The Netflix Tag 2019

Hola mis amores and welcome back to my blog! Way way back in 2017 (okay so only 2 years ago), I decided to answer some questions to The Netflix Tag which, although I never credited the source of this tag at the time because I didn’t know that was a thing, I’m pretty sure I would have found it through searching Google. Since I don’t know the original source of where I took these tag questions from, I’m just going to link you to the first page which comes up when I search ‘The Netflix Tag’ on google which is this blog here. It’s funny because if you simply google ‘The Netflix Tag’ it’s ‘ whose blog comes up first but if you google ‘The Netflix Tag Questions’ mine is the first blog which comes up. This makes sense because I seem to get a lot of traffic through that search term sooo… anyway. I just checked out Luke’s blog real quick and it seems pretty cool so I’m definitely grateful to have had the opportunity to share his blog here, and I’m looking forward to reading more of his posts. Be sure to check him out!

Anyway, let’s crack on with the questions and answers shall we?

The Netflix Tag

1. What are some of your favourite series to watch?

I binge watched Stranger Things recently and I loved it, I’m very much looking forward to it coming back for Series 4 ASAP (hopefully), I’ve no idea when it will be back though. Hopefully next year? I haven’t really re-watched anything lately. Friends is a good go to if you want some background noise but it can also get a bit too much sometimes, I’ve seen the same episodes over and over. The last time I answered this question, I said ‘Pretty Little Liars’, which is mad, because now I’m not really much a fan of the show. Though I grew up with it, looking back I definitely think it was over hyped and they let themselves down with too many series. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, they should have left it at Season 4 with a little bit of the dollhouse settings thrown in, this show was not planned out enough, ha ha. 

2. What are you currently watching?

Right now, I’m on Series 2 of The Good Place though I wasn’t really paying attention to the last few episodes I ‘watched’. I think I’ll have a little binge session this week. I enjoyed the first season, for sure.

3. If you could have any series added to Netflix, old or new, what would it be?

Ah I’m still gonna say Mary-Kate and Ashley’s So Little Time. That show was a classic, and so funny too! I’m not sure what else really… any suggestions?

4. What is your one peeve about Netflix?

I don’t think I have one.

5. What are your essentials for a perfect night in with Netflix?

Going forward- no phone!!! I want to be fully focused and paying attention to what I’m watching. A bottle / glass / can of coke definitely, and definitely pj’s and a snuggly blanket! Now it’s Autumn and Winter is coming up, it seems the perfect time for those cosy Netflix nights.

6. Recommend one series or film for someone else.

Ha ha. Of course last time I suggested Pretty Little Liars. Not any more Huns. I’d definitely recommend ‘Dead To Me’, that was awesome and so binge-worthy. ‘Stranger Things’ is another great show I’d recommend which will have you wanting to watch the next episode as soon as the previous one finishes. Binge-worthy!! Of course ‘You’ was a good series to watch also, I’ll definitely be watching season 2 when it comes out. I do recommend ‘The OA’, but it’s a lot about near death experiences and that type of thing so it can be triggering, I haven’t watched Series 2 yet because at the time of watching Series 1, I wasn’t emotionally stable enough to invest in Series 2, lol. Also, I love love loved The Vampire Diaries, emotional, romantic, with some beautiful characters (Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie), and *SPOILER ALERT* Damon and Elena’s relationship was just… Everything. I was seriously emotionally invested. This quote / picture I took from Google Images (of course) is just soo perfect.

Thankfully the person who made this image tagged their username in the pic, I’m guessing ‘originalsvd’ is the Instagram of the person who made this so full credit to them. Thank you ❤️

A short but sweet tag, that wraps up all of The Netflix Tag questions. As with last time, I am going to tag literally anybody who wants to answer these questions to participate with this one!! And if you have any amazing recommendations for me (though Rossy has already been a star and come through with so many for me, she’s a blessing), then be sure to let me know in the comments below pretty please. So far I have plans to finish watching The Good Place, find a series set in New York to watch ASAP, followed by The I-land and The Society (both recommended to me by my girls), and then The Umbrella Academy which Rossy recommended. I was also recommended a movie to watch called ‘What happened to Monday’ which sounds really good. I’ve got so much to watch, and this time of year is the perfect time for it. Exciting!!!

Have you watched any of the series mentioned above? What’s your all time favourite Netflix show and movie? Be sure to let me know in the comments below, a girl can never have too many recommendations!

As always, thank you thank you thank you for reading,

with so much love and light,



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  1. So cool to learn about this tag! I’m hoping Stranger Things season 4 will be sooner! I’ll need a slight refresher once that time comes, haha. I absolutely looove TVD! I really like The Originals too. Have you watched it? I want to give out Legacies a try, but I’m that weird person that is picky about shows, so I’ll want to wait until it ends since I love binge watching!!

    I recommend the show, Dark. It’s original language is in German, and I watch with the subtitles since you can’t truly enjoy a show unless it’s in its original audio – well, I think so, anyways! It is by far one of my favorite series. Season 2 just dropped over the summer and it’s so dense and complex to follow, but it’s superb!!


