Unconditional Love


Unconditional Love 

Isn’t it mad how we used to talk everyday?

Now it’s been three months since I last saw your face

It still hurts, I still feel pain

Tears still form, when I think of you babe

I don’t understand how one day it’s lovers

How it can go from everything to nothing?

I don’t understand how we were so close

Now there’s a whole You

I don’t even know

And though I still love you

Though I still care

Forever grateful

For the memories we share

It’s time to let go

For it’s been so long

But there’s a part of me

That will always hold on

Unconditional love

It shall be forever

The You I once knew

In my heart

I will treasure


*For full disclosure, the first draft of this poem was written in Summer 2019*


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