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My Current Concert Bucket List

You know I love speaking things into existence… hence why I’m doing a ‘concert bucket list’ blog post! Hey guys, and welcome back to my blog! How is everyone today? As you may know if you know me personally or follow my blog, I LOVE speaking things into existence! I’m a big believer in the […]

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Jennie’s Guide To NYC 2019 – Where To Eat

Hello beautiful people and welcome back to my blog. How is everyone today? I hope you’re all feeling good, happy, excited and positive and I hope you all enjoy the weekend you have coming up, and that you’ve had a lovely week so far. ♥ As you may or may not know, I recently returned […]

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Christmas ‘Lush’ Haul 2019

Christmas is *almost* here, which means it’s time for one thing and one thing only… A Christmas Lush haul!!!! Although I shared a Christmas Lush haul a couple of years ago where I spent over £100 on all the delightful Christmas-y bath treats, this time I managed to keep myself from going overboard and didn’t […]

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What I Learnt From My First Relationship Love Lessons 101

We meet people for a reason, either they’re a blessing, or a lesson. Heartbreak is something I’ve experienced plenty of, which for someone who’s never been in a legit ‘serious relationship’ is pretty, dare I say it… impressive. I met my ‘first boyfriend’ when I was 18, and it was a whirlwind of downs, downs, […]

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‘Everything I know about love’, ‘The Language of Kindness’, ‘Ghosted’ & more Autumn Book Haul 2019

Hello my poppets and welcome back to my blog, and my bookshelf. Today it’s book haul time!! Ah, I am so excited, I freaking love reading and there’s nothing I love more than a good book shop, I seriously could spend thousands on books. There’s so many great ones out there to choose from. For […]

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Unconditional Love

Poetry  Unconditional Love  Isn’t it mad how we used to talk everyday? Now it’s been three months since I last saw your face It still hurts, I still feel pain Tears still form, when I think of you babe I don’t understand how one day it’s lovers How it can go from everything to nothing? […]

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Mrs Mac’s Sweet Treats Outfit Of The Day

Hello my angels and welcome back to my blog. How is everyone today? I figured it was about time I shared another outfit of the day here on the blog as it’s literally been forever since my last, I do have a few looks planned for the beginning of December (hello Christmas outfits) but today’s […]

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World Vegan Day 2019 What I Eat In A Day

Hello my angels and welcome back to my blog. Thank you all so much for joining me today for my World Vegan Day post, hehe. As some of you may or may not know, Friday the 1st November was World Vegan Day. And as I’m sure you may know if you regularly read my blog, […]

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Little Mix Live, Vegan Food and other weekly ramblings weekly highlights

Hey angels. Welcome back to my blog and happy November. It’s now officially two months until the roaring twenties 😉 I am ready! I should probably get reading The Great Gatsby once the New Year rolls around. Has anyone read it? Today it’s weekly highlights time, which as you will know if you read my […]