JENuary Celebrations | A Family Day In Surrey

Hello beautiful people.

In case you weren’t aware, it’s my birthday this week (January 9th, to be precise), and since recently I’ve been all about the self love and celebrating… ME I’ve decided to rename this whole month, JENuary… unofficially of course, haha. From now on, each year going forward I want to dedicate my birth month to celebrating moi and doing all the things that I love to do the most. Travelling, spending time with friends, spending time with family, going to the theatre etc etc, each year going forward, I’m personally dedicating January to doing all the things that bring me the most joy, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

So whilst this is my first year celebrating JENuaryΒ and I only came up with the idea last month, I didn’t have time to plan allll the things I wanna do, however I knew from the start that one of the most important things on my JENuary bucket list was to take a trip down to Surrey for two reasons, one to visit my Grandparents / family and two, to visit one of my favourite places in the whole world, St Ann’s Hill.

Yesterday, I got to tick that JENuary bucket list item off!

So my birthday week celebrations have started off perfectly (because even though I’m calling it JENuary, my celebrations are really only going on throughout this week, except for a drinks night with my girls at the end of the month). Yesterday, my parents and I drove down to Surrey and our first stop was, you guessed it, my fave place St Ann’s Hill.

St Ann’s Hill has always been one of my favourite places,Β a place which holds a special place in my heart. Although I don’t remember it so well, I used to visit there with my parents back when I was just a little toddler and sometimes we’d even go there to watch Thorpe Parks annual firework display, as you can see it from one of the Hills viewing points. For the past couple of years, I’ve hoped to be able to watch the fireworks from St Ann’s Hill once again, so I would love to do that with my parents this year, but enough about the (distantish) future already.

*A couple of shots from my younger days with my Mum at St Ann’s Hill, cute*

St Ann’s Hill is the most beautiful place to go for a walk, and whilst it’s absolutely gorgeous in the Summer (of course), I actually think it looked extra beautiful yesterday covered in leftover Autumnal leaves, and thankfully, even though it is Winter, the weather wasn’t too chilly and it just felt good to be getting a bit of fresh air with my parents. I love a walk!

*Here’s just a few photos I got yesterday at St Ann’s Hill, I didn’t take too many and they’re not the best quality (iPhone camera problems) but they’re better than nothing right!? Next time I visit, I promise to take SO many more pictures so I can fully share the beauty of St Ann’s Hill with you all (hey, it’s just another reason to go back).*

After our little stroll around St Ann’s Hill, my parents and I went for a quick drink at a pub nearby called The Golden Grove,Β and whilst I didn’t get any photos you can trust me when I say it’s a gorgeous little place to go for a drink, and they do the BEST coke. I mean, you could say coke is just coke right, but no, the coke I had here was the tastiest ever and I’d go back just for it.

Drinks finished, it was time to head on over to my Grandparents house where we had a little buffet lunch with sandwiches, sausages, scotch eggs and more. Whilst there we were joined by my cousin, her son, plus my Uncles and Aunts which was lovely. Family really is so valuable to me and it felt amazing to be in their presence. I felt surrounded by love. We spent the day eating, conversing and later on, a few of us played a game called Telestrations,Β which is a fun, non competitive game where you drawer a picture, the next person has to guess what the drawing is followed by the person next to them drawing what the previous person guessed and so on, kind of like Chinese Whispers but for drawing. Not the best at game explaining clearly, but you get the gist. It’s a silly, fun game and it’s great to see how the drawings evolved / how they were interpreted. Somehow, we went from a Rhino to a Balancing Act… okay!?



We played Telestrations for a little while and then finally, to end the day it was CAKE time. It felt beautiful to be surrounded by my family as they sang happy birthday to me, and I blew out all my candles in one go so I’m sure my wish is going to come true. Exciting! Also check out the cake my Grandparents bought for me, they chose well didn’t they!?


And so that wraps up the first of my JENuary celebrations, a lovely day with family well spent. Family is everything to me, and I’m so thankful I got to celebrate my birthday with my nearest and dearest. It was extra special as I very rarely celebrate my birthday with my Grandparents / extended family so it felt really great to be with them and have them sing happy birthday to me. I felt so loved! I am so thankful to my Grandparents for having me, my parents for spending the day with me and taking me to do some of my favourite things, and my Aunts, Uncles and cousins for coming over too. I really am blessed! I’ll say it one more time… Family is everything!


