Lush Aubergine Bath Bomb Review | Lush Valentines 2019

Hello my loves and welcome to my first Lush review of the year. Once again Lush have released a totally awesome ‘must have’ Valentines range this year and today I will be reviewing the Aubergine bath bomb.


Fun, flirty and totally cheeky, this is a must have from the 2019 Valentines range. I love where Lush have gone with their products this year, they’re totally out there. I remember their Lovestruck emoji bubble bar, and with the Aubergine and Peachy bath bomb, they’ve taken that emoji loving the perfect step further.


Now, I’m an avid emoji user, however I never use the aubergine. It’s so cringy and I can’t believe people actually use it seriously! Even as a joke, I just don’t think I could bring myself to use it. Too much. But that doesn’t mean I did not NEED this bath bomb as soon as I saw it. That’s right, not want, need. Hehehe.

I’m just going to be honest, I’m useless when it comes to describing scents. Unless it’s something obvious, like strawberries or something, when there’s nothing difinitive to define a scent by, I’m at a loss. So let’s start by bluntly saying that yes, this bath bomb smells delicious, with it being a typical bath bomb-y scent, you know what I mean? I did have a look on Lush’s website to see if they had an outright description of the scent, but they did not, however I did stumble upon this review whilst scrolling and had such a chuckle I had to share it here, ha ha ha. ‘Scarred for life by a vegetable’ oh my.

My first thought when placing this bath bomb into my bath water was simply, ‘this is odd’. It didn’t seem to dissolve too quickly, instead the ‘aubergine’ just floated around my bath, almost irritatingly, which is kind of fitting when it comes to it because you know, those boys that have a tendance to slide in the DM’s with the aubergine emoji are nothing but irritating, hanging around for far too long in your messages even when you don’t reply, and simply just not disappearing, much like this bath bomb.

However, despite the fact this bath bomb floated around my bath for longer than necessary, the colours it created were more than worth it. With shades of green, purple and blue exploding from the aubergine (LOL), this product really created a bath work of art. So pretty! By the time the bath bomb had finally relaxed and fully dissolved, I was left with a gorgeous deep purple shade of bath water, with a little hint of glittery sparkle to add to the effect. Glitter can always elevate a bath bombs level of beauty, throw in some glitter and it goes up a solid 3 review points already. It just finishes it off nicely really, doesn’t it?

Overall despite the fact the Aubergine was a slow burner, I still really like this bath bomb and think it’s absolutely brilliant. Just the fact it’s inspired by the aubergine emoji is enough to have me chuckling, so anything that brings me joy is a winner in my eyes. It smells good, looks beautiful (once dissolved of course… let’s not encourage those boys by saying an aubergine looks beautiful) and is super fun and entertaining. It’s a yes from me!

Lush’s Aubergine bath bomb retails for £3.95 and can be bought in store or online here.

Have you used Lush’s Aubergine bath bomb? What have you bought from Lush’s Valentines collection this year? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,





  1. Oh my gosh, your review is too funny! Also, I never knew an eggplant was known as an aubergine as well! That’s so interesting to me. I don’t think I’ve heard anyone call it that before. Maybe I just live under a rock, lol. Anyway, the bath really looks so so stunning and gorgeous with all the colors and sparkles!! Wow!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe thank you so much Courtney, this comment has made my day! So much love to you! Yes! Maybe it’s a British thing? Who knows! I thought eggplant was a joke name for it oh gosh 😂😂😭 don’t worry hun, to be honest I’ve never even eaten an egg plant / aubergine whatever you want to call it before so I must be living under a rock too! Thanks so much hun! It did create some lovely bath water art ❤️🍆

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      1. Hahaha maybe it is a British thing! Oh that’s funny, nope, eggplant is just what it’s called over here. 😉 Ooh you should try it sometime! It’s pretty good because it takes on the flavor of other food, so it’s very mild and great with a red sauce or sauteed with other veggies. It’s also pretty popular in place of meat from what I’ve seen. But yes, a hilarious bath bomb for sure!! XD


  2. Lol I had to chuckle a few times as I read this review 🤣
    It does look real nice one it fully dissolves. I like the color and always loved lush bath bombs, they make my skin feel so nice!! Great review doll!


  3. Hahaha you cracked me up with this review, Jennie 😂 especially the part about the boys in your DM & the explosion of color! It did turn out really pretty when it melted, totally agree about the glitter– def gives the bomb extra points.


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