August Favourites

Hello everyone!

It’s monthly favourites time again, hurray. Now this post is probably going to be quite short and sweet because I feel as though I don’t have too many favourites for last month. I guess I wasn’t wearing makeup so much because I was on holiday for two weeks, so maybe that’s why, but before I ramble on for too long let’s jump straight into what I was loving in August.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped Glow Kit

As mentioned in my Italy Haul, since purchasing this glow kit I have just been in love. Best strobing palette ever. This glow kit has four colour options, all which create the perfect striking glow. What I love about this palette is how although the shades are shimmery, they aren’t glittery, so the shades really create that perfect insta glow strobed look. 10/10 would recommend to everyone.

L’Oréal False Lash Sculpt Mascara

I have loved this mascara since it was first released a few years ago, and I recently repurchased it for the first time in ages and I really don’t know what I ever did without it. The wand of this mascara is so perfect, with its flat style making it so easy to get to the root of the lash, tightlining and capturing every hair. This mascara is excellent for volumizing, thickening and darkening the lashes and I have included a one eye on, one eye off photo underneath so you can see just the effect this has. Whilst this mascara is great for volume and tightlining, I do find I need to use an extra mascara on top just to create a little more length, as that’s the only thing Sculpt doesn’t quite master. It obviously does define the lashes, but I crave a little more length to go with it!

 Pictured below is my one eye on, one eye off using solely the Sculpt mascara.


L’Oréal Infallible Blush Palette The Ambers

This blusher palette has been all I’ve used for creating that rosy glow in the past few weeks, I love the range of colours in this palette, my favourites being Amber Love and Coral Bay.

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Shade Kitten Heels

If you know me, you will know I love a red lippie and this has been my go to for the past couple of weeks. What a gorgeous lipstick colour! I believe this version is a sample size, as I got it as a freebie with a couple of other NYX purchases but when it runs out I’ll for sure be purchasing a full size. The formula does feel a little dry on the lips after a while however on the plus side, it’s long wearing and doesn’t look drying, so hey, it’s totally okay. And the colour is just beautiful, so I’m willing to put up with a little dryness.

7th Heaven Dead Sea Mud Mask


Normally I’m more of a peel mask kinda gal than a mud mask, but this has twisted my arm. I used this face mask one random Friday last month and I was in awe. It made my skin feel so lovely and refreshed, and I felt as though once washed off my skin looked more radiant and uplifted. I will definitely be purchasing this mask again, I really love how it made my skin feel and look. Thank you 7th Heaven!


Word Crossy

Guys, I have been totally addicted to this word game / app for the past couple of weeks. I noticed my dad playing it on holiday and I thought it looked fun so I decided to download it and hey, I’m totally obsessed. It. is. addictive!

Nicki Minaj Ft Eminem and Labrinth – Majesty


I fell in love the day I heard this song, it is totes amaze. I love the melody of the chorus, Eminem’s verse, everything. What a top notch song that I just can’t get enough of. Thanks Nicki for blessing us with this awesome collab on your new album!

Holiday To Italy

As you’re probably aware by now, I took a lil’ (big) trip to Italy last month and had a great time! We visited Rome, Sorrento, Pompeii, Tuscany and Pisa along with a couple of other countries including France and Switzerland. If you’d like to check out my Italia posts then please click here!

Love Island Australia


Hunida, you’ve got a whole lot of Love Island to go before you’re done binge watching!!!!!! Aus version is next. Hehe I’m sorrrrrry. If you think Love Island UK is enjoyable then prepare yourself for an absolute blessing with the Aussie version. So much drama. Uh. I am living for it!

What’s your favourite highlighting palette? Do you watch Love Island? What were you loving throughout August? So many questions! Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. Girl your make-up is STUNNING! Show me your ways please! Also I LOVE word searches! One of my favorite things to do! And you know how obsessed I am with your Italy trip! I hope September is amazing for you sweets! ❤


    1. You are the best!! Thank you so much Kate your comments always make my day ❤️ Aren’t they so much fun? Such a simple idea for a game but sooo pleasing! Hehe thanks hun! And same to you too my love! ❤️❤️❤️


  2. Wow! That mascara makes your lashes look amazing! & I love the shade of that red lippie!

    I’m def going to listen to that Nicki & Eminem song tonight while I’m getting ready! I bet I’ll love it. ♡

    I hope I can find Love Island Australia when I’m done with the UK! Ugh those two in the photo are beautiful! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much hun! ❤️ Ah the lipstick is just one of my favourites 😍
      Ooh let me know what you think of the song please hun! I’m gonna listen to the one you reccommended now!
      Aren’t they? My fave couple on Love Island aus! I love that you’re loving love island!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg so buzzing I don’t know anybody else who watches it 😂 I absolutely love Erin, she is my fave! Just got up to amelia and Josh recoupling! Love them! cassidy is just… great tv 😂 so erin and edin are my fave couple! Who are yours? thanks so much for your comment hun x


  3. Whoa girl that mascara had me shook! The volume. I totally want my lashes to look like that haha. And the ABH palette looks so pretty! Too bad I can’t afford it. 😩
    The NYX liquid suede in kitten heels is by far my FAVE red lippie ever!! And I love the formula of their liquid suede too. I own like four or five shades haha.
    I’m glad you had loads of fun on your holiday and that you got to spend it with your parents 😃 and HOW and WHERE are you and Hunida watching love island?! I need to see what’s up lmao


  4. I have been dying to try the new L’Oreal Falsies mascara. I think it may be similar to this Sculpt version, but I’m not sure. Either way I think it’s the same concept and I definitely want to see how it works! Also, I’ve been looking for a crossword type game, so I’ll have to try this one! So many apps charge if you want to play more than one puzzle a day, which is so strange to me!


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