The Challenge: 30 Days Of Meditation

Hello my loves, how is everyone today!?

As you can see by the title of this blog post, I’ve only gone and taken on a 30 day challenge. Inspired by one of my favourite Youtuber’s Leeor Alexandra, I’ve decided to take on the challenge of meditating every single day for the next 30 days. Exciting!

Now for me, the type of meditations I want to focus on specifically are ones surrounding love, the heart chakra and self love, and I also want to do a few quiet ones where I sit with my thoughts, then any others I feel inspired by. I find all my meditations on Youtube and I’ll be sharing the links of the ones I take with you here on the blog.

I’m super excited as I’m moving soon and I’m going to turn one of the rooms in my new house into a meditation room, exciting exciting, but I digress.

I’ve decided to meditate at the same time every single day when possible as I’ve heard by doing so this increases the power of the meditation (information came from Leeor’s email). I’ve chosen to meditate at 10am everyday as I think this is the perfect time for me at the moment, however I do accept that there will be the odd occasion where I have to change the time (for example I have a driving lesson at 10:15 next week soooo, I can’t meditate whilst driving can I ;))? I’ll be meditating for 20-30 minutes a day, or more if I feel so inspired and I am so excited to make this into a routine.

I’ve taken on meditation for my 30 day challenge as I believe it’s something that’s really going to help my heart and my mind, it will calm me, the beautiful affirmations will increase the love in my heart and create an infinite love inside of me and I know that there are only positive side effects of meditating. Simply, it can only enhance my life. So I have nothing to lose from this challenge, but plenty to gain.

I do meditate every now and then anyway and I always find it benefits me, so to do this everyday for thirty days is seriously going to make such a wonderful difference to my life. Have I mentioned I’m excited? Hehe.

Today I used these three meditations:

Agnes Vivarelli Meditation For Creating Love This is a nice short and sweet meditation (although you can DIY for longer if you choose) where you repeat the affirmations I am love, I am loved. This is an easy one to start off with if you’re new to meditating, and simple yet effective.

Agnes Vivarelli Meditation For Creating Love 2 Another short but effective meditation, this one made me cry as it encourages you to bring an ex up in your mind and transfer love to one another. This is to 1) heal the relationship and/ or 2) heal any wounds surrounding the relationship

Agnes Vivarelli Heart Love Meditation This is a meditation centred around transferring love to a loved one with also a little bit of self love thrown in. I enjoyed this meditation although my mind did wander slightly (which is fine) and it’s a nice meditation which benefits more than just yourself!

As of day one, I’m really happy with how this challenge has started. I enjoyed my meditation today so much and I am so excited to see where I’m going to be in 30 days time. Bring it on!

Are you a fan of meditation? What thirty day challenge are YOU going to take on now? 😉

Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. Ooo can’t wait to hear how this continues to go! Hmmm I don’t know that I have a specific 30 day challenge, but I am in a “yes” season. I am trying to be more social and put myself out there a bit more in terms of meeting up for food blogging events and such. So far it’s been so much fun & I don’t regret anything I’ve said “yes” to! Thanks for sharing, girl ❤


  2. This is a great challenge! I used to meditate almost everyday and it did wonders for my stress/anxiety. I need to get back into it


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