Barcelona Birthday Celebrations

Hello my darlings and welcome back to my blog. Phew, it feels like it's been a hot minute right? Since a catch up anyway, I know I've been posting, but they've been Spiritually related and fashion related posts. Today it's time to catch you up on my life, and more specifically, my birthday celebrations. Woop … Continue reading Barcelona Birthday Celebrations

‘Alchemy By Leeor Alexandra’ Look Book

Hey babes, how is everyone today? I recently felt inspired to create this post, even though the photos are little throwbacks, when the inspiration comes, I take it. Last month, my favourite Leeor Alexandra hosted a giveaway over on her 'AlchemybyLA' Instagram. The competition was to win one of her high vibe amulets, and as … Continue reading ‘Alchemy By Leeor Alexandra’ Look Book

Less Thinking, More Manifesting

Hey! Less thinking, more manifesting, when we’re in flow, that’s when the answers flow. Have TRUST. Stop overthinking and believe the answers you seek will show up, because they will, every time. You’ve just got to have faith. Stop overthinking, you’ll do yourself no favours. There’s a reason why they say ‘overthinking kills your happiness’ … Continue reading Less Thinking, More Manifesting

The Perfect Weekend To Begin 2020 | Weekend Highlights

Hello my loves and welcome back to my blog... How is everyone today? It's time for the first weekend highlights post of the year, and I am so so excited because it's definitely gonna be a good one, hehe! I had suchhh a good weekend, so I'm very excited to reflect on it here. I … Continue reading The Perfect Weekend To Begin 2020 | Weekend Highlights

You Deserve To Live The Life Of Your Dreams | Poetry

If it sinks your soul Then it’s no good for you If it breaks your heart It’s not the right path for you And if it makes you feel Dead inside Then that’s no way To live your life You better get out now Before it kills your vibe Take back your power Stay strong … Continue reading You Deserve To Live The Life Of Your Dreams | Poetry

‘What I Eat In A Day’ Vegan Edition #1

Hello beautiful people and welcome back to my blog... how is everyone today? As you will know if you read my ‘Winter Bucket List’, and / or my ‘2020 Bucket List’ one of my goals this year is to have at least one full vegan day per week, and for this week, that day is today. … Continue reading ‘What I Eat In A Day’ Vegan Edition #1