Outfit Of The Day | Last Of The Summer Wine

Haha, I’m howling! I really find the name of this outfit of the day so amusing, last of the summer wine… I don’t even drink wine. Ha ha. Basically, this is going to be my last Summery outfit of the day for this year (boooo, goodbye Summer) and you know there’s that TV show ‘Last Of The Summer Wine’ (which I’ve never actually seen by the way) and that’s what I thought of when I realised this was my last Summer outfit of the day for 2k18. Make sense? Haha, anyway…

This following outfit I’m about to share is one of my favourite outfits of this Summer, and I first wore it on my date with August boy (eek)! I haven’t actually worn it since, but I fully intend on getting at least one more wear out of it before it gets far toooo cold! It’s a favourite!

Last Of The Summer Wine









& one last picture!


Uh! I am just totally obsessed with this outfit. I love it so much. I love fashion soooo much. So so much! I’m already planning my next outfit of the day, I’m so excited!

What do you like the most about this outfit? Do you prefer Summer or Winter fashion? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you all for reading,




  1. I. am. obsessed. GIRL, this is such a rocking outfit!! I wouldn’t know how to piece these together, but you did it perfectly. STUNNIN’. Also I was so intrigued by the title since I didn’t think you liked wine— but I like what you did there 😉 have a great weekend, love!

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    1. Thank you so much hun!!! ❤️ You are the kindest and the best! Hahaha honestly it’s the most random title ever however it’s the first thing that came to mind and I couldn’t think of anything better 😉 thanks lovely and you too! Xx

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  2. I’m absolutely amazed that those are shorts instead of a skirt. They are the cutest shorts I’ve ever seen!! ❤
    I tend to prefer winter fashion just because I feel like I have more options with allll the layers lol. And I get a bit self-conscious in summer so I like feeling more comfortable with winter fashion. 😉


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