Summer Bucket List 2019

Hello my loves. Summer is on its way!!!

So technically, Summer officially begins on Friday 21st June but that’s ageees away and I wanna get started on my Summer bucket list now. So I’ve decided to scrap the dates and for me, my Summer is starting on the 1st of June 2019 and will wrap up on the 23rd September (the legit, official end date). You know I’m really gonna make the most of this one and long it out as much as I can, so why wait till June 21st to celebrate the sunshine season? It starts this weekend!

Last year my Summer bucket list was a huge success and I ticked off so much! This year naturally, I am hoping to be just as successful so without further ado, here is my Summer 2019 bucket list.

Go to the beach

Vacation abroad

Swim in the ocean

Take a day trip with my parents

Visit Kew Gardens

Spend quality time with my grandparents and Nan

Spend quality time with my brother and his family

Enjoy quality time with my family and friends

Celebrate and enjoy life

Read lots of Summery feel good books

Visit London

See the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace

Take a stroll through Regents Park

Enjoy nature

Go on lots of beautiful walks with myself, friends and family

Get a job I love

Pass my driving test

Become fluent in Spanish

Achieve my dream body

Sunbathe and enjoy the sun

Meet new people

Make new friends

Save money

Book a trip away for my birthday next year

Laugh, smile and have an abundance of fun

Increase my self love and feel confident in who I am

Grow spiritually

Continue harmonising and balancing out my Chakras

Make a ton of happy, joyous memories

Do my bit to help and inspire others, and to help the Earth and the world in general

Get a new tattoo

For me, the focus this Summer and the rest of 2019 is to have fun, love life with all of my loved ones and to really love myself and feel confident with who I am!

I feel like this year my bucket list isn’t too extensive and it’s all very much achievable! I know I am going to do so many wonderful things this Summer and have so much fun, I’m going to do everything that’s on my bucket list and more. I’m so excited!!!

What’s on your Summer 2019 bucket list? What do you have planned for the Summer so far? Be sure to let me know in the comments below and may this season be filled with all the happiness and joy for us all!

Lots of love and light,




  1. what an amazing list, Jennie!! I cannot wait to hear allll about your summer. I just love your zest for life and aim to make each day better than the last! ❤ My summer bucket list is just to survive lol- we have a move, my sister's wedding, and my most intense school semester all within about a month and a half time. It's all awesome happenings, I just hope I can keep up enough energy to get everything done! Have a great week 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much Mack! Yes, I want to live my life to the fullest. And I feel like the first half of the year was about growth and learning, now I’m seriously ready to just have FUN and LIVE! So busy!!! That’s going to be intense but so so worth it. Like you say, it’s all awesome things you’re busy with and the start of a new adventure with your move. I hope it’s wonderful for you. Make sure you take some time out for yourself (where you can), so you don’t get too burned out. And hey… there’s always coffee to keep you going LOL. But seriously, I hope you have the best Summer and everything runs perfectly for you!

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      1. Aw I so love that!!!!

        Thank you, thank you! I am definitely trying even if it’s just reading for five minutes before I crash for the night! But yesss what would we do without coffee?! I cannot even imagine!

        Same to you, beautiful! xo

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  2. Oh my goodness, I love your summer bucket list!! What kind of tattoo are you thinking about getting? Of course that’s what I’m most interested in, lol! 😉 I love that you started your summer as soon as June hit! It already feels like summer by then so it’s always been kind of strange to be that the first day isn’t until the 21st. I think it’s very smart of you! I hope you have an amazing summer. ❤

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    1. So I want a Sunflower on my ankle area (not exactly my ankle I don’t think but around there lol), and I want some finger tattoos but not 100% sure on those yet. haha I love that, tattoos are always so interesting to talk about so I totally don’t blame you! Omg of course, I know it’s so weird. Some people go on there Summer holidays at the beginning of June so like you say, it’s strange it technically doesn’t start until the 21st, but yeah, I’m not gonna wait till then to start on my Summer you know!? Summer starts at the BEGINNING of JUNE. Not the end lol! Thank you so much Courtney and I hope you do too!

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      1. Ooh I love sunflowers!! That will be SO pretty. Oh my gosh, ankle and finger tattoos are some of my favorites! I’m definitely getting a finger tattoo sometime. They are so pretty and just really interesting. I feel like they add a lot! It seems really painful but oh well, lol, at least they are small. 😉
        Exactly! I think everyone feels the same way about summer starting at the beginning of June! It only makes sense. 😉

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      2. So do I!! Thanks hun. I know, I just saw someone with finger tattoos the other day and thought wow they look so cool! Finger tatts are a MUST for both of us! I agree with you! Yeah exactly, they may be painful but like you say, small so it won’t be hurting for too long hehe! It totally does make sense!

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