‘Loveheart Freckles’ | Valentines Makeup Of The Day

Hey babes!!!!

Today we have a little Makeup Of The Day… kind of… product details are not included because I didn’t note them down whilst I was creating this look, however I still thought I’d share these pictures as last week I created a fun, creative look for Valentines Day!

I was inspired by the ‘Loveheart’ sweets to create this look: ‘Loveheart freckles’. For this look I decided to stick Loveheart sweets onto my face, and to also eat a good few of them (I couldn’t resist). I hardly ever have Lovehearts to be honest, they’re not a ‘go to’ sweet for me however they really are so yummy, and they’re sweets which celebrate love so I should probably treat myself to them more often. They’re so tasty!

I originally stuck the lovehearts to my face using liquid latex, which didn’t work out quite so well so after discovering this, I decided to use lash adhesive / glue instead. This definitely worked better, but even so the sweets didn’t stay in place for too long as they kept falling off, so I kept having to re-apply them in between taking these photos. They definitely stuck better with the lash glue rather than the liquid latex, though.

I think this look is super cute and fun for a Valentines Day inspired makeup / photoshoot. It’s so fun to get creative and to just do what you wanna do, purely for the fun of it! I added faux freckles to this makeup look too using a brow pen from Bourjois, as I thought this tied the look together perfectly!

Do you like this look? What are your favourite sweets? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading,

with lots of love(hearts),



Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y

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