Is anybody else celebrating a birthday this month? What’s your favourite way to celebrate your birthday? What are your top 5 things that you love doing the most? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,

lots of love,




  1. Love that you’re dedicating a whole month for yourself. My auntie turned 60 in March last year and she spent the whole year celebrating. Literally in December she went on holiday with friends to celebrate her birthday hahah.

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  2. Hmmm…I’m not sure about this because MY birthday is the 31st so I’m thinking it needs to be called JINJuary. Hahahahahaha! Sounds like your celebrations are off to a great start! As for me, I have no major plans. I did ask for the 31st and 1st off from work and will probably spend the time reading and eating. I need chocolate cake and a chocolate milkshake for sure. LOL

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    1. Hahahaha Okay, you can have that πŸ˜‰ especially because yours is at the end of the month, you can do a countdown everyday of all the things you love! Ooooh that sounds perfect, this year was my first year in forever that I wasn’t working on my birthday and it felt so good so yes I’d definitely say the fact you’ve taken those days off work is perfect! Chocolate milkshake!? Yes oh my gosh – I haven’t had a chocolate milkshake I am missing out! Thanks for reminding me πŸ˜‰


  3. What a great perspective, Jennie!! I love the idea of taking a month to do the things that bring you the most joy! It’s so important to not drain ourselves by constantly just forgetting our own self-care. Happy birthday, by the way, since today is January 9th! I hope you have a wonderfully unforgettable day, love! ❀

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    1. Thank you so much girlie! ❀ Isn't it, it's so important to take the time out to do the things you love the most, so I think celebrating your birth month is a must, I'm just lucky I have a name that fits in with the month I was born so I can make a play of it!!! Thank you so much my love ❀ Have a great weekend!

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  4. Happy birthday, babe!! Love this idea of JENuary! β™‘ The baby photos of you are so cute & the recent ones are beautiful! I love your hair!

    The telestrations game sounds so fun!! & I think you did a grand job of explaining the rules! The cake your grandparents picked out really is perfect. πŸ™‚ I’m so happy that you had such a nice celebration, Jennie! You deserve it all! Have the best month!!


    1. Thank you so much Hunida!
      Aw thanks girlie ❀ I had to give it a good cut because it was sooo dry, now I'm ready for super soft silky hair!
      Aw thanks so much hun… I struggled but I'm glad you approve πŸ˜€ Isn't it!? I was so impressed and it tasted so good too, plus it was lovely that they thought of me. My grandparents are too cute!
      Thanks so much Hunida, you too ❀

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      1. It looks so cute all short & curly like that!! Buuuut, when it grows back!! It’s gonna be amazing. πŸ˜€ You grandparents really are the cutest!! Hope your JENuary has been wonderful & that it keeps getting better. ❀

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      2. Aw thank you so much hun! I do like the short length but I definitely feel more confident with longer hair! I hope it grows back quickly! And yeah it will be so much healthier and softer 😍 thanks so much hun I hope you have a great month too! xx

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      3. I know what you mean!! My sister always says I look better with short hair but my confidence is with my long hair! You do look really cute though. πŸ™‚ I’m sure your hair will grow back in no time! Don’t worry! ❀

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  5. Ahhh I am a few days late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GIRL!!!! I just adore these throwback photos. St. Ann’s hill sounded lovely. I lovee the game Tellestrations too. Thanks for sharing your fun celebration with us! My birthday is actually in about 35 minutes lol! Wish we could celebrate together!! Have a great Sunday, Jennie. Xoxox

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    1. Thank you so much Mack! I had to include them, I thought it would be a nice touch especially as I didn’t get too many photos on the day! St Anns Hill is my FAVE ❀ Ooh do you!? It's a great game isn't it, I'm so happy I know someone else who has played it! You are so welcome and thanks for reading. Eeek we are both January babies! Happy belated birthday Mack! One day we can have a joint celebration! Can't wait to read all about your birthday over on your blog, I hope it was the best! xxxx


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