Jennie’s 2020 Bucket List

Hello Kings and Queens and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all. It’s the Roaring Twenties… finally!

I have such a good feeling about this year, it’s already started out so perfectly as I began it with some of my closest, bestest friends and I already feel it’s just going to keep on getting more and more blissful, everyday so fantastic and amazing. The greatest adventure of all. Life. This years going to be a good one…

Since it’s the new year, and the first day of 2020 today (unless you’re reading late of course, hehe), and because I adore a bucket list, I decided to put together a little ‘2020 bucket list’, packed with just some of the things I want to do, see and achieve this year. There’s so much that I want from 2020, I am ready for my perfect year (so far of course) and I am so excited to speak my wishes into existence, and create the perfect life for myself and my loved ones, and hopefully improve the world around me as much as I possibly can, so, without further ado, please enjoy my 2020 bucket list. Happy New Year!

Jennie’s 2020 Bucket List

⦁ Travel abroad at least once a month

⦁ Visit Italy with my family

⦁ Do a Zip Line in Vegas with my best friend

⦁ Go horse riding in Nevada with my bestie

⦁ See the Grand Canyon and take it all in

⦁ Go hiking

⦁ Go to the beach

⦁ Visit Prague with my gals

⦁ Enjoy lots of trips abroad and day trips with my bestie

⦁ Take my parents to Strasbourg

⦁ Enjoy visiting Manchester with my best friends

⦁ Enjoy a weekend away with my Soul Sister

• Have so many wonderful, joyful, blissful and happy adventures with my loved ones

⦁ Enjoy a Christmas market trip to another country with my besties

⦁ Enjoy a Christmas market trip to another country with my family

⦁ Finally become fluent in Spanish

⦁ Manifest 2020 vision / perfect eyesight

⦁ Go on a speedboat

⦁ Fall in love / begin a new romantic relationship with my perfect person

⦁ Have the most wonderful, happy times with my friends and family

⦁ Volunteer

⦁ Spend less time on my phone / social media

⦁ Enjoy celebrating my sister, throwing her the most wonderful hen do ever and enjoying her special day with her and her fiancée at their wedding

⦁ Visit a new continent that I haven’t been to before

⦁ Become a talented dancer

⦁ Manifest a trip to New York

⦁ Visit Iceland with my family

⦁ See Example live

⦁ See Dua Lipa live

⦁ See the theatre show ‘Wicked’ at the West End

⦁ See Pretty Woman at the West End

⦁ See my Grandparents at least once a month

⦁ Spend more quality time with my Nan

⦁ Spend soooo much quality, wonderful time with my family

⦁ Enjoy monthly family game nights

⦁ Go to a roaring 20’s themed party / event

⦁ See my brother and his family as much as possible

⦁ Become a full time blogger

⦁ Buy a house

⦁ Finish and publish my poetry book

⦁ Be the best version of myself possible

⦁ Become a billionaire

⦁ Donate so much to charity and help this beautiful world out every single day, in every single way I can

⦁ Reach a higher level of consciousness / become more Spiritual

⦁ Have at least one vegan day a week

⦁ Grow my hair and keep it healthy

⦁ Achieve my perfect body

⦁ Meet new people and make new friends

⦁ Increase my self love to the max every single day

⦁ Have the most magical Christmas in my perfect house, and celebrate the most magical Christmas with all the Christmas trips and activities with my loved ones

⦁ Collect Christmas Tree decorations everywhere I visit

⦁ Visit the Manchester Christmas markets with my best friends

⦁ Go to Siam Park

⦁ Meet Raheem Sterling

⦁ Have the best time at the Manchester City stadium tour with my Dad

⦁ Travel to Edinburgh with my girls for Christmas

⦁ Go on lots and lots of blissful walks with my loved ones

⦁ Enjoy so many picnics

⦁ See dolphins in the wild

⦁ Take my eldest nephew on an awesome day out with the family

⦁ Visit ‘The Cauldron’ with my best friends and have the most wonderful time

⦁ Enjoy seeing The Beach Boys live in concert with my parents

⦁ Star in a music video

⦁ Celebrate my loved ones on their birthdays

⦁ Become my highest, kindest self

⦁ Become more Spiritual, every single day

⦁ Become the ultimate manifesting Queen

⦁ Become a brand ambassador for ‘AlchemybyLA’

⦁ Create and sell my own merchandise / product ranges that I already have so many ideas for

⦁ Have cosy evenings with baths, books, bed and candles

⦁ Journal every day

⦁ Appreciate every single moment

⦁ Be more present and in alignment

⦁ Spend lots of quality time with my sister and her family

⦁ Spend lots of quality time with my parents

⦁ Spend lots of quality time with my besties, Soul Sister and all of my loved ones

⦁ Create amazing outfit of the day’s and look books for my blog and Instagram

⦁ Create and share blog posts I am proud of and that are of the best quality

⦁ Meet more of my wonderful blogging friends

⦁ Visit my Medium at least once a month

⦁ Have the best year ever

My bucket list for this year is so awesome, and I am truly so excited to manifest all of these wonderful things, feelings and experiences… it’s going to be a magical year for sure. I love you already 2020! Here’s to this year!

What’s on your bucket list for this year? What are you goals, hopes and aspirations for the Roaring Twenties? Be sure to let me know all your hopes and plans in the comments below, so we can manifest together.

I know You’re going to have the best year ever.

With so much love and light,

happy happy 2020

I love you all so much

Speaking the best year ever (so far) into existence for you now,

lots of love,


lnstagram: @50Shad3s0fj4y


      1. My husband and I have been talking about going back to Vegas in March since we got back in November lol. And even if he cant make it, I’m sure i will be able to go on my own and be there to meet you, have a girls night with hunida and come home haha


  1. This is SUCH a good list – so productive !! I feel like I can never come up with these kind of ideas when I’m thinking of my own lists and goals but these have seriously given me some inspo !! xxx


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