    1. Thank you hun. Omg I know right, it needs to come back! I’m pretty sure they’ve been filming for it recently so at least we know it shouldn’t be too far off. Exciting!! Noooo I haven’t seen the Originals yet!! I take it you recommend? One of my best friends recommended it too so ahhhhhh I am going to put it on my list because I love TVD!! Omg I’m actually excited to watch The Originals now hehe! Deffo this Winter or new year time for sure 😍😍 I don’t know much about Legacies, what’s it about? I’ll have to google it!!!

      I love binge watching too!!!

      Ooh okay thank you beauty and you’re right. If it’s dubbed it’s just not the same!! That’s amazing that it’s one of your favourite series, I’m really going to have to check it out now.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting, beautiful. Hope you have a great week!


  2. Eeee!! What a fun tag, I’m so excited to read your answers. 🤗

    I still haven’t seen Stranger Things but everyone keeps telling me I NEED to. PLL was def overhyped & I can’t believe there is a new one now. I loved the first season of The Good Place but, I never finished season 2. It just wasn’t as engaging! I do wanna go back someday though.

    Oh my gosh!! I remember So Little Time. I’d loooove to binge watch all those episodes.

    I never look at my phone when watching Netflix, I’m the worst multitasker but with Hulu, there are commercials so I can get distracted sometimes lol.

    Thanks for your recommendations! Dead to Me is on my list, for sure, & now that I know what The OA is about, I really wanna watch it! This time of year is sooo perfect for relaxing & just watching TV.

    The Carrie Diaries is based in Connecticut but, they go to NY all the time. Netflix is removing the series in mid-Oct. so totally watch it if you get the chance!


    1. Stranger Things is so good! It’s a binge watch show for sure! Let me know if you do watch it 😍😍 OMG I know seriously haha I loved PLL back in the day but looking back… so so overhyped lol! Omg I’m loving The Good Place atm but I can see what you mean, there were times I found myself getting a little tired because it felt repetitive but now I’m enjoying it more!! I’m on s3 now!
      Yeah maybe have a break from it then watch again from s2! It is pretty cool and I love the idea for the show! It does get better!
      So Little Time was just the best and so funny omg I miss it so much I could cry! So happy you watched that show too lol it was so good!! I miss Mary-Kate and Ashley!!
      Omg good for you! I need to be more like that from now on! And I will be!! Oh yeah commercials you need your phone to get through lol!
      You will LOVE Dead To Me Hunida I just know it!! Enjoy! The OA is very well done production wise, and it’s a very interesting eye opening show. I might rewatch next year sometime!!! I totally agree with you, this time of year is totally tv time!
      Ooh I don’t know much about The Carrie Diaries I will have to check it out asap! Thanks for the recommendation lovely! And thanks for your comment! Have the best week and enjoy whatever shows you may be watching hehe! Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahh, I will definitely let you know if I give in & watch Stranger Things lol. I do think I’ll have to go back & finish The Good Place, too. So good to know the pace eventually picks back up! I heard the 3rd season is their last?! 😱 I loooved MK & Ashley so much, since they were little making the You’re Invited… tapes. I had so many LOL. I hope they really do bring So Little Time back on Netflix or something!

        Everyone tells me I’ll love Dead to Me so I can’t wait to see it. The OA is on my list now for sure, too.

        The Carrie Diaries is about Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City when she was in high school! I’m watching Glee & 13 Reasons Why lately lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yas do it!! I’m getting a little bored again with The Good Place now but tbh I have binge watched it a lot so that’s probably why!!! They just released s4 and it’s the last one! Omg I never saw the ‘You’re Invited’ tapes!!! I seen all their films though!!! And ofc the tv shows etc! Miss them, they were incredible! Yes hopefully, I’m going to tweet Netflix and suggest it 😂

        Yay can’t wait to hear your thoughts once you watch them!

        Omg amazing that’s super cool! I love the SATC movies but haven’t seen the show! Oh no way! I’m not a 13 Reasons Why fan and Glee I have never seen- should I? Xx

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I know what you mean, sometimes a show gets boring just because you’ve seen too much of it! & oh my gosh, yes, please Tweet at Netflix about adding So Little Time. 😀 I think you’d love The Carrie Diaries & Glee!


  3. I still havent started watching The Good Place. we’ve been over on Hulu a lot lately binge watching naruto lol.
    And omg definitely definitely watch What Happened to Monday. Such a good movie. My mom liked it too lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh everyone is talking about Hulu lately lol but I haven’t heard of Naruto! I’m guessing it must be good!!!
      Omg really? So excited for your recommendation hehe thank you gorgeous! I’ll let you know my thoughts once I’ve watched it!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. There’s lots of good stuff on Hulu too, I tend to go back and forth from Hulu and Netflix LOL.
        And Naruto is an anime, not sure if you’d be into that haha


  4. YAS to Stanger Things, I wonder how long we have to wait for 4! Omg Friends is definitely on my background noise list followed by B99 and Modern Family! And omg! I like Good Place too, ISN’T JANET THE BEST HAHA! I’ve never tried being no phone while watching anything and its actually pretty horrid, I just can never focus on something I don’t know why! I really do wanna try that though! just tune it alll out!


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