Italy 2018 | Ice Cream Dreams & Dessert Dreams

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On our fourth day in Sorrento, we discovered my favourite ice cream location of the trip. Bar Dellerose. Guys. This was the place to gooo for ice cream. They had every flavour (even though we know I only ever want chocolate) and uh, it was so good. After making this discovery, we went back there everyday for breakfast ice cream. Ice cream for breakfast, you know how it is.

After making this epic discovery of my favourite ice cream location, we had a little look around the town where I found a bookshop and I decided to buy the Italian translation of The Girl On The Train, as I thought this would be a really fun way to motivate me to learn the language. Er, yeah, I am nowhere near reading level yet. And now I’m back home, it’s back to learning Spanish as I think I should master that first before anything else, since that has been a goal of mine for forever!


Once again, we spent the majority of our day chilling out and relaxing by the pool, along with swimming some laps. I love sunbathing by the pool. It’s always my aim to get as tan as possible when on holiday, so I’ll be outside basking in the sun as much as I possibly can be when on vacay! And I love sunbathing by the pool, because it’s so easy to just dive in and cool off whenever needed, I really enjoyed swimming on this trip and I’m hoping to swim more now I’m back home, I just need to find a good pool first.

In the evening, I really wanted to watch the sunset, so we went to our favourite cliff top bar to enjoy the beautiful views. We watched the sunset there a couple of other times on the trip because it really was the perfect viewing spot!

For dinner, we went back to our favourite Pizzeria All Angelos and I had the ravioli again but this time with pesto. The ravioli is actually supposed to come with a tomato sauce, but since I was craving pesto I figured I might as well ask if they could do it with that instead and thankfully, they said yes. Oh it was so yummy, I need again now please. Yum yum yum!


For dessert, we headed back to the Covent Garden restaurant which we had visited on the previous night, and I finally got to try something from their pudding menu. The night before I was way too full but this time since I hadn’t had a starter with my dinner, I had plenty of room. Oh gosh guys, the dessert was worth the wait. I had the Tortino Al Cioccolato and it was a m a z i n g. So good. 10/10. It was very sickly, but so delicious, and I will definitely be getting that dessert again when I go back. Also, isn’t it such a photogenic dessert? Uh, dreamy!

The following day it was beach day! As the beaches in Sorrento are located at the bottom of the cliffs, you can either trek down or get a lift down, so naturally, we took the lift. It would have been a hard walk otherwise. I think it’s really cool that they have these lifts down to the beach, I’ve never experienced anything like that before.


The beach is lovely, it’s black sand which I’ve never seen before, and very, very hot. I think the beaches are a heat trap because the area is so cliffy, so the heat traps between the cliffs. I spent some time reading my book, Blood Sisters, and swimming in the sea. I swam so far out and it felt amazing, it felt really safe too as the sea was so busy, everyone was swimming pretty far out.


I absolutely love paddling and swimming in the sea, it’s so calm, peaceful and fun and I feel as though it’s the perfect opportunity to take in your surroundings and feel at one with the Universe and mother nature. There’s nothing so magnificent as the sea and it feels amazing to be in the depths of it.


And can you guess where we ended our day eating out for dinner? You guessed it! Our regular dining spot, All Angelos. This time I got another pesto dish, which was literally just pasta with pesto. I adore pesto. This dish wasn’t as good as I prefer my pasta overcooked and squidgy whereas this was a little hard, but it was still good. Anything pesto and ya girl is happy!

After dinner, we chilled out for a little while and then headed back to the hotel, catching some rest before a busy, touristy day ahead of us.

What’s your favourite sauce to have with pasta? Are you a beach person or a pool person? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. Mmm, mmm! That pesto ravioli looks amazing & so does that Tortino dessert! 😍

    I’ve never seen black sand before either and am just a little bummed you didn’t include any photos of it lol… 😋 Your bikini top is so cute! I love it!

    My fave pasta sauce is bolognese sauce and I like both the pool & beach but I’m def more of a pool girl. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was so good! I’ve been thinking about it everyday since I wrote this!
      Omg sorry hun! I’m terrible lol I try not to take too many photos when I go away because I want to live in the moment 😂 I try to find more of a balance with taking enough photos for a blog post and not taking too many 🙄 oops! Buuuut I’m going to Iceland for my birthday! And I’m pretty sure they have black sand there if not, it’s just a perfect excuse for me to go back to Italy next year to get a picture for you 😉 thanks hun! I lovee that bikini!
      I used to love bolognaise before I turned veggie! Yeah i think I’m more of a pool girl too!
      Thanks so much for your comment hun!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol I am thinkin’ about it, too and I’ve never even tried it!! 😉 It’s okay, babe! Maybe I will get to see black sand for myself one day! Is it super HOT?! That’s amazing that you’re going to Iceland for your birthday, eeee!!! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha trust me when you try it, you’ll be thinking about it even more! 😭
        Ah I sure hope so! Where’s top of your travel list? Yeah the sand was really, really hot. Normally I’m ok on hot sand but this was a struggle. I like leapt to get to the sea haha!
        I’m so excited!!! Thanks hun x

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Legit drooling right now! And girl the is why we are friends! I LOVE ice cream! I am making notes because I AM going to Italy at some point and Sorrento is going to be on my list! I love sunbathing too! So relaxing! Also When you find an amazing restaurant YOU HAVE to go back! In all my travels I have found such yummy places. The only sad thing is I wish they would open locations where I live! Also irl you Italian outfits are on point! I am obsessed! ❤


  3. Ice cream for breakfast is a dream come true lol. Lucky you haha. Their dessert does look pretty amazing, and this post is making me hungry 😩😩
    And I love your swimsuit and I also love how you got to go to the beach early in the morning, I wish we had amazin weather like that here in the coast, I’d go to the beach more often lol.
    And the sunset views I’d love to see that!!


  4. Oh my goodness this is the ultimate dessert post !!! LOVE! Black sand is soo cool, I’ve never seen it. I am seriously living vicariously through you .. and your suit once again- sooo cute!


  5. I have never thought about just having pesto on pasta before!! I usually put it on Italian sliders or to compliment dishes but not as the sauce. That’s such a great idea!!
    Those chocolate ice cream cones look incredible. I’m the same with always choosing chocolate, haha. Sometimes I think I will change it up, but I always end up with chocolate anyway, or some variation of chocolate, lol.
    Spanish is actually closely related to Italian, so I bet learning Italian will be far easier for you the more you learn of Spanish! Oh, I am curious, did you have any trouble being a tourist in Italy without knowing the language? I’m always concerned about getting lost or not knowing anything haha.
    I have never heard of black sand before, but that sounds so fun! Also, your suit is just adorable. I love the off the shoulder top!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow really? Pesto pasta is one of my favourite dishes!!if you try it let me know. It’s great with cheese and veggies 🙂
      Chocolate is just the best Ice cream flavour. I’m glad you have the same love for it as I do.
      Yeah i found when I started learning Italian on holiday it was soo easy to pick up! Hopefully i’ll be trilingual eventually haha.
      Not at all!!! Most people spoke english, we didn’t experience any trouble at all!
      Honestly it was fine! English is so common, we did get lost sometimes but people were always there to help and knew how to converse with us. You could always take a phrase book when you go abroad if you’re nervous about not knowing the language hun 🙂
      Thanks so much gorgeous and thanks for your comment.
      Have a great week xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh that is so great to know about being able to converse in English! How thoughtful of most people to know English, haha. That’s a relief to know! Of course, I’d like to learn some Italian before we go, but I don’t want that to stop us if we have the chance. 😉


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