I had some cheese to go on it making it extra tasty. Yum yum yum!

I so wanted to have a dessert after the meal but I was honestly so full up, so I had to skip that time! The dessert menu did have me drooling though, so I made sure to return later in the week for all the puddingy goodness…

What’s your favourite way to relax on holiday? What’s your favourite ice cream flavour? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




    1. It’s one of my favourite countries I’ve ever visited! The food, the architecture, the scenery! Everything! There’s something for everyone there. I hope you get the chance to visit. Thanks so much for your comment hun!


  1. I’ve never been on a hammock lol they look so comfy & relaxing though! The ravioli looks fantastic, I love pesto over tomato sometimes too!

    The view from the top of the cliff is beautiful, I’d so love to have drinks up there!

    The choco ice cream looks yum but I’m not a huge fan of white choco either. It’s not even a real thing! The gnocchi from the last place looks awesome, of course!!

    My favorite way to relax on holiday is laying by the pool, too. 🙂 & my fave ice cream flavor is like anything mixed with vanilla– mainly, cookies & cream. 😋

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was super comfy! I mean, i fell off one on a date before (not cool) but other than that yeah, they’re great fun!! The ravioli was so good, and you just can’t beat pesto!
      It was a stunning view! As soon as I saw it I was like yes, this is the place to be.
      I love white chocolate buttons or bars in general but the ice cream- nope! Not okay. The gnocchi was delicious 😍
      Pool time is the best time.
      Ooh really? I never have vanilla but I’ve never even tried cookies and cream- that will be next on my list to try! Thanks so much for your comment Hunida! Have a great day!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. HAHAH, sorry to laugh but, I thought of a cartoon where the hammock keeps spinning hahaha. I think you would love Cookies & Cream ice cream! YUM! ❤

        Hope you have a great day, too!!!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. It does! And the drivers there are insane!!! Makes the roads even scarier 😂 ah really? I’ll look out for arancini then! Thanks hun! I’d never heard of them before. yeah the Gnocchi was so good! I’m glad I tried it!
      Thanks for your comment! X

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Girl your suit!!!! I am obsessed. Where is that from?! Not sure I would rock it as good as you, but it’s sooo cute. All this food is making my stomach growl!! Ooo white chocolate ice cream sounds good- but bummer it wasn’t haha. Sounds like it could just end up being a wanna be vanilla 😉 That drive looks nuts, but still so beautiful! It is sooo fun for me to read a menu like this from Italy! AHH! That gnocchi! Girl, you are glowing in these pictures. What a fun time- ahhh I hope you have part 4 coming?! Favorite ice cream- It depends on my mood but I love cookie dough pretty much always or something with brownie chunks in it! After crying, I eat mint chip, it calms me down hahah

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks hun! It’s from a store called Accessorize. At first I wasn’t sure but I totally love it! Thanks so much lovely ❤️ You could totally pull it off perfectly!!
      I know! Normally I enjoy white chocolate 😦 never mind! Maybe it was just the one I tried. Do you know what, I’d actually rather have vanilla!!! So much nicer!
      Yes the drive was absolutely gorgeous- incredible views for sure, just so scary. I’d definitely prefer to have walked around there but that would have taken hours 😂
      Aw good i’m glad you enjoyed! Thanks so much hun! Yes all my Italy posts are up now barr a restaurant review and a haul, so enjoy!
      I have never had cookie dough!!!!! I feel like I’m missing out. Next time I have the opportunity to try it I will. Omg really 😂 bless you, I love that you have a specific flavour ice cream to calm you down. I’be never tried that flavour either. I have so many to try!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I feel like not many like white chocolate but I love it too! But now I know to stay away from the ice cream version tehe.

        WHAT! ok, chica, I have homework for you! TRY COOKIE DOUGH ICE CREAM. It is life changing! (and chocolate mint after a good cry lol- not that I wish you would cry!)


  3. Sorrento sounds like a dream! Girl I seriously have wanderlust envy! I am in love with this whole post! Your pictures are stunning and I loved your descriptions! The food looks incredible and oh my gosh you and your dad are so stinking cute! Dad’s are the best! 🙂 I lOVED your outfits! That swimsuit is so stinking cute! I am glad you had the best time! I am living vicariously through you! ❤


  4. Wow that pool and those views!!!! And I can’t believe how that road looks, it totally would be terrifying to me too lol.
    I’ve never had gnocchi but I know Olive Garden has some, my dads wife has had it before lol. It sounds interesting.
    Your outfits are so cute of course and I love that you got ice cream over and I’m sorry the second one wasn’t as good. I’m the kind of gal that wants ice cream after I’ve already had Ice cream haha I love chocolate ice cream as well as strawberry but mint chocolate chip is growing on me lol


  5. That honestly sounds like the cutest little place to stay with only 8 rooms and a practically private pool! What a great way to get more of the local experience. And I would be the same way with the hammock–they are just the best!!
    That road sounds so scary! I’ve been on roads like that before, even without some kind of railing and it’s just a sheer drop-off if you get too close to the edge. They are the worst! There’s one here in my town and I absolutely refuse to go on it now. It’s just not worth all the stress and fear, haha.
    Authentic Italian mozzarella balls sound mouthwateringly delicious!! Also, authentic gnocchi just can’t be beaten, I bet. I love making dishes with gnocchi but thinking about it right from Italy just sounds incredible. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was perfect! The owner was so friendly too 🙂 the hammock was so comfy!
      The road was terrifying but the one you’re describing sounds even scarier without even a railing ! No way! I wouldn’t use thqt road either lol. I can’t believe they’re even allowed!
      Mmm the food was so yummy! The gnocchi was delicious 😍 thanks for your comment doll x

      Liked by 1 person

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