I Welcome Bliss | Poetry

I deserve more than this

I deserve a life of bliss

I wasn’t born to work


I ain’t Dolly Parton

This ain’t my life

Working a job

That makes me scream inside

It’s time to

Create my life


The One I desire


I deserve more than this

I’m ready for more than this

Can’t live my life like this

Any more

And now

I’m claiming more

Bliss starts today

There’ll be no other way

‘Happiness is my natural state’

I deserve more than this

I invite more than this

I welcome bliss


*’Happiness is my natural state’ line is taken from Leeor Alexandra’s affirmation for her ‘alchemybyla’ ‘Bliss’ amulet, which I’m receiving today as I won her Instagram giveaway… exciting!

I hope everyone has a great day today,

live your dreams,

with all my love,



Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y


  1. Amazing, Jennie . I have witnessed so much growth in you this year- it’s an honor to see and be inspired by you! Also, I love that you shared your poetry 💓 have a great weekend, love!!


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