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Affirmations In Abundance

Hello my loves and welcome back to my blog! How is everyone today? It’s the start of a new week and I am so excited for this one purely because I have a feeling it’s gonna be good! Of course I am affirming it, which leads me to todays blog post…

Today, I have some affirmations to share with you! One thing I’ve been loving lately is affirmations and I’m currently challenging myself with a 30 days of affirmations challenge (there’ll be a whole post coming on this experience once I’ve completed it… hey, motivation for me to succeed the most now!), and today I thought I’d share a few of the affirmations I’ve written recently here on the blog so we can all benefit from them in some way. I know I myself have been googling different affirmations recently but these ones I just wrote all off the cuff from my very own mind, for a whole range of topics, so there’s something for everyone here and one thing you can be sure of is that they’re all super positive affirmations.

I would definitely suggest using affirmations in your daily life as essentially they are reaffirming and creating positive beliefs for yourself. With your words you create and with your affirmations you are affirming the story of your life and speaking your dream life into existence. For example, say if you want to live a wealthy and abundant life with lots of money, you could affirm to yourself everyday ‘I am abundantly wealthy and I am thrilled to have more than enough money, manifesting more and more every single day through positive experiences. Thank you thank you thank you’. I always like to give thanks after my affirmations (I won’t necessarily give thanks after every single individual statement, it depends how I feel but I’ll always round up the affirmation bundle with giving thanks, because just like affirmations, gratitude is super super important too).

I fully believe that affirmations are so powerful and really, really can create the life of your dreams for you. By the Law Of Attraction, what you speak and believe you must create, so affirm the life of your dreams now and everyday, and without further ado, here are the positive affirmations I have to share with you today. Enjoy!

Affirmations For You 

*As I have a mix of affirmations here, I’ve decided to categorise them so you can read whichever you choose. Affirmations which are attached to links are ones where I have taken some inspiration from other affirmation tracks for my own affirmations I have written.*

Self Love 

✨I love me

✨I am abundantly beautiful and popular

✨I am a kind person

✨I love me I love me I love me

✨I am effortlessly cool and popular

✨I am successful everyday, in every way

✨I am popular

✨I am pure, divine, loving energy

✨I radiate happiness and love

✨I love me

✨I glow with love, happiness, joy and beauty

✨My heart is always at ease

✨I love me I love me I love me

✨I am a kind person

✨I am a good person

✨My skin is beautiful

✨I am confident in my own skin

✨I am confident being me

✨I love me

✨I love being me

✨I am calm

✨I am kind

✨I have a beautiful mind

✨I have a peaceful mind and heart

✨I am love

✨I am love

✨I am beautiful

✨My mind is healthy

✨I am a ray of sunshine

✨I am talented


🌎I manifest travel easily

🌎I am enjoying traveling the world

🌎Fun and exciting travel opportunities flow with ease naturally into my life

🌎I am a magnet to magnificent travel

🌎I see the beauty of the world

🌎I am always enjoying exciting trips with my loved ones

🌎I am always manifesting exciting travel opportunities

🌎I am thankful to be traveling the world with the people I love

🌎I love travel and travel loves me

🌎Travel is easy for me

🌎I am thankful the Universe has blessed me with the life of my dreams as I am traveling the whole wide world exploring its beauty


💷Money flows to me naturally

💷Money flows to me with ease

💷I have money in abundance

💷I am a money magnet

Happiness, Joy and Positivity

❤️I love my life

❤️I am happy

❤️My mind is always calm and my life always positively exciting

❤️I live a beautiful life

❤️I am fun

❤️My life is fun

❤️I am joyful

❤️I find happiness and joy everywhere I go

❤️I am happy

❤️I am joyful

❤️Everything I desire flows naturally into my life with ease and positivity

❤️My life is exciting, my life is fun

❤️Life is exciting, life is fun

❤️Life is so good to me

❤️Life is beautiful for myself and others

❤️I live a wonderful, exciting, happy life

❤️Life is good to me

❤️I love my life

❤️I love life

❤️I am living

❤️Beautiful miracles happen for me every single day

❤️Life is miraculous for me

❤️My life is filled with excitement

❤️My life is a miracle

❤️I am always having fun

❤️My life is joy

❤️I experience beautiful, joyful, happy miracles every single day

Spirituality and the Universe

⭐️I am connected to all that is good

⭐️I am divinely protected by the Universe, my higher self and my spirit family

⭐️My heart is at peace

⭐️I am divinely connected to my higher self

⭐️My mind is peaceful

⭐️My heart is peaceful

⭐️I trust the Universe

⭐️I am safe

⭐️I am divinely protected

⭐️Everything is working out for my highest good

⭐️I am grateful for all blessings

⭐️I am love

⭐️I am grateful for this magical life

⭐️I am magic


👀My eyesight is perfectly clear, sharp and focused

👀I am grateful to have perfect, clear vision

👀My vision is clear

Love and Romance

❣️Romance flows easily into my life

Thank you thank you thank you


Do you use affirmations as part of your daily Law Of Attraction routine? What are some of your favourite affirmations? Be sure to share them in the comments below and raise the vibration of the Universe, one piece of positivity at a time!

I hope everyone has a fab day today, I know you will because I’m affirming it *The world is beautiful today, today, there is happiness in abundance for all*.

As always thank you for reading,




By 50shad3s0fjay

Hello everyone my name is JENNIE! Follow me on my journey of happiness and love ❤️❤️

17 replies on “Affirmations In Abundance”

These are all great! I have affirmations in my bullet journal that I’m supposed to look at everyday but I have forgotten. Will have to look back on them this morning to start my day off right. Thanks for such a wonderful reminder. Have an amazing day gorgeous!

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Thank you so much Rossy! Having them in your bullet journal is the perfect idea! Yes definitely have a read over them 😍😍 I think they are the perfect way to start your day off on the right note and they set the tone for the rest of the day. Thank you so much Rossy, you too lovely ❤️

Liked by 1 person

Affirmations are amazing and beneficial and positive! I couldn’t recommend them more, so happy to hear you use them daily too ❤️ Thank you so much for your kind, positive comment Dewana. Have a lovely week too ❤️

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Beautiful, inspiring, & such a positive post, Jennie!!! I will remember to repeat these to myself now. I already feel better just reading through them. Seriously, thank you so much for sharing your light & love! ♡


Aw so much love to you Hunida, your comment is so sweet and means the whole world ❤️ Thank you so so much! I’m so pleased to hear you’ve gained something from this post and feel better for reading the affirmations, that is so great and means a lot also ❤️❤️ Have the most beautiful day hun! Lots of love xxx

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